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Vintage & Antique Coffee Tables

This is the coffee table category where you will find examples of both antique coffee tables and coffee tables from more recent times which have bee…

This is the coffee table category where you will find examples of both antique coffee tables and coffee tables from more recent times which have been made in a vintage or antique style.  Many different variations make our coffee table range more than just a choice of a functional piece of furniture but a work of art in its own right.

Antique coffee tables, vintage coffee tables, and contemporary coffee tables that have been made in a period style are offered here to our discerning clientele. The main characteristic of a coffee table is of course its height, which is typically significantly lower than that of a conventional dining table or occasional table.

We have assembled a collection of very fine coffee tables for you and your family or friends to sit around and enjoy their coffee – or tea, of course, if that’s what they prefer. There are very ornate and decorative coffee tables in our range together with others which are more functional rather than being overly decorative.

Although coffee tables are usually square or rectangular in shape, we also offer a number of round or oval coffee tables from time to time - please check out this category to see more and remember to register for email alerts when a new item in one of your preferred categories comes into to stock. Sometimes it takes us a few days to process, restore, photograph and list a newly acquired item, so it is in your interest to contact us if you are looking for a particular type of antique coffee table or other item.

Even if you don’t drink coffee or tea, there is another use to which coffee tables are often put - a display surface for the coffee table book. These books, usually impressively bound and presented, just sit there waiting for someone to give way to their curiosity and examine the book and its contents, often including fine artwork and photographs.

Art Deco Coffee Tables

The Art Deco style finds itself manifested in a wide range of Art Deco furniture and other Art Deco decorative items. Despite the fact that Art Deco had its heyday back in the 1920s and 1930s, examples of Art Deco furniture keep appearing both in antique form and in more contemporary works made in the Art Deco style.

Our Art Deco furniture collection normally includes several examples of Art Deco coffee tables and we are always adding to our range to replace those items which have been sold. Art Deco furniture is very much sought after and constantly in demand so it is always worth checking with us before travelling to our North London showroom in order to view a particular piece in case is has been sold but not yet updated on the website.

The pleasing curves and fine quality materials (birdseye maple is a strong favourite amongst Art Deco furniture lovers) that are to be found on Art Deco coffee tables and other pieces from the period mean that these items are not just functional as coffee tables but are also great to look at and can quickly become a focal point for your room.

Antique Coffee Tables

If you are looking for an antique coffee table in a particular style, then you will probably find what you are looking for here at Regent Antiques. If you can pay us a visit you will be able to browse and see these lovely tables right up close, but if you can’t make the trip please be sure to take a look at the gallery of photographs included with every item listing.

We’re Up To The Mark with Marquetry Coffee Tables

It is still a popular practice to embellish a piece of furniture with delicate and intricate inlaid decoration. This is known as marquetry. This kind of furniture enhancement can truly transform a piece of furniture from being just a functional item to being a thing of great beauty. Naturally such artistry can add to the cost of the item significantly, due to the high cost of the timbers used and the sheer skill of the craftsmen who carry out the work, but when you see the outstanding results that are so frequently on offer in these pieces it becomes money well spent.

Not only do we offer antique marquetry coffee tables and dining tables but it is possible with our contemporary pieces to have them customised with marquetry to your own design - a company logo or family crest for example. Please contact us to find out more and obtain a quotation.

Whatever you are looking for in a coffee table - large or small - antique, period, or vintage, we are sure to have a coffee table to suit your needs. So if you can, pay us a visit in our North London showroom and see for yourself – we’ll even provide the coffee! The showroom is open to the public every week day from 10am until 5pm. To accommodate those clients who cannot make the journey during the week we also open on some, but not all, Saturdays - please be sure to contact us before making a trip on a Saturday. You can also see our schedule of Saturday openings on our homepage.

Antique Coffee Tables and Antique Furniture Restored to its Former Glory

Even the most loved and admired item of antique furniture can show signs of its age when it arrives at our premises. Normal day to day wear and tear takes it toll and we have to give it a bit of a facelift before offering it for sale to our customers. For this reason we have our own workshop and employ skilled craftsmen to carry out the restoration work as well as French polishing that can make all the difference to a piece of furniture.

All of our product listings are clearly marked as to their condition and whether they have been restored or not. We believe that you should have all of the facts to hand when you make a decision to buy an antique coffee table or other item of antique furniture.

If you have questions about our antique coffee tables or any piece of furniture we may have in stock please give us a call, or contact us by email. Our in house furniture experts will be pleased to answer your queries and provide any information that you may require. Please be sure to quote the item’s reference number when contacting us in order to avoid confusion.

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