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What’s New at Regent Antiques?

Quite a lot actually! Our expert buyers have managed to locate some lovely pieces this month but we’d like to start by drawing your attention to this very special antique 5ft diameter calamander table with 6 Regency dining chairs: Tables of this type and quality only come along occasionally. The table top itself...
Antique Victorian Library Table with Jasperware Plaques

Newly Listed Antique Furniture at Regent Antiques

We’ve got lots of newly acquired items of Antique Furniture to show you this month – all available to view online and at our north London showrooms. If you are looking for an antique dining table – we specialise in large dining tables – then Regent Antiques is definitely worth a visit. Our first item...

The Timeless Allure of Art Deco

Art Deco furniture and decorative objects have always been a specialty of ours here at Regent Antiques. Many adore it but cannot quite put their finger on what it is when they see it. Some of our finer pieces were recently featured in the October issue of Home and Antiques. In this issue the reader […]

Antique Bookcases – Storage with Style!

Antique Bookcases – Nothing looks better than a collection of fine quality books all arranged nicely on a shelf – or does it? Actually we think that nothing looks better than a collection of fine quality books all arranged nicely on fine quality antique bookcases. Here are some we think you might like: Antique...

Antique Art Deco Furniture From Regent Antiques

It seems that Antique Art Deco furniture never goes out of fashion and there seems to be a constant interest and demand for top quality pieces. As our customers are probably aware, Regent Antiques is well known as a specialist dealer in Antique dining tables so it is especially appropriate that we should be...