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A Closer Look at Antique Grand Tour Intaglios

A Closer Look at Antique Grand Tour Intaglios

It isn’t very often that we dedicate a whole blog post to a single item, but on this occasion, we thought we’d make an exception. Today, we are very pleased to be able to show you this absolutely stunning collection of twenty-four magnificent framed plaster Grand Tour intaglios, wonderfully arranged in two...

A Closer Look at Antique Restoration

As the years pass, antique furniture will inevitably suffer from wear and tear such as chipped timber, ripped fabric and scratched varnish. One option is to restore the piece to its original condition. This can involve everything from minor cleaning work to major repairs depending on the type of furniture and the...

A Fine French Antique Writing Table

When you want to sit right down and write yourself a letter, where better to do it from than a fine looking French antique writing table? Here at Regent Antiques we offer an impressive range of antique writing tables and desks to suit authors, playwrights, philosophers, copywriters, journalists and, of course,...

A Plan of Attack for the Urban Antique Hunter

Stepping into a Jack Spade store, you might wonder who the fabulous, well-traveled gent was who lived there. The clothing store pulls off a deft, eclectic, lived-in look: classic midcentury armchairs, salvaged-wood tables, a quirky collection of salt figurines amid the clothing. Read the full story here.

A Stylish Way to Eat – Antique Dining Tables

Why Do People Choose Antique Dining Tables? If what you need is simply a smooth, flat surface on which to eat your meals, do a jigsaw puzzle  or somewhere for the kids to do their homework, the chances are you probably don’t need an antique dining table, for all of these things any old dining […]

An Antique Boardroom Table That’s Bound To Impress

Today we are taking a peek at a very large and impressive Antique Boardroom Table, or Conference Table, which is supplied with 16 matching chairs and which will grace the boardroom, meeting room or conference room of any organisation. Antique furniture says something about its owner. It can say “here is a person...

Another Fine Antique Desk To Write Home About

Many authors believe that where you write is as important as what you write; the belief being that the actual surface that you write on and the space in which it is situated are contributory the the finished item. Children’s author, Michael Morpurgo, for example, used to write on his bed, finding it to be...

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