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Antique Boxes, Caskets & Caddies

Buy antique boxes from one of the UK's premier furniture dealers. We have an excellent range of antique boxes, antique caskets, caddies & je…

Buy antique boxes from one of the UK's premier furniture dealers. We have an excellent range of antique boxes, antique caskets, caddies & jewellery boxes. Whatever it is that you need to store safely, securely or perhaps away from prying eyes, Regent Antiques are sure to have an antique box or antique casket to suit your requirements.

Writing boxes, jewellery boxes, musical boxes, caskets, stationery boxes, sewing boxes, snuff boxes, pill boxes, games boxes -  all of these come to mind as examples of the many different types of antique boxes that we have to offer to our customers.

Jewellery Boxes - Every Lady’s Dressing Table Should Have One

Of all the types of boxes we have in stock at any given time, it is likely that the most numerous type will be the jewellery box or casket. Used to keep the family jewels in one place, usually lockable, jewellery boxes varied in size and shape but were often small and light enough to accompany the lady to which they belonged on her travels.

Sometimes they would be fitted with a musical mechanism, and they often featured a small figure of a ballerina dancing which activated when the box's lid was opened.

It is true to say that the jewellery box was often as decorative, and sometimes as precious, as the jewellery that was stored within it and we have many examples of antique jewellery boxes that are works of art in their own right - just browse this category to see what we mean.

Tea Caddies - Storage For A Rare and Precious (and expensive) Commodity

In days gone by, what is now an everyday item, Tea, was a very precious and costly commodity, far out of reach for all but the wealthiest of English folk. As such, it had to be carefully stored and protected, all of which led to the introduction of the Tea Caddy once shipments of tea to the UK began in volume during the early 1600s.

Tea caddies come in many forms ranging from elaborate and bejewelled, often made from precious metals including silver or even gold. However, they also came in more sensible formats as well, often being crafted from woods such as mahogany and walnut. Although there are many old tea caddies around, they are still produced to this day and are prized possessions for those who still prefer to drink loose tea rather than tea bags.

An Office In A Box - The Antique Stationery Casket or Antique Stationery Box

Just as in the example of the Tea Caddy above, often boxes were used to protect and secure items which were precious and expensive. Paper and other writing implements and paraphernalia were certainly not the throwaway items that they are today.

This led to the development of the stationery box or casket - a place where all of your paper, ink, pens and other items of stationery could be kept safe, often under lock and key.

Sometimes the stationery box was incorporated into a writing slope - truly an early office on the move and ideal for those who did not have sufficient space in their homes for a desk or bureau. It was also a welcome possession for those who were frequently travelling but still needed to keep in touch with others by letter.

From a Lovely Hand Painted Sevres Style Porcelain Casket through to a Victorian mahogany writing slope or even an Antique William & Mary Oyster Veneered Lace Box dating back to the 17th century, we have all your storage needs covered.

Take a look at our range of antique boxes and call us on +44 20 8809 9605 or email us if you want to find out more.

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