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Art Deco furniture and many other Art Deco items are typically characterised by the use of stylish, flowing lines and curves and the bold use of des…

Art Deco furniture and many other Art Deco items are typically characterised by the use of stylish, flowing lines and curves and the bold use of design. Here at Regent Antiques we stay true to this when we are selecting Art Deco furniture, Art Deco statues, Art Deco lighting, Art Deco bronzes and other decorative Art Deco objects to offer for sale in our showroom or on our website.

We would urge all Art Deco lovers to take a look at our range of Art Deco bronzes where you will find works by a number of notable Art Deco period sculptors including the Paris-based Romanian Demetre Chiparus (born 1886, died 1947), Dominique Alonzo, (active between 1910 and 1930), German sculptor Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss (February 13, 1882 – July 29, 1943), and many others who were working in the Art Deco period or style.

Today, many years after the Art Deco period came to an end, these stylish designs are as popular as ever and Art Deco furniture, bronzes and other items are still in demand and highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors all over the world.

Art Deco Bronze Statues and Other Art Deco Bronzes

In addition to our fine range of carefully selected Art Deco, including examples of the highly desirable Art Deco mirrored furniture, we also offer a range of Art Deco bronze statues and Art Deco lighting. So if you are interested in interior design, these pages are just right for you. We have Art Deco statues in sizes ranging from a few inches high up to life size and beyond, including many pieces which can be used outdoors for lighting purposes or as fountains.

Art Deco Furniture Including Art Deco Mirrored Furniture

Art Deco furniture is always popular and here at Regent Antiques we are proud to be able to offer our customers a carefully selected range of antique Art Deco and Art Deco style furniture to bring elegance and chic to the spaces that they choose to place them in.

At the time of writing we have Art Deco furniture items in a variety of materials but most notable are those made from beautiful timbers such as birdseye maple and burr walnut. These pieces achieve success on two fronts - firstly the stylish Art Deco lines and curves draw the eye and are most pleasing to look at. Secondly, the superb finish and finely detailed grain of the birdseye maple and burr walnut surfaces make them difficult to ignore, so fine is their finish. Art Deco dining tables, with or without matching Art Deco chairs, are also to be found in this section of the website and in our London showrooms.

Antique Art Deco furniture is both functional and attractive, often acting as a conversation piece when situated in your home or perhaps in a commercial setting. We have many fine examples of Art Deco bookcases, Art Deco chairs, Art Deco tables, and Art Deco cabinets, as well as many other items of Art Deco furniture for you to choose from, so take a look at the photographs and please get in touch if you are unsure about anything.

The distinctive “cloud back” chair style is an Art Deco favourite, often found in designs for dining chairs and arm chairs, and always in demand whenever they turn up. We normally have several examples in our Art Deco furniture inventory.

Art Deco mirrored furniture is another favourite with collectors and we are currently stocking a number of Art Deco mirrored furniture items including bookcases, bedside tables and cabinets, cocktail cabinets, and numerous other pieces from time to time. This type of furniture is in high demand so if you see an item of Art Deco mirrored furniture that you like the look of please don’t hesitate - contact us straight away and we will probably be able to reserve it for you until you can visit our showroom to see for it yourself.

Other Art Deco Decorative and Functional Items

Art Deco was a style that applied in no small way to furniture but it also covered the production of many other items, lots of them being purely decorative or, sometimes, both decorative and functional.

Art Deco lamps are a good example of this. Not only do they look great - they also serve a purpose. We are currently stocking a selection of Art Deco table lamps or desk lamps which would look good on any desk or writing table. Art Deco wine coolers also have a place in our collection, all of which is available for sale, alongside other tableware items such as tea and coffee sets, condiment sets and cruets.

Indeed, one of the finest Art Deco pieces we have ever featured was an absolutely beautiful and very impressive Drakes antique Art Deco serving trolley which was made in silver plate with a mahogany base and which dated from around 1930 - when Art Deco was at its peak in the UK.

No Art Deco collection would be complete without at least one Art Deco mirror and we always try to keep a few of these fast moving items in our inventory. Remember to register for free new arrivals notifications in your category of interest.

The Art Deco period saw items being produced for all sorts of purposes, not just decorative. We even stock Art Deco clothes stands and cocktail shakers.

Our stock of Art Deco furniture and other items changes fairly rapidly and if you miss a piece that you like there is no guarantee that another will come along anytime soon, so it really is important to take action promptly if you see an item of Art Deco furniture, Art Deco sculpture or any other Art deco item that catches your eye.

As with any antique or collectible item the best way to see it is in the flesh, at our London showrooms, but if you can’t manage that and have questions please contact us using the details shown on every page.

To receive free weekly notifications of new arrivals in your categories of interest, please click the link HERE.

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Ref: A3350
Antique Art Deco Drakes Silver Plated Beef Carving Trolley C1930

Antique Art Deco Drakes Silver Plated Beef Carving Trolley C1930

A magnificent and rare fully restored antique Art Deco silver plate serving cart, by Drakes of Brewer Street, London, circa 1930 in date.  Serve your roast beef in style!! This stunning trolley is suitable for serving cooked meats such as roast beef, lamb, and turkey. It features a vented silver plated locking retractable revolving dome which opens to a detachable well and water tank over a spirit burner. The water tank has two recesses for containers for gravy or vegetables, as well as an aluminium carving board. It has a vented screw knob for filling the tank with water  and for vapour or steam escape. The sides are fitted with handles and a detachable plate holder, set upon an oval mahogany cabriole leg base.   The center shelf is fitted with an oval silver plated utensil tray mounted on four rubberized wheels along with original castors. This superb piece was crafted by perhaps London's finest silversmith of the time, Drakes Silversmiths of Brewer Street, London W1. It is a Drakes model Min, No: 1908, one if the most desirable models that they made, with the revolving dome which makes it very easy to use. This truly exceptional piece is offered in superb fully restored overall condition. Condition: In really excellent condition the showwood having been beautifully repolished in our workshops, the silver plated parts have all been beautifully replated by a top London silversmith, please see photos for confirmation.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 112 x Width 92 x Depth 57

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 foot, 8 inches x Width 3 foot x Depth 1 foot, 10 inches


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