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We offer a wide range of finest antique commodes, antique chests and antique chest of drawers. If you want to choose from a very wide range of antiq…

We offer a wide range of finest antique commodes, antique chests and antique chest of drawers. If you want to choose from a very wide range of antique chests of drawers and antique commodes we can certainly help you with that. Our range of antique chests also includes a choice of more recent pieces, all made by master craftsman in a number of period styles.

A chest for all seasons and reasons, and in many different sizes, styles and finishes, is always on the cards at Regent Antiques.

There’s no reason why storage space cannot be decorative and we are particularly proud of our range of marquetry chests, all offering storage space and, at the same time, being really attractive and a providing a feast for the eyes.

From very large through to small, elegant and compact, we have a chest of drawers to suit everyone’s requirements. Take a look around this category today and don’t forget to check the dimensions of anything you like the look of so you can be sure it is going to fit in to the space you have in mind when it gets to you.

This is Where to Find an Antique Chest Of Drawers

The concept of a chest of drawers is certainly not a new one and we have examples dating back several centuries to prove it. This is no surprise really when you consider that a chest of drawers is one of the most useful and practical pieces of furniture you could ever own. It is a perfect example of storage space and attractive looks combined in order to make the most of the available space, yet still not look too utilitarian or dull.

At our London warehouse and showroom, which is open to the public every weekday and on some Saturdays, you can see a wide range of antique chests and will almost certainly be able to find an antique chest of drawers to suit your needs and budget. They range from very large down to very compact and we have eamples from all major furniture makers and historical periods for you to choose from when you visit us.

If you cannot make a trip to the showroom then don’t worry, you can browse this website and if you find something you are interested in then just a phone call will have it on its way to you - we can answer any queries you might have, just mention the reference number if you contact us about a particular piece, you can find it on every product listing towards the top right hand side.

An Antique Chest of Drawers to Complement Your Decorative Tastes

As the decades and centuries have passed, different styles and types of materials have come into and out of fashion. We stock furniture that is made from some of the most sought after timbers in the world, including the light and much sought after maple, birds eye maple, walnut, mahogany, oak and many more. Some of the historical periods that we currently have stock from include Victorian, Edwardian, Queen Anne, Louis XV, and many more both from British makers and those from overseas, particularly France, Italy and Germany.

Many of our pieces have beautiful marquetry decoration - that most intricate and delightful inlaid imagery that is the mark of a true craftsman and which attracts the attention of even the most unenthusiastic furniture user.

In this category you will usually find several different sizes and types of chest and commode that have been finished with lovely marquetry so take a look  and study the close up photographs in order to fully appreciate the quality of workmanship that is on offer.

Let’s Settle It Once and For All - What is a Commode?

Use of the term “commode” is often the cause of considerable confusion. It is commonly believed that a commode is, in fact, a toilet, or chamber pot, that is built into and disguised as a chair or a cabinet.

However, that is not the only use of the word commode, which was derived from the French word to mean “convenient” and was certainly a suitable fit for the purpose. However, there is another, and actually earlier, use of the word. It has been used for many years as a term to describe a chest of drawers and, although the toilet-related versions are still around and we usually have examples in stock, it is in regard to a chest of drawers that the term is most often used.

Antique commodes, complete with chamber pot, do have an appeal and are still a popular item at auctions and in the showrooms of antique dealers. If you seek such an item then we will almost certainly be able to accomodate you. The same is true for those who are looking for an antique commode that is in fact a chest of drawers - we have a range of those as well so come into this category and have a look round at your convenience.

Antique commodes and Chests - We Care About Our Image(s)

We realise that many of our customers cannot simply drop everything and take a trip to London just to visit us and have a look around our antiques showrooms. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words and we certainly agree with that, so it is our duty to provide a gallery of quality images for all of the antique chests, antique commodes and othe antique furniture that we offer for sale so that people can see, up close, what each item looks like and the kind of condition it is in.

We suggest that you take a good look at the photographs before deciding to buy any item and that you contact us and speak to one of our team if there are any questions that you might have.

If you have a look around but don’t see exactly what you are looking for then don’t despair - new stock comes in to our warehouse regularly and you can be one of the first to know if something on your own wish list appears - just use the link below to sign up for our free notification service and be the early bird that gets the worm.

For weekly notifications of new arrivals in your categories of interest please click HERE.

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