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Buy antique cabinet from one of the UK's premier furniture dealers. We have an excellent range of antique cabinets, antique drinks cabinets &…

Buy antique cabinet from one of the UK's premier furniture dealers. We have an excellent range of antique cabinets, antique drinks cabinets & display cabinets. Whether you need to display a collection of fine bone china, or perhaps some much-prized items of jewellery, trophies, porcelain figurines or anything else you may have and want to show off, an antique display cabinet from Regent Antiques is bound to be right up your street.

Here at Regent Antiques we stock a broad range of antique cabinets (and a few contemporary ones), for all purposes including cocktail cabinets, display cabinets, drinks cabinets, book cabinets, sideboards and even a cabinet for storing your sheet music. Then, of course, there is the one item of bedroom furniture that you simply could not do without - the bedside cabinet - although, as several of you have pointed out, the bed is pretty important as well.

Antique Drinks Cabinets and Antique Cocktail Cabinets

Antique Furniture, and indeed contemporary furniture, should be both nice to look at and functional too. Drinks cabinets and antique cocktail cabinets serve three main purposes. Firstly, of course, they provide storage for your bottles of spirits, mixers and other related paraphernalia. Secondly, they provide storage for your glasses, usually of several different sizes and types according to what is being served. Finally, they are often designed not only to store those items but to display them, making the drinks cabinet or cocktail cabinet a decorative object as well as a practical one. Take your entertaining up to a new level by placing a well-stocked cocktail cabinet in your entertaining space.

Art Deco cocktail cabinets make a regular appearance in our showroom and are in great demand, so if you are an Art Deco lover who also indulges in a bit of “mixology,” make sure that you check us out regularly or sign up for our new arrivals notifications.

Corner Cabinets - The Ultimate Space Saver

Designed to fit snugly into a corner occupying the minimum amount of floor space, a corner cabinet can be a godsend when space is at a premium. Despite their shape and small size, the corner cabinet can provide a surprising amount of storage and it is for that reason that they remain popular with those who live in a smaller property. We normally have a fine choice of corner cabinets - please call to confirm availability before travelling to the showroom as they are in high demand and turnover can be quick.

Sideboards and Credenza

Once much more commonplace than is now the case, we have that most useful of all cabinet types, the sideboard. Storage for cutlery, crockery and other dining requisites all built into the cabinet that will also be used as a base for serving food in the dining room. A credenza is a type of sideboard that, traditionally, would not have legs although more recently that has been seen to change. Credenzas are also typically narrower than a sideboard so they occupy less space in the dining room or other locations where space may be restricted, such as a hallway or corridor.

We usually have a good choice of antique sideboards and credenza, in a variety of sizes and styles so if its a piece of furniture for the dining room that you seek - you’ve come to the right place.

Antique Bedside Cabinets, Art Deco Bedside Cabinets

The bedside cabinet is almost an essential part of living in twenty first century - if you didn’t have one where would you put your smartphone at night, when you have finally finished using it until you wake up the following morning? The answer is, of course, on your bedside cabinet or bedside table, along with all the other things that you just cannot do without.

An antique bedside cabinet, or perhaps one of our stock of quirky yet elegant Art Deco bedside cabinets. Of course bedside cabinets are normally purchased in pairs but if you just want one we can usually accommodate that as well.

If you are looking for a matching antique wardrobe for your bedside cabinets then we are often able to help - it’s worth signing up for our regular email notifications when a new item comes into stock from your preferred categories.

Who Knows What A Pier Cabinet Is? See Antique Pier Cabinets at Regent Antiques

Masonry piers are structural devices used to strengthen parts of a building that may otherwise lack enough strength to support the load of the building. Large window areas are a typical example of where piers may be used. The origin of the pier cabinet is that it was developed to be small and compact so that it could occupy the space between the window piers of a building.

Modern building technology has more or less seen the demise of the pier in masonry but the pier cabinet lives on. In our showroom you will usually find several examples of these neat, petite and elegant cabinets, just right for that particular area that other cabinets are too big for.

Antique Cabinets - Changing with the Passing of Time

Antiques, of course, are often repurposed as they travel through time and a cabinet that was originally designed for one purpose can easily be adapted for use storing something quite different, so take a look through the range and then try to make a trip to our warehouse to see the true extent of our range of antique cabinets. Whoever heard of a Victorian DVD cabinet? Well, Victorian cabinets designed for storing books, for example, may now have such a new role and in a hundred year’s time it may be different again, who knows?

It could be said that we never really own antiques, we just look after them and enjoy them for the time that we are around and then leave them to delight and serve future generations. On this philosophical note I will conclude this section by saying please come and see our range of antique cabinets at our North London showrooms - details on the homepage, along with opening times - you’ll be glad you did.

If you are not in the UK and can’t pay us a visit, no problem, we ship worldwide - just ask for a quote before purchasing. Our team of furniture experts are on hand to answer your queries in person, on the phone, or by email - you will find the contact details on almost every page of this website.

For weekly notifications of new arrivals in your categories of interest please click HERE.

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Ref: A2932
Antique Large Vernis Martin Bombe& 39 Display Cabinet 19th C

Antique Large Vernis Martin Bombe' Display Cabinet 19th C

A stunning large antique French king wood Vernis Martin five panel display cabinet in the Louis XV manner and of extravagantly shaped Bombe form, circa 1870 in date, with exquisite hand painted decoration and exquisite ormolu mounts. It has five decorative Vernis Martin panels with beautiful hand painted decoration, the central panel depicting a courting couple and the others with classical figures in pastoral country scenes. The central panel bears the artists signature, Le Brun. The large central clear serpentine glazed door opening to a large capacious cupboard below, flanked  by clear glazed serpentine panels, with further shaped glass on the sides. It is smothered in gorgeous gilded ormolu mounts, the shaped apron with foliate mounts and sabots, standing on cabriole legs. The mirror backed interior is fitted with glass shelves, the lower shelf lined with golden velvet,  to display your collection of china or silver beautifully. This magnificent piece is in excellent condition and the quality and attention to detail throughout is second to none. Add a touch of unparalleled style to your home.   Condition: In really excellent original condition having only been beautifully cleaned, polished and waxed in our workshops, please see photos for confirmation.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 193 x Width 115 x Depth 50

Dimensions in inches:

Height 6 foot, 4 inches x Width 3 foot, 9 inches x Depth 1 foot, 8 inches

Ref: 09077
Antique Victorian Burr Walnut Credenza Sevres Plaques 19th C

Antique Victorian Burr Walnut Credenza Sevres Plaques 19th C

A Victorian burr walnut and ebonised credenza, with ormolu mounts with four Sevres style porcelain plaques, with four knopped columns and pair of glazed doors flanking central panelled door on bun feet, 119c high x 190cm wide x 46cm deep This is a superb antique Victorian burr walnut and ebonised Sevres Porcelain and ormolu mounted line inlaid breakfront credenza, circa 1860 in date. It has  a striking central panelled door which is adorned with a beautiful ormolu mounted and hand painted Sevres porcelain plaque  depicting a courting couple with chaperone, flanked by an elegant glazed door on either side. There are three similar Sevres porcelain plaques in the frieze, and it is further decorated with four corinthian columns and exquisite ormolu mounts.  The glazed side doors open to reveal two shelves in each section, ideal for displaying your collectables, the central door  opens to reveal a central shelf and  plenty of storage space for drinks, glasses, crockery, etc,. The interior is lined in it's original violet velvet. it is raised on ebonised bun feet and is complete with working locks and keys. This is a stunning piece which is sure to attract a lot of attention. Condition: In excellent condition having been beautifully cleaned and polished, and the interior relined, in our workshops, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 119 x Width 190 x Depth 46

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 foot, 11 inches x Width 6 foot, 3 inches x Depth 1 foot, 6 inches

Ref: 03982
Bespoke Inlaid Burr Walnut TV Plasma Hi Fi Stereo Cabinet

Bespoke Inlaid Burr Walnut TV Plasma Hi Fi Stereo Cabinet

This stunning bespoke TV cabinet is a true rarity. We make these to order in our workshops in Italy. They are handmade in burr walnut with a pair of folding  doors that slide out of sight. Crafted by third generation master craftsmen in our workshops in Verona, Italy we can make one to your specifications. Adding to its truly unique character, it is crossbanded and inlaid with satinwood and French polished to highlight the beautiful grain of the burr walnut. The back is double thickness solid beech so that a flat screen TV can be fixed to it, and there is a shelf to house Hi Fi and satellite equipment. One cannot overstate the truly unique opportunity to own such a delightful cabinet that will allow you to keep the elegance of your drawing room intact when entertaining and the TV is not required. This one was made for a grand house on Lake Garda in Italy, we make these to order, so you can order one to your specifications, and this will take approx 6 weeks from order to delivery.   Condition: In excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 134 x Width 142 x Depth 47 - Cabinet

Height 114 x Width 126 x Depth 43 - Whole Interior

Height 86 x Width 126 x Depth 43 - Interior above shelf

Width 102 x Depth 33 - Size of shelf

Dimensions in inches:

Height 4 foot, 5 inches x Width 4 foot, 8 inches x Depth 1 foot, 6 inches - Cabinet

Height 3 foot, 9 inches x Width 4 foot, 2 inches x Depth 1 foot, 5 inches - Whole Interior

Height 2 foot, 10 inches x Width 4 foot, 2 inches x Depth 1 foot, 5 inches - Interior above shelf

Width 3 foot, 4 inches x Depth 1 foot, 1 inch - Size of shelf


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