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Here at Regent Antiques we always stock an extensive range of armchairs, desk chairs and other office furniture including a wide choice of antique d…

Here at Regent Antiques we always stock an extensive range of armchairs, desk chairs and other office furniture including a wide choice of antique desk chairs and antique armchairs in a variety of top quality materials and styles.

Whether you need a stylish, yet comfortable, antique office chair or something soft and luxurious to sink into and relax after a hard day’s work, like a nice antique armchair, Regent Antiques have the right antique chair for you and a visit to our north London showroom will present a wide range of possibilities. If you can’t make the trip to our showroom, never fear because help is always at hand. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email and enquire about antique chairs, antique armchairs and office chairs to one of our resident furniture experts.

Antique Regency Armchairs and Regency Style Armchairs

If you are visiting our website looking for Regency style armchairs then you have certainly come to the right place. We usually have a wide range of antique Regency armchairs and Regency style armchairs plus a choice of Regency desk chairs, some of which are antique whilst others date from more recent times but have still been very skillfully made in the much sought after and appreciated Regency style. Traditional materials and methods of construction are used wherever possible.

Antique Edwardian Armchairs, Antique Victorian Armchairs and Desk Chairs

The Victorian period was sandwiched between the Georgian and Edwardian periods and is probably one of the most admired and sought after periods for furniture in general. Queen Victoria’s reign was from 1837 until her death in 1901 and furniture made during that period is, strictly speaking, Victorian, however makers continued to produce furniture in the Victorian style long after her death and indeed to this very day.

In this section you will find numerous examples of fine antique Victorian armchairs and other Victorian furniture and we have been careful to include a gallery of photographs with every listing so that you can see for yourself the kind of high quality craftsmanship on offer and the excellent condition that our inventory is in when offered for sale.

Many people find that furniture from the slightly later Edwardian period is more to their taste and we also stock a good choice of Edwardian armchairs and Edwardian office or desk chairs for you to choose from.

Art Deco Armchairs and other Art Deco Furniture

We also have examples of Art Deco chairs, including Art Deco armchairs and other Art Deco chairs together with other examples of Art Deco furniture as well as many more antique and contemporary armchairs from a variety of different periods. Lovers of Art Deco furniture and Art Deco chairs in particular will find a fascinating selection of items available.

Handmade Leather Captains Chairs and Other Contemporary or Period Style Chairs

One of our most popular ranges of chairs is our English handmade leather Captains chair and other new leather upholstered office chairs. If you are looking for a super comfortable and imposing office chair then you need look no further than these beauties - all handmade and assembled by craftsmen in England and available in a number of different colours of leather. The sumptuous leather Captains chair is a particular favourite although others such as the leather Directors chair and the leather Gainsborough chair also appeal to many of our customers and are also available in a variety of leather colours.

When browsing this category you will also find examples of armchairs in the Chippendale style as well as many more from other periods in the history of furniture making. If you do have a particular style or period in mind it is well worth signing up for our free new arrivals notification service, which will give you the heads up when new items are added in your category(s) of choice.

We often carefully restore and/or reupholster antique armchairs and antique desk chairs before offering them for sale to our customers and when this is the case it will always be pointed out in the product description together with a gallery of photographs showing, in detail, the condition of the article in question. We have our own workshops and our own craftsmen who share our values regarding quality of work and choice of top quality materials.

See the Range of Antique Armchairs for Yourself at our London Showroom

Pay a visit to our showroom if you possibly can to see high quality Victorian armchairs and other Victorian furniture for yourself, on display in settings that will show them to you in the kind of detail and depth you will never get from browsing a website. We know that it is important to find the right chair for your needs and we don’t just mean one that looks the way you want - it has to be comfortable as well, especially if you are at your desk for lengthy periods of time and you want to be able to avoid the problems that can result from prolonged use of a poor choice of chair.

Browse the category at your leisure or preferably come to the showroom if you can and don’t be afraid to ask us any questions that you may have - we want you to find the right antique armchair. Also, if you do make a purchase during your visit to the showroom, don’t worry if the antique armchair or desk chair that you want won’t fit into your car - we are pleased to be able to offer free delivery to any mainland UK destination.

If you are overseas and wish to purchase an antique armchair or desk chair then we have packing and shipping services that can ensure that your chosen item reaches you in the same excellent condition that it leaves out warehouse in. Please be sure to ask for a shipping quotation to your destination if you require shipping outside of the UK.

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For weekly notifications of new arrivals in your categories of interest please click HERE.

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