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Antique Card Tables & Antique Games Tables

If you are looking for an antique card table or an antique games table then you are definitely in the right place. Regent Antiques know just how imp…

If you are looking for an antique card table or an antique games table then you are definitely in the right place. Regent Antiques know just how important it is to be able to play various card games such as Poker, Bridge, Blackjack, Whist and Rummy, Backgammon, Draughts, Chess or whatever games you happen to enjoy, on a nice playing surface.

In this category of our website you will find a nice selection of antique games tables and card tables from which to choose. We cover a variety of historical periods and it is interesting to see just how much value was put into these tables in the days when playing such games was one of the few avenues of entertainment open to most people.

The Games People Play, and Where To Store Them When Not In Use

Most of our antique games tables and card tables also have a useful concealed storage space in which to keep your cards, playing pieces, boards and other accessories. This avoids the need to have lots of smaller boxes and storage containers scattered around the room and avoids the question: ‘Where did I put the chess pieces?” Everything in one place, easy to find and convenient.

Antique Marquetry Card Tables and Games Tables

An antique games table or card table will actually spend a lot of its time not being used for games but instead will be just another piece of furniture. It is important therefore that it not only does a great job when it is time for play, but that it also looks good when not in use.

Many of our antique games tables are made from very fine timbers such as burr walnut, which has a lovely grain and is very attractive in its own right. However, many of our fine antique card tables and games tables go one step further - they are decorated with fine quality marquetry as well. It would be understandable if someone who rarely if ever played cards or other games but just wants to have such a table as a focal point for the room. Whether you are a keen player of cards, backgammon and other tabletop games, or not, you will still find one of our Victorian card tables or other antique games tables to be an invaluable addition to your collection of fine furniture.

Keep a lookout for some very fine examples of marquetry games tables, marquetry card tables and other decorative card tables dating back to the good old days when television, computers, games consoles and home cinemas were just not available and, as they used to say, “you had to make your own entertainment.”

Well, they did just that and, often, they did so on a fine card table or games table such as those that we are pleased to offer to you here today.

On The Surface, It’s a Card Table That Looks Good Too

One feature that is very common amongst antique games tables and card tables is the inclusion of a green beige playing surface. This really lifts the playing experience a notch or two both in terms of appearance as well as the tactile nature and feel of the surface itself.

The playing surface is almost always concealed when not in use. It is normal for the table top to pivot or hinge away from the base in order to reveal the playing surface below. As previously mentioned, sometimes this also revealed a storage area for the cards and games pieces themselves, although this is not always the case.

Often the table top opens out to become a much bigger playing surface than the normal table top area. There are so many different styles and designs of antique games tables that it really would be worth your while to pay us a visit at our North London warehouse and showroom if you possible can.

Here you will be able to see a number of different card tables and games tables for yourself and ask our staff any questions that you might have. If you can’t make the trip however, please take advantage of the gallery of photographs that we include with our website product listings and feel free to email or contact us by telephone if you need any further information. We can ship your newly acquired antique card table to any destination so don’t let your geographical location be a deterrent.

Different Antique Games Table Styles and Periods

Our inventory of games tables and card tables is constantly changing as pieces get sold and are replaced by new acquisitions, but as a general rule we are almost always able to offer examples of Victorian games tables, Edwardian & Regency card tables and games tables as well as a range of French periods and styles. It seems the French were especially fond of their card games and some of the French marquetry tables we offer are superb examples of the craftsmanship that goes into making fine quality tables like these.

Buy Antique Card Tables and Games Tables with Confidence about Quality and Condition

Here at Regent Antiques we only offer furniture for sale if it meets our exacting standards with regard to condition. We have our own workshops and resident craftsmen who will carry out any necessary restoration work and clean and polish the piece if required. We then photograph the piece in great detail so those who are unable to visit the London showroom can assure themselves as to the appearance and condition of the item.

Our antique games tables are all on show in our north London showroom so please try to make the trip if you can - you won’t be disappointed by the choice and quality of games tables and card tables that we have to offer. The showroom is open to the public every weekday between 10am and 5pm. We do open on some Saturdays, but not all, so please check first before making a trip on a Saturday.

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