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Antique Clocks, Longcase Clocks & Grandfather Clocks

Regent Antiques are pleased to be able to offer a choice of antique clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, carriage clocks and the all-time favourite, …

Regent Antiques are pleased to be able to offer a choice of antique clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, carriage clocks and the all-time favourite, the antique longcase clock also known as the “Grandfather Clock,” with their decorative and often entertaining dials and chiming options.

What Kind of Antique Clock Would You Like? It’s Time to Decide

Probably the most numerous in most antique dealers’ range of clocks available for sale is the ubiquitous “Mantel Clock” - a clock which is designed to fit onto the mantelpiece over a traditional fireplace. There are many different types of antique mantel clock in our range at any given time, ranging from highly ornate and decorative through to the more practical and functional designs. Mantel clocks are still being made to this day - where better to place a timepiece than on the shelf above the fireplace which is, in many homes, the focal point of the room? This is despite the fact that, in many homes and most certainly in newly-built homes, there is no fireplace as such and, accordingly, no mantelpiece. A mantel clock will, of course, stand proud and look good on any shelf or display surface such as a bookcase, desk, bureau, or sideboard - so there’s life in the old dog yet.

In amongst the wide range of mantel clocks in this category you will notice several examples of French mantle clocks in a variety of styles and made from a range of quality materials such as porcelain, marble and brass. These are usually the most ornate and decorative of mantel clocks and are a delight to look at once placed onto the mantelpiece.

Although we stock a good choice of antique mantel clocks as well as notable examples from more recent times, there are, of course, many other types of clock to consider and one which usually gets a large amount of attention in any setting is the longcase or “grandfather” clock.

Antique Grandfather Clocks - A Touch of Historic Style for Any Room in the House

If you think of a large country house, a period cottage, or indeed any room which is furnished in a traditional style, you will probably envisage a grandfather clock standing somewhere in the room, tick-tocking away and sounding its chimes every hour and possibly also on the half and quarter hours.

The longcase or grandfather clock is a tradition that many of us grew up with. They were as much a part of the furniture as a sofa or an armchair, a dining table or bookcase. Any home that could afford one would probably have one. In many cases the grandfather clock is something that gets handed down the generations and is much loved and admired, generation after generation.

Antique grandfather clocks are not without their downsides of course - not least of which is the fact that they require frequent winding and regulating and the whole thing, inside and out, needs periodic cleaning and maintenance. However, no one seems to mind all of that, it is worth it just to hear the soporific movement from side to side of the clock’s pendulum as well as the ticking of the clock mechanism itself. There’s simply nothing like it.

Antique grandfather clocks are always in great demand, especially those from renowned manufacturers. They are usually signed on the dial, so if you do happen to see one that you take a shine to in this category of our website, be sure to take action quickly. We are adding new stock regularly, but longcase clocks of the quality we seek for our customers are in short supply, a situation that is unlikely to change, as people become attached to these lovely clocks and are usually reluctant to part company with them.

Antique grandfather clocks - an old favourite that never goes out of style.

All in All It’s Just Another Clock on the Wall - Antique Wall Clocks

Not everyone has a mantelpiece and the ability to make good use of a mantel clock. Similarly, not everyone has the space for a grandfather clock. Where else then is there to place a clock? The answer is staring you in the face - on the wall of course!

Antique wall clocks as well as more recent examples are often on display in our London showroom. The ultimate space saver, they are as popular now as ever and are the obvious choice where space is limited.

You will be able to see a range of wall clocks, and all the other types we have mentioned, if you visit our showrooms. We are located in the north of London and are easy to get to by road and by public transport. There is parking on the premises for our customers. The showrooms are open every weekday from 10am until 5pm so there's plenty of time to browse. We also open on occasional Saturdays, but please call first to confirm as we do not do this every week.

Antique Clocks Restored and in Full Working Order

Wherever possible we try to offer antique clocks for sale that have been fully restored and are in full working order, but please do check the individual item descriptions before making a purchase to make yourself aware of any issues that there may be with any particular antique clock.

Whether you need a timepiece for the lounge or perhaps something interesting and unique for the kitchen, we are sure to have an antique or period style clock to meet your needs.

If you can’t visit the showroom don’t worry, we always provide a good selection of photographs and our staff are on hand to answer your questions by phone or email. You will find our contact details on every product description page. Please quote our unique reference number when contacting us to ensure we are describing the correct item. UK Mainland customers will be pleased to know that delivery to your address will be free of charge. Overseas customers are requested to contact us for a shipping quote to their destination.

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