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Exploring Antique Crystoleum Art

Exploring Antique Crystoleum Art

Antique crystoleum art – nothing looks better than a collection of fine quality antique crystoleum pictures all arranged nicely on a wall – or does it? Crystoleum, from “crystal” + “oleum” (oil), was a photographic format which appeared in the 1880s and 1890s and enjoyed a period of popularity which lasted...
Featured Category - Vintage Prints and Paintings

Featured Category – Vintage Prints and Paintings

As well as a fine range of antique paintings, we at Regent Antiques also enjoy offering more recent – but not quite contemporary – works of art to our discerning clients. Paintings and prints dating from the early to mid twentieth century are classed as vintage and, as in the case with artworks generally, can...
Magnificent Antique Paintings

Magnificent Antique Paintings

Here at Regent Antiques we have assembled a fine collection of antique paintings including antique oil paintings and antique watercolours by notable and highly collectible artists. Many people choose antique paintings as decorative pieces for their special place. Others acquire antique paintings and other works of...
Picture This: Stunning Antique Paintings 1

Picture This: Stunning Antique Paintings

Fine antique paintings are the choice of many collectors on the lookout for carefully selected works of art. Often collectors are determined to find as many examples of their chosen artist or genre as they can. Others love buying antique works of art to add a decorative and unique atmosphere to their special space....

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