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New Arrivals

With items being added and sold every day - our large inventory of antique furniture, decorative items and collectibles, bronzes, antique dining tab…

With items being added and sold every day - our large inventory of antique furniture, decorative items and collectibles, bronzes, antique dining tables & chairs, antique desks, and a host of other items - is a constantly moving target.

Antique Furniture at Regent Antiques

We bring you antique furniture from a range of makers who have been active over the last few hundred years. In addition to our speciality - which is the supply of antique dining tables - including some very large ones that would be equally at home in a business boardroom or conference room as they would in your home dining room. Other furniture items that are very popular with our customers include antique desks and writing tables, cabinets and bookcases, bronze statues and other bronze pieces, chairs of all types and sizes, and many others.  

New Arrivals - An Old Favourite

To help you to find what you are looking for from the thousands of items of antique furniture, paintings, bronze statues, desks and desk chairs, dining tables, lamps and lighting and other pieces that we have on display and for sale, this website is divided into a number of different categories so that you can easily locate those pieces that you are really interested in. As you would expect, there’s also a “search the site” facility which you will find located at the top of every page on this site.

Naturally, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you want without having to go through every category that you are interested in in order to see if anything new has been listed. 

In this category, ’New Arrivals,’ you will find all the newly-added pieces of antique furniture, antique silverware, bronzes, paintings and prints, desks, antique dining tables and chairs and many other desirable things - far too many to list here.

Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?

Unlike most retail businesses, the antique business is one where the items that you have available for sale cannot be predicted. We really do not know what our buyers will find on their travels. Who can predict what we will be offered by a caller to our premises or a perhaps from a telephone call from someone with something they would like to sell?

If you have advised us as to what it is you are looking for then we will of course do our very best to find it for you. We have a network of buyers and others who can advise us when a particular piece becomes available. As soon as we locate what it is you are looking for, we will let you know. 

If you have not yet told us what you are seeking then you should really make a point of checking these pages regularly in order to find out what items we have added to our inventory since the last time you stopped by the website or called in at our showroom.

It goes without saying that if you were to miss out on a decorative item or a piece of furniture that you have been looking for, there’s no guarantee that another one like it will turn up soon, or ever! For this reason it is especially important to check this section regularly and, when you find what you are looking for, make your move as quickly as possible. We are happy to provide additional information or answer your queries over the telephone or by email if you need further information, and you can of course make your purchase by speaking to us - or online - whichever you prefer.

Antique Furniture - Up To Date Technology

There is, however, a super powerful new online tool that we offer to our customers - free of charge - that will help them to find what it is they are looking for. We call this tool “New Arrivals Alerts” and you can register to receive them HERE.

Register for these alerts today and you will be amongst the first to know when a new item that you are interested in comes into stock - this advance knowledge can often make the difference between finding exactly what you want or missing out on it because someone else beat you to it!

See Our Newly-Acquired Antique Furniture & Other Items First - In Person

If you live close to, or can travel to, our north London warehouse and showrooms, then you are most welcome to call in and browse as often as you like. There are thousands of items on display there and our team of experts are always on hand to provide additional information or answer any questions you may have about our stock.  

Our showroom is very easy to find, being located just a few meters away from Manor House underground station which is on the Piccadilly Line and is therefore very easy and convenient to get to from almost anywhere in the capital. We are also on several bus routes and there is parking on site for customers if you prefer to travel by car. Please check our opening times before travelling and we advise that you call first to see about seeing a particular item as it may have been recently sold.

We know, however, that there often isn’t time for a visit or, for geographical reasons, it just isn’t feasible to make such a visit. It is in cases like this where our New Arrivals Alerts really come in to their own and make life so much easier for you.

Why Not Also Take A Look At Our ‘Recently Sold’ Category?

It is well worth visiting our Recently Sold category as well since this is where you can see what is popular and where the demand is. If the item you are looking for is something that features often in this category then you can be sure that demand is strong and such pieces will be highly sought after.

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