A Life-Size Bronze Statue of Einstein Sitting On A Bench

Just because here at Regent Antiques we are well known, if not famous, for our fine and extensive collection of Antique Furniture, decorative items and other fine quality miscellanea, that does not mean that we can’t occasionally offer something that defies categorisation. Something that is quite unique and which is sure to transfix all those who cast eyes on it.

Well, it seems that our buyers have once again surpassed themselves and scored a major coup with our next item.

Lovers of the large and unusual will relish the thought of placing this fine, life-sized, bronze statue of Albert Einstein in a prominent place in their garden.

A Life-Size Bronze Statue of Einstein Sitting On A Bench

A Relatively Large Life Sized Bronze Statue of Albert Einstein

Fans of the celebrated, Nobel prize winning physicist can take pleasure and inspiration from sitting next to “the man” and thinking through those big intellectual challenges we all have to face; what’s for dinner, shall I go to the pub and is there really such a thing as parallel universes?

A Life-Size Bronze Statue of Einstein Sitting On A Bench

Where Did I Leave My Pipe?

I shall dismiss for now my colleague’s rather flippant suggestion that this is, in fact, a designated bench for smokers, especially those most fragrant and serious of tobacco aficionados, pipe smokers, just like Albert used to be.

Albert Einstein Smoking a Pipe

Albert Einstein Smoking a Pipe, But On a Different Seat

As a piece of exceptionally attractive, and very useful, garden furniture, this fine bench would take some beating. If you ask Albert to shove up a bit it would easily seat 2 or 3 members of your family or friends. Gnomes, elves, cherubs and nymphs all have their place in the garden, concealed amongst the shrubbery or supervising a fountain or “water feature” as they are now known, but how many people do you know that have a statue of the Twentieth Century’s finest thinker overlooking the patio area and keeping an eye on the barbecue? Not many, I’ll wager.

A Life-Size Bronze Statue of Einstein Sitting On A Bench

Plentiful Seating Capacity Is Available In The Area Not Occupied By Einstein

This bronze statue, which has been made by craftsmen specialising in the “Lost Wax” method which is often used for investment casting, measures 4 feet, 1 inch high x  5 feet, 2 inches wide and is 3 feet, 11 inches deep. If, like Einstein, you are from that unfortunate area of Europe that prefers centimeters, those dimensions are 125cm x 157cm x 120cm.

We are willing and able to ship this very special item of garden furniture worldwide – please ask for a shipping quote. Any purchaser from mainland UK who can tell us in a single sentence what E = mc2 actually means, can have free shipping.

The asking price for this exceptional bronze staue is £6250 and you would be advised to act quickly if you are interested as this is, all joking aside, a rare and unusual piece that we expect to find a new home for in the very near future.

A call to our information line will put you in touch with one of our experts who would be happy to help you with any queries you may have, about the statue that is, not the theory of relativity. If you prefer to email, it’s info@regentantiques.com.

To see more large scale bronzes, follow this link or, better still, visit our north London showroom.


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