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Some antiques are difficult to classify or could easily be classified in several different categories. It is possible that when looking in one categ…

Some antiques are difficult to classify or could easily be classified in several different categories. It is possible that when looking in one category the item you are looking for may be hiding away in another category and you may miss it.

These pages are the secret place that we use to keep all of those items that are difficult to categorise and which should be browsed regularly in the tradition of visiting an antiques fair or arcade where the items on offer are often presented in no particular order.

Regent Antiques always offers a fine range of collectables and other items such as military memorabilia, autographs and prints, sporting memorabilia, scientific instruments, and so on.

If you were taking a leisurely stroll around our London showroom you would of course see our huge range of antiques and collectable items all laid out before you in no particular order. A journey of discovery where you might see something you didn’t even know you wanted - or existed. In this category we have tried to recreate that experience - we hope you enjoy it and that you visit it regularly.

This is one category of our website where collectors really should visit often as we are constantly replacing sold items with new ones and no-one ever knows with any certainty what will be coming into stock next. Expect to see such things as binoculars, telescopes, signed prints, musical instruments and quirky storage boxes.

Here are just a few items that may not have dedicated categories of their own but which might still be of interest to you:

Hats, including antique top hats, gloves and other interesting items of clothing.

Fancy a top hat? We often have several examples of antique top hats and other items of headgear for you to peruse.

Antique Gramophones & Musical Instruments

Of course we stock the iconic HMV gramophones that adorn many a music room, bar, hotel lobby or in fact anywhere that people congregate and take time to consider just how much the art, (or is it a science?) of sound reproduction has evolved over the last century or so. We also put the methods of making that sound, well music to be precise, into this category as well and you will find many examples of antique musical instruments here for you to enjoy.

Rugs, Boxes, Taxidermy and How about a Silver Skull?

Yes, at the time of writing we did have a skull up for sale - not a real one through! This one is much nicer. This is also the place to find antique rugs and antique taxidermy items.

If You Can’t Visit Our Showroom, Please Take the Time to Check This Category and Take a Look at Our Range of Unusual and Rare Antique Items

If you see an antique rug, antique top hat, antique musical instrument or any of the unusual items we offer for sale on our website and would like to see them in person, then a visit to our north London showrooms is a must. But if you cannot visit and collect the item you want in person, please rest assured that our specialist team will pack it carefully and ship it to almost any destination worldwide.

We would however ask you to obtain a shipping quotation before making a purchase, quoting the unique reference number on the item’s description page. If you are located in the UK mainland you will be pleased to discover that we can ship your purchases to you free of charge.

Our large North London showroom is open to the public for viewing every weekday between 10am to 5pm and if weekdays are a problem for you then please also be aware that we also open occasionally on Saturdays so that you can see the antique items you are interested in. Please see the homepage of this website for our current opening hours including up-to-date Saturday opening arrangements as we do not open on Saturday every week.

You don’t need an appointment to come and view our range of antiques or other items but if you need to speak to one of our in house experts then it is worth calling in advance to make sure that there is someone on hand to answer your questions and help you when you make your visit.

Our north London showroom is very easy to find and it is conveniently located close to public transport links, including Manor House tube station which is on the Piccadilly Line and which is just a stone’s throw away. You will often find many examples of antique musical instruments, antique gramophones, antique top hats and other antique items on display, but if you are travelling to see a particular item please call first to make sure that it is still available for viewing as we would not want you to make a wasted journey.

If you cannot visit the showroom and you have questions about any of our fascinating and unusual items or any of our other antique and collectable pieces then you are always welcome to contact us by telephone or email using the contact details found at the top of every product description page.

Please also be sure to quote the unique item reference number when contacting us in order to avoid confusion as we stock many items that are similar and could be mistaken for one another.

Please also be sure to check our notes as to the condition and dimensions of the item you wish to buy before purchasing to ensure that it meets your expectations and that it will fit into the space you have in mind for it.

We would ask you please to also study carefully the gallery of photographs that we provide with each item description in order to fully satisfy yourself as to its condition. If in doubt please contact us for an appraisal of the piece in question.

Finally, please remember to sign up for our free new item notification service which ensures that we will send to you weekly notifications of any fresh arrivals that appear in your categories of interest, giving you an edge over our other customers when you are looking for items which are in great demand. Please click HERE to receive these notifications. After all, you don’t want to miss finding that special or unusual item that you’ve been searching for and which may not come up for sale again in the future!

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Ref: 09953
Antique Louis XIV Kingwood and Gilt Bronze Strongbox Coffre Fort 17th C

Antique Louis XIV Kingwood and Gilt Bronze Strongbox Coffre Fort 17th C

This is a magnificent, unusual and rare antique Louis XIV kingwood, satinwood banded and gilt bronze mounted strongbox dating from the late 17th Century.   This splendid large strongbox is rectangular in shape and features impressive gilt bronze strapwork throughout. It has a pair of elaborate ormolu handles  so that the box can easily be moved and they feature stunning floral, foliate decoration as well as a putto's head motif.  The elaborate fittings should prevent the box from damage during long travels. Centrally there is a large escutcheon, that can be opened with a secret lever. Using a key the front panel can be unlocked and when the lid is lifted, one gets access to the main storage space. The sturdy hinged satinwood banded lid opens to reveal two distinctive recessed compartments inside the lid itself for holding documents. The front fall drops down allowing access to the two useful drawers and two additional secret drawers. The divider between the two drawers also contains a smaller secret compartment, adding extra interest and fascination to this spectacular box.   The locking mechanism works excellently and the strongbox is ready to store  your most precious valuables.  The strong box has iron rods that are vertically positioned in the side panels and can be screwed onto the wooden floor of a ship or carriage when travelling.   There is no mistaking its unique quality, design, and distinctiveness, which is sure to make it a treasured piece by any discerning collector.     Condition: This strong box is in good untouched condition.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 24 x Width 39 x Depth 23

Dimensions in inches:

Height 9 inches x Width 1 foot, 3 inches x Depth 9 inches

Ref: 09923
Antique French Silver Plated Saxophone with Playing Booklet Couesnon et Cie 1929

Antique French Silver Plated Saxophone with Playing Booklet Couesnon et Cie 1929

This is a splendid and rare antique French silver plated saxophone with the original playing booklet by the world-famous manufacturer of musical instruments, Couesnon et Cie,  and dating from 1929.   Distinctively made of silver-plate, as compared to the more common brass versions, this truly impressive musical instrument has a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet and its various covering holes in the straight conical body tube to control the resonant frequency.  It features its typical splendid flared bell at the end opposite the mouthpiece. At rest, some keys are open and some are closed, as they should be.    It is engraved: 'Exposition Univerelle De Paris 1900  HCRS Concours membre du jury  COUESNON & CIE. Fournisseurs De L'Armee 94, Rue D'Angouleme Paris' It bears the registration number '195'.   It comes with its original and charming playing booklet as well as two reeds in their authentic original wooden box which is stamped 'Henry Selmer Paris'.    This wonderful and decorative silver-plated saxophone is sure to enhance the decor of your home.  Condition: In excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation. As an antique item, the piece shows signs of use commensurate with age, these minor condition issues are mentioned for accuracy and, as seen in the accompanying photographs, the saxophone displays beautifully.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 66 x Width 11.5 x Depth 32

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 feet, 2 inches x Width 4 inches x Depth 1 foot, 1 inch

Ref: 09837a
Antique French Art Nouveau Alabaster Sculpture Dancing Lady on Pedestal 19th C

Antique French Art Nouveau Alabaster Sculpture Dancing Lady on Pedestal 19th C

This is a splendid antique French Art Nouveau snow-white and red alabaster sculpture of a graceful dancing lady in classical dress on a striking Verde Antico marble pedestal, circa 1890 in date.  This finely carved sculpture depicts a beautiful young lady graciously dancing in bare feet in a long sleeveless classical robe - she is exquisitely depicted bending slightly backward one leg standing forward in tiptoe. She is gently twisting around with her right arm placed on her left shoulder and the other arm behind her back. She is candidly smiling and looking downward while making gentle movements with her hair carefully tied up. Like a living being she seems almost to dance in front of us and the sculptor has clearly attempted to make the alabaster come to life.    It stands on a sturdy and robust rectangular alabaster base.    The craftsmanship is second to none throughout all aspects of this artwork.   The lovely antique French Verde Antico green marble pedestal dates from the late 19th Century in date. The pedestal is assembled in three interlocking sections and has a shaped rectangular moulded platform top which is raised on a turned and fluted column support with circular socle and octagonal shaped base. The top part of the column rotates so that you can easily change the position of the sculpture. Condition: All in really excellent condition, with no chips, marks, or signs of repair please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 65 x Width 30 x Depth 18 - Sculpture

Height 111 x Width 46 x Depth 32 - Pedestal

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 feet, 2 inches x Width 1 foot x Depth 7 inches - Sculpture

Height 3 feet, 8 inches x Width 1 foot, 6 inches x Depth 1 foot, 1 inch - Pedestal

Ref: 09824
Antique Dutch School Floral Still Life Oil Painting Framed Late 18th C

Antique Dutch School Floral Still Life Oil Painting Framed Late 18th C

This is a magnificent antique Dutch School floral still life oil on canvas painting with a stunning gilt gesso frame, late 18th century in date.   This splendid painting is rectangular in shape and features brightly illuminated pastel-tinted roses and bi-coloured tulips in the centre of the composuition. The celeste wildflowers behind them are seen against dark green foliage. The outline of the bouquet is defined by a charming poppy and further small white wildflowers. At the lower left, providing a counterbalance, is a splendid spray of red, white and celeste flowers, trailing over the edge of the table and again fully illuminated.    Great attention has been paid to individual elements in the bouquet. Indeed each petal has been painted with diligent conscientious precision. Around the bouquet, there are also three distinctive butterflies of different size and palette colours.     The artist has captured the beauty of the bouquet perfectly well, giving the whole composition significant depth. Indeed this floral still life is characterised by its exceptional pastel hues and by a remarkable concentration on light and shadow on flowers and foliage. The arrangements of the bouquet appears truly realistic combining a convincing three-dimensionality with a delicate appearance.   It is housed in its magnificent gilt gesso frame which is decorated with superb foliate decoration.   Add this splendid antique Dutch painting to a very special wall in your home.    Condition: In excellent condition the painting and frame having been beautifully cleaned in our workshops, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 78 x Width 68 x Depth 5 - Frame

Height 65 x Width 55 - Canvas

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 feet, 7 inches x Width 2 feet, 3 inches x Depth 2 inches - Frame

Height 2 feet, 2 inches x Width 1 foot, 10 inches - Canvas

Ref: 09854
Antique Pair Ivorine Wall Plaques Old Testament Scenes Ebonised Frames 19th C

Antique Pair Ivorine Wall Plaques Old Testament Scenes Ebonised Frames 19th C

This is a lovely pair of antique English Victorian ivorine wall plaques, by the Italian-born sculptor  Giovanni Franchi (1811-1874), and made in London in 1855. These beautiful plaques were made after the original work of the French sculptor Alexandre-Pierre Schoenewerk (1820-1885) and feature two splendid Old Testament scenes. One plaque, featuring 'Rachel and Jacob at the well', depicts the scene of the encounter between the two characters when Jacob, according to the Bible, fell in love with Rachel while seeing her at a well near Haran, an outpost of the ancient city of Ur. The characters are depicted in great detail in the centre of the plaque, surrounded by wonderfully cast trees, camels, people and houses in the background. The sculptor clearly leaves no part of the plaque empty or without interest.  The other plaque depicts two different characters of the Old testament in the forefront - a young lady dressed in the attire of the period, in a seated position and gathering the crops from the field. The man, also dressed in the typical clothes of the period is standing tall near the woman and speaking to her. Once again, the plaque is extremely detailed, with every possible particular being captured by the sculptor - the background being filled with people working the fields, trees, sheds, working instruments, and cattle. In both plaques, the palm trees seem to beautifully frame the scene as almost to welcome the viewer to the story.  Both plaques are set in their fabulous original antique ebonised frames and are signed and dated verso, 'G. Franchi, London 1855'. One plaque is also signed in the front 'Schoenewerk'.      It is a splendid and indeed interesting pair which will surely enhance any interior. Condition: In excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation. 

Dimensions in cm:

Height 21 x Width 21 x Depth 4.5

Dimensions in inches:

Height 8 inches x Width 8 inches x Depth 2 inches

Ref: 09833
Antique French Pair Two Tone Gilt Bronze Lidded Urns with Cherub Finials 19th C

Antique French Pair Two-Tone Gilt Bronze Lidded Urns with Cherub Finials 19th C

This is a stunning pair of antique French twin handle two-tone gilt bronze garniture lidded urns, circa 1870 in date. These splendid urns have exquisite cast side handles with beautiful grapes and vine decoration. The ormolu lids feature superb reclining cherubs.   They are superbly cast with continuous scenes of delightful dancing cherubs  and a distinctive goat, above writhen fluted lower bodies and leaf cast circular bases. Goats in art have been associated with the worship of Bacchus (the God of Wine), which explains the appropriateness of the presence of goats in these Neo-Classical style urns' scenes, which indeed bears a distinctive bacchanalian theme.    This high-quality hot cast solid bronze pair of urns were produced using the traditional "lost wax" process, otherwise known as the "cire perdue" method.   Each urn comes is raised on a resplendent giltwood and blue velvet stand.   This pair of lidded urns represents timeless elegance and will no doubt receive the maximum amount of attention wherever placed. Condition: In good condition. As antique items, the pieces show signs of use commensurate with age, these minor condition issues are mentioned for accuracy and, as seen in the accompanying photographs, the urns display beautifully.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 40 x Width 22 x Depth 15

Dimensions in inches:

Height 1 foot, 4 inches x Width 9 inches x Depth 6 inches

Ref: 09805
Mahogany Cased Sewills Sealord Nelson Chronometer Compendium 20th Century

Mahogany Cased Sewills Sealord Nelson Chronometer Compendium 20th Century

This is a stunning and decorative mahogany cased 'Nelson' chronometer compendium by the renowned chronometer, watch, clock and weather instrument makers to the Admiralty, Sewills of Liverpool, dating from the second half of the  20th century.  The gorgeous mahogany casket opens up to reveal a brushed brass swing case framing a stunning Sewills Ship's Bell clock - round in shape, it features a silvered enamelled dial with black Roman numerals, inscribed Sewills Sea Lord. It comprises the alarm, tide guide, barograph, thermometer and hygrometer.  The case opens threefold, the top has a brass plaque rectangular plaque, inscribed 'Nelson', and it has has brass carrying handles to the sides.  The underside of the first lid of the case has a stunning square brass plaque with the logo of Sewills - the picture of a boat, various coats of arms, and the sentence, "Bought of J. Sewill, Estd 1800 AD, chronometer, watch & nautical instrument manufacturer, to the right honorable the lords commissioners of the admiralty." The second lid of the casket is made of glass, to protect and display at the same time the beautiful Nelson chronometer compendium.  The underside of the chronometer bears the registration number 003191. This is a delightful combination of quartz accuracy with mechanical engineering and comes with its original Sewills's instructions. Add this timeless element to your home with this elegant Nelson chronometer compendium. Condition: In excellent working condition. Please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 18.5 x Width 19 x Depth 19

Dimensions in inches:

Height 7 inches x Width 7 inches x Depth 7 inches

Ref: 09611
Antique Victorian 10 Aires BH&A 3 Bells Music Box Swiss Movement 19th C

Antique Victorian 10 Aires BH&A 3 Bells Music Box Swiss Movement c.1870 19th C

This is a truly magnificent antique Victorian walnut cylinder bells-in-view music box by the renowned makers Barnett Henry Abrahams, St. Croix, Switzerland, circa 1870 in date.   This exceptional music box is rectangular in shape and features a high-quality Swiss movement playing ten aires. There are three bells with stunning enamelled butterfly clangers of different lively colours - red, green and blue - and a beautiful tune indicator. The lid and front with polychrome Royal Coat of Arms prints.   It has the original attractive and joyful music sheet with coloured engraving inside. It is signed 'Walter Marty, Herisau' and features charming classical scenes of delightful dancing people and angelic flying cherubs. It bears the stamp of 'B. H. A. Ste Croix, Switzerland & London', the renowned makers.   The box plays the following ten popular tunes of the time:   1. Bravo! Dublin Fusiliers                         Weeler 2. The absent-minded Beggar                    Sullivan 3. All along the Rails                                 Carter 4. A Frangesa  March                                 Costa 5. A Runaway Girl                                     Monkton 6. Don't be angry                                        Zeller  7. A Greek Slave                                        Monkton 8. Soldier of the Queen                              Stuart 9. The Cock o'the North                             King 10. The Honey-moon March                     Rosey Condition: In excellent working order having been serviced by our musical box restorer.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 22 x Width 47 x Depth 27.5

Dimensions in inches:

Height 9 inches x Width 1 foot, 6 inches x Depth 11 inches


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