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Antique oil paintings and antique watercolours are the choice of many for adding a decorative atmosphere to a space, whether it be domestic or comme…

Antique oil paintings and antique watercolours are the choice of many for adding a decorative atmosphere to a space, whether it be domestic or commercial, with many a fine business establishment reinforcing its theme and style with carefully selected artworks.

Our range encompasses periods from the 18th and 19th century as well as some vintage and contemporary works, with both oil and watercolours represented in addition to prints, some of which are signed and numbered.

Collectors of art are encouraged to visit our website, or better-still our showrooms, and view our collections as new examples are being added all the time as works are sold and move on.

Original oils sit next to signed, limited edition prints and tastefully accomplished watercolours by leading UK and international artists in the Regent Antiques gallery of painting and prints - for sale to our customers, worldwide.

Some of the works on offer are antiques and some date from more recent times, but you can be sure of their value and authenticity in a world where, like antiques generally, age does not always dictate value.

Antique Oil Paintings at Regent Antiques

Our North London showrooms are usually well-stocked with oil paintings from well-known artists who operated in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as a few more recent works. With prices to suit most pockets, this is a great place to start your art collection and, as paintings are by their very nature one-off articles, we strongly advise you to visit us regularly - either in person or via the website, and look at the new arrivals in this category. Many of our customers are just waiting for the right painting to come long and when it does it will be gone in an instant. Our email notification service will help you to avoid this by giving you the “heads up” when a new painting comes into stock.

Landscapes are one of the most popular types of painting that we stock and we regularly offer works by artists such as Carelli, Pollentine, Muller and Ficklin, whose work is appreciating in value but still affordable. We can’t make any guarantees of course but works by these and some of the other notable artists that we regularly offer for sale are likely to increase in value in the medium to long term and represent a solid, if not totally risk free, investment.

Always take a few minutes to speak to our in-house experts and ask any questions that you may have. Buying a painting is not like buying an item of antique furniture. The furniture has a use and you will get value from it in one way or another whereas a painting generally represents a decorative piece as well as an investment.

Although landscapes are the mainstay of our antique oil painting collection that we offer for sale, there are other styles represented including portraits and still life works. We never know what will arrive today or get sold tomorrow, so regular vigilant checking is definitely something you should be doing as often as you can.

Antique Watercolours

Although oil paintings form the larger part of our range, watercolours are far from being just a second thought. We usually have a choice of landscapes in watercolour and the cost of acquisition is usually lower than that of antique oil paintings.

Antique Prints & Contemporary Prints

Prints are popular as a way to own great artwork without the capital investment that can be the case with antique oil paintings and other original works. Our range of prints, many of which are limited, signed and numbered editions, is largely contemporary and includes interesting and unusual items that will appeal to specialist collectors and art lovers in general.

Pay a Visit to Our Showrooms Yourself and Take a Look at Our Antique Occasional Tables for Yourself

If you see an antique painting, perhaps a Victorian oil painting or something earlier or maybe an antique watercolour work or other piece of artwork that you would like to buy please be assured that our specialist team will pack it very carefully and ship it to almost any destination worldwide. We always ask you to please request a shipping quotation first though, quoting the unique reference number on the item’s description page, unless you are located in the UK mainland where we are able to ship to you free of charge.

Our North London showrooms and gallery are open to the public for viewing every weekday between the hours of 10am to 5pm and we also open occasionally on Saturdays. See the homepage of this site for our latest opening hours, including our latest Saturday opening arrangements. You don’t need an appointment but if you want to speak to one of our experts then it is worth calling in advance to make sure that there is someone on hand as the team are often out of town on buying trips.

The showroom is easy to find and is close to rail and public transport links. You will always find many examples of beautiful antique paintings, but if you are travelling to see a particular painting or print please call first to make sure that it is still available.

If you cannot visit the showroom and you have questions about any of our antique oil paintings, vintage paintings and prints or other item or items then you are welcome to contact us by telephone or email using the contact details found at the top of every product description page. Please also quote the item reference when contacting us.

Please be sure to check our notes as to the condition and dimensions of the antique painting or print you wish to buy before purchasing and use the photographs to satisfy yourself regarding the item’s condition.

Finally, please don’t forget to sign up for our free new item notification service which means we will send to you weekly notifications of any fresh arrivals that appear in your categories of interest, giving you an edge over other customers when you are looking for items which are in great demand - please click HERE to receive these notifications.

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Ref: A2853
Antique Painting Grape and Melon Eaters After Bartolome& 39 Murillo 18th C

Antique Painting Grape and Melon Eaters After Bartolome' Murillo 18th C

This is a delightful antique Spanish oil on canvas painting after Bartolome' Esteban Murillo, depicting two peasant boys eating grapes and melon, Circa 1780 in date.  It features a dog staring at two seated boys while they eat fruit with a basket of fruit in the forground. This lively realist portrait of street urchins constitutes an appealing record of everyday life at that time. This superbly accomplished painting is executed in the style of Murillo's later works where he continued to evolve to the very end. In the last decade of his life, Murillo took Rubens's lesson even closer to heart, during this period his brushwork became looser and more visible than ever before, sometimes even to the point that the canvases appear unfinished. Murillo also reduced his palette to the more sober hues of mauve, grey, brown, and carmine, making his late style more refined than in any previous period.   His style of painting the street children of his native Seville was unprecedented. He employed great naturalism, employing a sombre palette and strong chiaroscuro, contrasting lights and darks, and very little background detail. They are caught, like a photographic snapshot, playing or eating, but are very rarely aware of an onlooker.   This magnificent painting is housed in its original gilded frame surmounted by a pierced cresting rail of scrolling foliage. It is beautifully executed and as such would make a lovely addition to your collection.    Condition: In really excellent condition the painting and frame having been beautifully cleaned, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 73 x Width 61 - Painting

Height 95 x Width 72 x Depth 6 - Frame

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 foot, 5 inches x Width 2 foot - Painting

Height 3 feet, 1 inch x Width 2 foot, 4 inches x Depth 2 inches - Frame

Ref: A2800
Antique Oil Painting & 34 Sacrifice to Minerva& 34 Odoardo Vicinelli Letterfourie 18thC

Antique Oil Painting "Sacrifice to Minerva" Odoardo Vicinelli Letterfourie 18thC

A large antique oil on canvas painting entitled "Sacrifice to Minerva", circle of Francesco Solimena, attributed to Odoardo Vicinelli, dating from the mid 18th Century. The painting depicts a man standing, behind an altar, shielding himself  from a kindling fire. To the  left of the altar is seated Minerva, in classical flowing white robes, surrounded by a crowd of people.  Francesco Solimena (4 October 1657 – 3 April 1747) was a prolific Italian painter of the Baroque era, one of an established family of painters and draughtsmen. Verso: Title, describtion, inventory marks and later restoration stamp: Aitken Dott & Son, Edinburgh 15 July 1970. Also bears an inscription attributing the painting to  Odoardo Vicinelli: Odoardo Vicinelli, scholar of Giovanni Maria Morandi, flourished about 1750 an excellent master of the Venetian and Roman Schools, Provenance:  Formerly at Letterfourie, Morayshire, and by descent, through the Gordon family Letterfourie House is a Georgian house in Moray Scotland, built by Robert Adam and completed in 1773 for Clan Gordon, also known as the House of Gordon, a Scottish clan.   Condition: In really excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 87 x Width 168 x Depth 5

Height 73 x Width 156

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 foot, 10 inches x Width 5 foot, 6 inches x Depth 2 inches

Height 2 foot, 5 inches x Width 5 feet, 1 inch

Ref: A1813a
Antique Waterscape Oil Painting by William Dommersen 19th C

Antique Waterscape Oil Painting by William Dommersen 19th C

A beautiful waterscape painting " A view on the Amstel "  by William Raymond Dommersen (British, 1859-1927) Signed,  Signed with initials, and Inscribed on reverse, late 19th Century in date. The painting has a captivating illuminating light with beautiful vibrant colours, it depicta a busy waterway with fishing and sailing boats in the foreground and the town of Amsterdam in the back ground. William Raymond Dommersen was a painter of genre and landscapes in and around Scotland and Northern England. His works are widely exhibited throughout the European and North American continents and are on show at many galleries worldwide. William travelled quite extensively in Europe on painting expeditions with his father  Dommersen’s paintings have been much admired over a period of time and it is evident that he is now firmly established in the history of architectural painting as is refelected in the auction prices at Christies: Nineth century European Art: 12 September 2007, London South Kensington, Lot 29 £4,750 The Arthur Ackermann and Peter Johnson Collection: 8 May 2008, London, South Kensington, Lot 42, £4,000 Old Masters and 19th Century Art 9 November 2010, Amsterdam, Lot 110 £5,250 Nineth century European Art: 28 April 2010, London South Kensington, Lot 221 £5,250 Condition: In really superb condition the painting and frame having been beautifully cleaned, please see photos for confirmation.   

Dimensions in cm:

Height 59 x Width 50 x Depth 7 - Frame

Height 34 x Width 44 x Depth 7 - Canvas

Dimensions in inches:

Height 1 foot, 11 inches x Width 1 foot, 8 inches x Depth 3 inches - Frame

Height 1 foot, 1 inch x Width 1 foot, 5 inches x Depth 3 inches - Canvas

Ref: A1094a
Antique Berlin KPM Plaque & 39 KUNST BRINGT GUNST signed Knouller Ca 1880

Antique Berlin KPM Plaque 'KUNST BRINGT GUNST signed Knouller Ca 1880

This is an absolutely stunning and finely painted KPM Berlin Plaque after Paul Thumann's (1834-1908) 'Kunst Bringt Gunst' (meaning 'Art wins heart'), signed Knouller, circa 1880 in date. This magnificent plaque is portrait in shape and depicts a candid young girl watching a graceful Greek artist while he is decorating a pottery vase. The young artisan is painting a black figure on the surface of the amphora while she is standing tall at the doorway and watching him. Both figures dress in classical clothes and are set within a nostalgic environment reminiscent of antique ruins and of a paradisiac landscape. Indeed, a sweet and almost melancholy calm prevails. The original painting by the German artist, Thumann, just like many other of his romantic paintings, became very popular and was widely reproduced on porcelain plaques, plates and vases.  This truly splendid plaque is signed to the left bottom corner 'Knouller' and bears the impressed sceptre mark for KPM. It is set in its original splendid gilt frame displaying foliate decorations to the border.  Add this splendid antique plaque to a very special wall in your home.  Condition: The plaque and the gilded frame both in excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 24 x Width 18 x Depth 2.5 - Frame

Height 22 x Width 16 - Plaque

Dimensions in inches:

Height 9 inches x Width 7 inches x Depth 1 inch - Frame

Height 9 inches x Width 6 inches - Plaque

Ref: 08569
Antique Oil Painting François Gérard 1770 1837 of The Colosseum Circa 1820

Antique Oil Painting François Gérard 1770 - 1837 of The Colosseum Circa 1820

This is a beautiful oil on canvas painting of the Colosseum in the centre of Rome by the renowned French artist François Gérard (1770 - 1837) and signed lower left. This beautiful landscape captures a striking view of  the Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, it is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome and it features people walking and enjoying the view. Housed in it's original and magnificent gilt gallery frame decorated with carved and gilded roses and ribbons. Several examples of his work have sold at top auction houses: 1. Auction house: Artcurial (S.V.V.) Paris France Auction date 23 Mar 2017 Le sacre de Charles X à Reims Hammer price £ 44,792 (€ 52,000) https://www.artprice.com/artist/11108/francois-gerard/drawing-watercolor/12903015/le-sacre-de-charles-x-a-reims?lots_search_uniq_id=-1327225916676237410 2. Auction house K -Mondo Paris France Auction date 10 Mar 2017 Portrati de l'Impératrice Marie-Louise en buste Hammer price £ 15,798 (€ 18,000) https://www.artprice.com/artist/11108/francois-gerard/painting/12856221/portrati-de-l-imperatrice-marie-louise-en-buste?lots_search_uniq_id=-1327225916676237410 3. Auction house: Delorme-Collin du Bocage Paris France Auction date 08 Jun 2016 Caroline Murat et ses deux premiers enfants, Achille et Letizia Hammer price £ 21,898 (€ 28,000) https://www.artprice.com/artist/11108/francois-gerard/drawing-watercolor/10970178/caroline-murat-et-ses-deux-premiers-enfants-achille-et-letizia?lots_search_uniq_id=-1327225916676237410 4. Auction house: Delorme-Collin du Bocage Paris France Auction date 02 Dec 2015 Marie-Amélie de Bourbon duchesse d'Orléans et future reine des Français Hammer price £ 24,594 (€ 35,000) Condition: In really excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 96 x Width 123 x Depth 9 - frame

Height 71 x Width 98 - painting

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 foot, 2 inches x Width 4 foot x Depth 3 inches - frame

Height 2 foot, 4 inches x Width 3 foot, 3 inches - painting


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