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Just about every day here at Regent Antiques we say goodbye to items of antique furniture and other antique and vintage pieces that have been purcha…

Just about every day here at Regent Antiques we say goodbye to items of antique furniture and other antique and vintage pieces that have been purchased by one of our valued customers. This category is the place to see what others have bought and perhaps envisage how a similar piece could enhance your own home.

Antique Furniture, Antique Bronze Statues and Collectible and Decorative Antiques All Starting A New Life

A large antique dining table may be on its way to a company boardroom for use as a meeting table, while another will be used both as a family dining table and a place to entertain guests. There’s a garden which is about to be enhanced by the addition of one of the many bronze statues that we offer, maybe in the form of a fountain or water feature.

Elsewhere, someone is sitting down for the first time at the antique desk they just acquired, or settling into that comfortable and elegant leather captains chair.

Antique Tables, Antique Chairs, Cabinets and Other Antique Items, Made By Master Craftsmen - and Restored By Master Craftsmen

Most of these items will have been prepared for their new life by being refurbished to restore them to their former glory - although we do urge you to read the descriptions and look at the photographs carefully to satisfy yourself that the item you are interested in is in the condition that you require. We never forget that antiques are beautiful not only because of their design but also because time and reasonable wear and tear work its magic on beautiful materials such as the fine timbers used to make top quality furniture. This gives them a quality which would be a shame to take away, so we instead set out to preserve and enhance it, adding to the item’s inherent beauty and making it a joy to behold.

The majority of this skilful work is carried out by our own craftsmen in our own workshops where we can ensure that the workmanship is of the highest quality and the materials used are up to the standard that the original craftsman would have wanted. Age old techniques such a French polishing and upholstery are used, where appropriate, as part of this process.

Look What You Missed - Here’s How To Avoid Missing It Again

Our Recently Sold category is our way of saying “look what you missed” and gives you the chance to see what other customers have fallen in love with and bought for use in their homes or perhaps their place of work. 

Although we don’t mean it this way, recently sold listings serve as a reminder that an antique showroom is not like a “normal” furniture showroom. You can’t just order what you want from a catalogue, wait for it to arrive from the factory so it can be delivered to you. Many of the items of antique furniture that we offer are unique pieces - never to be repeated - whereas others only crop up and become available for sale every once in a while.

That’s why we urge you to sign up for our free of charge New Arrivals Alerts for the categories that you are interested in. These email alerts will automatically be sent to you when a new item is listed in your defined categories. Hopefully these alerts will help to ensure that you never have to look at the recently sold list again and think “I wish I had seen that first.”

If that does happen however, there’s often no need to be too despondent - although all antiques are unique and, over the years, that uniqueness often increases as the item ages and matures - it is usually possible to locate another similar item of the same design and period and in the same materials as the one seen in our recently sold listings. Please contact us and let us know what you are interested in because we are not able to list all of our items on the website.

Don’t Be A Stranger - Visit Our London Showroom Regularly

Another way to avoid missing out on a desirable piece is to pay a regular visit to our north London showrooms where we display our antique furniture, paintings, bronzes, antique silverware and other items in an elegant setting in which they can be fully appreciated. You will also have the benefit of being able to speak to our in-house experts and find out everything you want to know about the antique furniture or other items that you are interested in.

We know that it isn’t always possible to visit us in person, so please use this website and don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything you need to know.

Fine Antiques On Their Way To Here, There, and Everywhere

It’s worth bearing in mind that the recently sold items that you are about to look at are not necessarily destined for a new owner in the UK. It is our pleasure to expertly pack and ship our stock to customers around the world. All you need to do is request a shipping quotation for the item you are interested in and we will do the rest. If you are in the mainland UK, we will ship your purchased items to you free of charge.

This then is the place on our website to review what has been sold in recent weeks and to get ideas and inspiration for your own project - a “new” antique dining table perhaps, a set of antique dining chairs, a nice desk to work at, or perhaps a nice piece of antique English silverware to display in an antique display cabinet.

The possibilities are endless so please be sure to keep in touch with what has just been sold. You never know - we may have another item very similar to the item that you have been looking for - and missed!

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