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One of the places where a request for a canteen of cutlery, if not a canteen of antique cutlery, can often be seen is the “wedding list”…

One of the places where a request for a canteen of cutlery, if not a canteen of antique cutlery, can often be seen is the “wedding list” - a list of desired presents compiled by the happy couple in an attempt to avoid receiving unwanted or duplicate wedding gifts.

There can be very few wedding present lists out there that do not have on it a canteen of cutlery or perhaps individual sets or items of cutlery. Fine quality cutlery is a valuable gift that will go on being used and admired and we seek to offer our customers only the very best canteens of cutlery here online and in our North London showrooms.

Although few people would specify on their wedding wish list that they wanted an antique canteen of cutlery, there is no doubt that such a canteen of fine quality antique cutlery would be well received in most cases.

Our Proud History of Selling Antique Cutlery from Famous UK Makers

England, of course, has a long and very proud history of top quality cutlery manufacture with the cities of Sheffield and Birmingham having been strongly associated with the trade for several centuries and still, in some cases, to this very day although, sadly, much of the production has been moved offshore, notably China.

A full set of antique cutlery can be quite extensive (and expensive!), and might typically include knives, fish knives, forks, fish forks, various spoons, dessert forks and so on. Depending on how many settings the canteen of cutlery is designed for, a canteen can contain many items of cutlery and completeness is sometimes an issue. Over time, some items become lost, damaged or just plain old worn out, but an antique canteen of cutlery that has been properly looked after can be much sought after and a complete set with no items missing can be a relatively rare find.

On the other hand, however, many families have a “day-to-day” set of cutlery and another, probably much more valuable, set that is set aside for use on special occasions and which is usually complete and in very fine condition. Very often, these antique canteens of cutlery have been in the family for generations and are much admired and treasured - which means that they do not come onto the market very often but, occasionally, they do and when they do you should be ready to take action.

This leads to there being complete sets of antique cutlery coming onto the market from time to time and we usually have some such sets in our inventory - call or email to check on current stock or sign up for our free alerts when a new set comes into stock.

Every Canteen of Cutlery is Unique and Some May Never Be Repeated

Please bear in mind that the canteens of antique cutlery that you see on this website are, effectively, one-offs in that, if you miss it because someone else beats you to it, we cannot just order another one - it might take months before a similar set comes our way. The moral of that story is, if you see what you want, act fast and ask us to reserve it for you.

Antique Cutlery from Major Manufacturers

There are many well known and well respected names associated with the manufacture of cutlery in the UK. The most notable of these would be:

Arthur Price - Sheffield, founded 1902 - still operating.

Viners - founded 1908, still trading but manufactured overseas.

Mappin & Webb - founded 1705, still trading but now known mainly as jewellery manufacturers and retailers.

William Eaton - London 1813 onwards; sought after antique cutlery.

Paul Storr - world famous silversmith working London from around 1770, highly prized and much sought after.

James Dixon & Sons Ltd - Sheffield, founded early 1800s and continued trading until 1990s.

There are, of course, many others, too numerous to list here. If you are looking for antique cutlery by a particular manufacturer then please contact us and we will do our best to source it for you. If you just want to be told when a new canteen of cutlery comes into our inventory then use the free alerts service - the link is below.

See Our Antique Cutlery Inventory for Yourself

If you find a canteen of cutlery in our stock that you like the look of then the best thing to do is to come to our  North London showroom and see it for yourself. We are located in a very accessible location, close to Manor House Tube Station on the Piccadilly Line. If you come by car we do have a car park on the premises.

The showroom is open for viewing on every weekday between 10am and 5pm and on occasional Saturdays - check on the home page or call us before making a trip on a Saturday.

On the other hand, if you cannot make the trip to the showroom or if you are located overseas, you will find that we do provide a comprehensive set of images on all of our product listings pages for you to look at and satisfy yourself as to the condition and quality of the items. You are also welcome to contact us by telephone or email in order to ask any questions that you might have about any of our canteens of cutlery or any other item. Please remember to quote the item reference number in order to avoid errors - our team is standing by.

Take a look at the range we have on this website and see if there is a canteen of cutlery that takes your fancy We can ship worldwide if you can’t make it to our North London showroom but please remember to request a shipping quotation before making a purchase. Our mainland UK customers benefit from free of charge shipping.

You will find other items of interest in our various silver categories so please take a look at those whilst you are here.

For weekly notifications of new arrivals in this or any of our other categories of interest please click HERE.

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Ref: 08801
Antique Boxed Set 12 Pairs Pistol Grip Fruit Forks & Knives 1905

Antique Boxed Set 12 Pairs Pistol Grip Fruit Forks & Knives 1905

We are delighted to offer for sale this beautiful rare antique English walnut boxed set of twelve pairs of sterling silver cutlery. These fruit forks and knives are hallmarked for Sheffield 1905 and have the makers mark of the renowned silversmith Harrison Brothers & George Howson. This antique sterling silver cutlery all have pistol grip handles and feature a fascinating crest of a hand holding a sword. They come in the original walnut plush burgundy velvet lined box with a blank shield shaped brass cartouche. The box has the ivorine label of the retailer: T Smith & Sons, 47 George Street, Edinburgh. This antique sterling silver silverware is a complete set and is in excellent condition. Please check this for yourself by taking a moment to view the images in our photo gallery. To View this Antique Sterling Silver Cutlery It's a smart idea to view pieces such as this in person. With this in mind please try to come to our North London display room to see and check out this boxed set of antique sterling silver cutlery, alongside with our extended variety of other sterling silver articles and other decorative silver items that we have in stock. If you want to make a special trip to see this merchandise, please call first to make sure that this boxed set of antique sterling silver silverware is still available and has not been sold. Remember to be sure to give us the item reference number shown above when getting in contact so we can identify which of our numerous collectibles you are speaking about. Regent Antiques - Showroom Opening Hours: Our London display room is open Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm for you to look at this set of antique sterling silver cutlery. We also open sometimes on Saturdays – but please call in advance before making the visit on a Saturday as we do not want you to be let down. Get More Details To discover more about this walnut boxed set of antique sterling silver silverware and so as to get responses to any requests you might have, please don't hesitate to ring our in-house antiques experts on the telephone number given above. When contacting us please state the item number, displayed above, so we know which silver piece you want to talk about. Transportation, Delivery and Returns You are looking at a first-class set of silverware. It will need skillful packing and shipping so that it actually gets to your place securely and safely. We can transport this boxed set of antique sterling silver cutlery to almost any destination around the world and we will be delighted to handle the wrapping for you, but please do call or email for a transportation quotation first, before buying this walnut box of antique sterling silver silverware so that we can fully meet your delivery wishes. We ship totally free of charge to any mainland UK address. If you are not comfortable with the product, we offer a 14-day money back pledge in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. You will be responsible for the return transportation fees for this boxed set of antique sterling silver cutlery, unless we have wrongly explained the item in some crucial way and you do not obtain the piece as described. You must return the item in its original package and condition. Buyers are fully responsible for any customs duties or local taxes that may be incurred on items sent outside of the United Kingdom. Some Suggestions on Investing In Antique, Vintage and Second-Hand Silver Acquiring antique and second-hand silver is a big field which features work by some of the best master goldsmiths who were globally renowned artists in their own right down to the most practical and common of machine made common domestic items. In considering investing in this antique sterling silver cutlery we are glad to supply a some suggestions that may help you come to a decision on understanding ideal for you. Highly revered for hundreds and hundreds of years, silver has exclusive characteristics that have made it both gorgeous and valuable and this is why people have collected and used it in a multitude of different varieties. There is a wide range of antique, vintage and second-hand silver out there available today today. So how do you know what to pick? The first rule of thumb is that you should acquire what you like. Give some thought to how come you like this antique sterling silver cutlery and if it appeals to your aesthetic feeling then why hold off? Authorities always say that you should go after the very best you can afford, and this does not always mean the oldest or indeed the biggest. Do take a little time to learn about the makers and the designs that attract you and this will assist you decide the path you need to take to build up a splendid silver collection. If you appreciate a particular piece of silver such as this antique sterling silver cutlery you will want to show it to friends and family and your pleasure will pass to them too. A key issue is the condition of a silver item and how much renovation work has occurred. When purchasing silver antiques that are over 200 years old they will probably have what is called a 'patina' which is a combination of the colour and the wear. You cannot expect an old silver article to appear as if it just came from the workshop - if it does then it has quite possibly been significantly restored which is not a positive thing for a piece of antique silver. Take into account that in the silver antiques world a touch of restoration is tolerable where a small ding or dent may be carefully removed. But be wary of over plating, lead or silver solder, repaired seams, holes, erased inscriptions, patches and later additions or decorations. All of these are unacceptable for a piece of fine antique silver. The good thing is here at Regent Antiques we are vigilant and provide only the finest unblemished silver pieces and if things like re-plating has taken place we will tell you. We always make available ample images of our silver pieces so you can see precisely what condition they are in. Do take a couple of seconds to look at the pics for this antique sterling silver cutlery to satisfy yourself of its condition. If you have any points about it you are always very welcome to call or email us. We will be delighted to put your mind at rest about the condition of this antique sterling silver cutlery. Be aware that silver tarnishes and you will have to look after it by polishing it fairly frequently. It's a good idea to clean it with a long term polish and then then try to exhibit it in a relatively airtight showcase if you're able to. This will keep it sparkling for the longest possible time. If you look after it well this antique sterling silver cutlery will basically last forever.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 7 x Width 37 x Depth 27

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 inches x Width 1 foot, 3 inches x Depth 11 inches

Ref: 08642
Antique Boxed Set 12 Pairs Silver & Mother of Pearl Fruit Forks & Knives 1892

Antique Boxed Set 12 Pairs Silver & Mother of Pearl Fruit Forks & Knives 1892

Dating from 1892 and bearing London hallmarks together with the makers mark for well known London silversmith Edward Hutton, this is an opportunity to acquire a full set of 12 silver & mother of pearl fruit forks and knives in their original mahogany storage box. This is a beautiful and rare antique English mahogany boxed set of twelve pairs of sterling silver fruit forks and knives, supplied in the original mahogany case. Finding full sets of antique cutlery this old can be challenging as items tend to get lost over the years but this is a real gem and it is being offered for sale as a full set, in its original burgundy velvet lined case and in truly excellent condition. Please take a close look at the gallery of photographs we have supplied in order to satisfy yourself as to the quality and condition of this silver fruit knife and fork set by Edward Hutton. The original solid mahogany and velvet lined box has a blank shield shaped brass cartouche on the top which could be engraved if desired. To View this Antique Silver Fruit Knife & Fork Set by Edward Hutton We would love you to be able to view and examine this antique silver fruit knife and fork set in person if you can and we do therefore recommend that you pay a visit to our north London showroom so that you can see this lovely set of antique silver fruit knives and forks for yourself. Whilst here you will also be able to view our other items of antique silverware, cutlery and other items. It is advisable however, if you do propose to make a special journey specifically to see this fruit knife and fork set to contact us ahead of your proposed visit in order to confirm that this lovely silver Edward Hutton 24 piece cutlery set is still available as it may have been reserved or sold in the interim. Please quote the item’s unique reference number, as shown above, when contacting us so that we know which of our many pieces of antique silverware you wish to discuss with us. Regent Antiques – London Showroom Opening Hours Our north London showroom is open to the public on Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 5pm for you to view and inspect this fruit knife and fork set in its original mahogany cabinet. We also open occasionally on Saturdays but please contact us before making a journey on a Saturday as we do not open every week and we do not want you to have a wasted trip. If You Would Like More Information To discover more about this Edward Hutton silver and mother of pearl cutlery set and to get the answers to any questions that you might have, please contact us and talk to our in-house antiques experts by calling the number as shown above or by email if you prefer. When getting in touch with us please have to hand the item reference, also shown above, so we know which item you are interested in. Shipping, Delivery and Returns This is a fine and delicate silver and mother of pearl cutlery set, in a purpose made storage box. It will require expert packing and transportation in order to ship it safely to your address. We can deliver this antique claret jug to almost any location across the world and we will of course arrange the packing for you. However, before purchasing, please telephone or email us for a shipping quotation so that we can fully understand your requirements. We deliver free of charge to mainland UK destinations. If you are not satisfied with the item you receive, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. You will be responsible for the return shipping fees for this 24 piece silver fruit knife and fork set, unless we have inaccurately outlined the item in some material way and you do not receive the item as described. You must return the article in its original packaging and condition.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 7 x Width 30 x Depth 14 - Case

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 inches x Width 1 foot x Depth 5 inches - Case


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