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Some antiques are difficult to classify or could easily be classified in several different categories. It is possible that when looking in one categ…

Some antiques are difficult to classify or could easily be classified in several different categories. It is possible that when looking in one category the item you are looking for may be hiding away in another category and you may miss it.

These pages are the secret place that we use to keep all of those items that are difficult to categorise and which should be browsed regularly in the tradition of visiting an antiques fair or arcade where the items on offer are often presented in no particular order.

Regent Antiques always offers a fine range of collectables and other items such as military memorabilia, autographs and prints, sporting memorabilia, scientific instruments, and so on.

If you were taking a leisurely stroll around our London showroom you would of course see our huge range of antiques and collectable items all laid out before you in no particular order. A journey of discovery where you might see something you didn’t even know you wanted - or existed. In this category we have tried to recreate that experience - we hope you enjoy it and that you visit it regularly.

This is one category of our website where collectors really should visit often as we are constantly replacing sold items with new ones and no-one ever knows with any certainty what will be coming into stock next. Expect to see such things as binoculars, telescopes, signed prints, musical instruments and quirky storage boxes.

Here are just a few items that may not have dedicated categories of their own but which might still be of interest to you:

Hats, including antique top hats, gloves and other interesting items of clothing.

Fancy a top hat? We often have several examples of antique top hats and other items of headgear for you to peruse.

Antique Gramophones & Musical Instruments

Of course we stock the iconic HMV gramophones that adorn many a music room, bar, hotel lobby or in fact anywhere that people congregate and take time to consider just how much the art, (or is it a science?) of sound reproduction has evolved over the last century or so. We also put the methods of making that sound, well music to be precise, into this category as well and you will find many examples of antique musical instruments here for you to enjoy.

Rugs, Boxes, Taxidermy and How about a Silver Skull?

Yes, at the time of writing we did have a skull up for sale - not a real one through! This one is much nicer. This is also the place to find antique rugs and antique taxidermy items.

If You Can’t Visit Our Showroom, Please Take the Time to Check This Category and Take a Look at Our Range of Unusual and Rare Antique Items

If you see an antique rug, antique top hat, antique musical instrument or any of the unusual items we offer for sale on our website and would like to see them in person, then a visit to our north London showrooms is a must. But if you cannot visit and collect the item you want in person, please rest assured that our specialist team will pack it carefully and ship it to almost any destination worldwide.

We would however ask you to obtain a shipping quotation before making a purchase, quoting the unique reference number on the item’s description page. If you are located in the UK mainland you will be pleased to discover that we can ship your purchases to you free of charge.

Our large North London showroom is open to the public for viewing every weekday between 10am to 5pm and if weekdays are a problem for you then please also be aware that we also open occasionally on Saturdays so that you can see the antique items you are interested in. Please see the homepage of this website for our current opening hours including up-to-date Saturday opening arrangements as we do not open on Saturday every week.

You don’t need an appointment to come and view our range of antiques or other items but if you need to speak to one of our in house experts then it is worth calling in advance to make sure that there is someone on hand to answer your questions and help you when you make your visit.

Our north London showroom is very easy to find and it is conveniently located close to public transport links, including Manor House tube station which is on the Piccadilly Line and which is just a stone’s throw away. You will often find many examples of antique musical instruments, antique gramophones, antique top hats and other antique items on display, but if you are travelling to see a particular item please call first to make sure that it is still available for viewing as we would not want you to make a wasted journey.

If you cannot visit the showroom and you have questions about any of our fascinating and unusual items or any of our other antique and collectable pieces then you are always welcome to contact us by telephone or email using the contact details found at the top of every product description page.

Please also be sure to quote the unique item reference number when contacting us in order to avoid confusion as we stock many items that are similar and could be mistaken for one another.

Please also be sure to check our notes as to the condition and dimensions of the item you wish to buy before purchasing to ensure that it meets your expectations and that it will fit into the space you have in mind for it.

We would ask you please to also study carefully the gallery of photographs that we provide with each item description in order to fully satisfy yourself as to its condition. If in doubt please contact us for an appraisal of the piece in question.

Finally, please remember to sign up for our free new item notification service which ensures that we will send to you weekly notifications of any fresh arrivals that appear in your categories of interest, giving you an edge over our other customers when you are looking for items which are in great demand. Please click HERE to receive these notifications. After all, you don’t want to miss finding that special or unusual item that you’ve been searching for and which may not come up for sale again in the future!

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Ref: 05958
Vintage Silver Plated Monteith Caviar & Vodka Set Cooler 20th Century

Vintage Silver Plated Monteith Caviar & Vodka Set Cooler 20th Century

This is a gorgeous new silver plated Monteith caviar set with the caviar dish and cover in the centre, featuring eight vodka shot glasses around it and offered for sale in excellent condition, as a new item. This lovely silver plated Monteith caviar set is decorated around the rim and there is a sturgeon adorning the lid of the caviar dish and one on each of the handles. The spacious interior allows you to fill the bowl with plenty of crushed ice to keep the glasses and caviar chilled. The quality and craftsmanship of this silver plated Monteith caviar set and vodka cooler is superb as can be seen from the video. Please do take a few moments to watch this and see for yourself. It is a truly magnificent piece and will attract the maximum amount of attention from all of the guests at your next party. It is in excellent condition as can be confirmed by spending a few moments looking at the photos provided in our image gallery. Browsing This Silver Plated Monteith Caviar Set Personally As it is always a good plan to see before you purchase so we are always pleased to encourage you to view our stock in our North London showrooms. Why not plan a visit to get a view of this silver plated Monteith caviar set personally? When you are here, you will also have the option to view our collection of other terrific silver antiques and collectors' items. Please remember that you'll have to get in contact with us first prior to making a visit to see that the silver plated Monteith caviar set is still offered for sale and has not already gone. Also if you do make contact with us we can plan to make sure that you'll find the right consultant available to you to chat you through your purchase and resolve any concerns you may have. We are always happy to talk about our items such as this silver plated Monteith caviar set in detail and suggest other possibilities if you are interested. In our world there is no such thing as a stupid question and we fully recognize that you will want to get your purchase just right so please feel free to ask about any concerns you have. Kindly take a note of the item reference number which appears on this page before getting in touch, so we recognize which specific silver plated Monteith caviar set you are talking about. You can browse more silver items here. Regent Antiques - Showroom Opening Hours The London salesroom is open Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm for you to view this silver plated Monteith caviar set. We also open from time to time on Saturdays – but kindly be in touch in advance before making the journey on a Saturday as we really do not want you to be turning up and finding no one here. Check out our next Saturday opening date here (towards the bottom of the page). If You Would Like More Help If you are not able to set up a visit, we are still happy to reply to any enquiries you may have about this silver plated Monteith caviar set. To chat about these with us kindly don't hesitate to get in touch by either email or telephone using the info on this page. We have a number of internal consultants who will be delighted to have a discussion with you about this silver plated Monteith caviar set and also talk over the intricacies of purchasing and caring for spectacular silver antiques more generally. We are always happy to share our experience with our customers and potential customers to make certain that they are fully content with everything they are considering getting. When you get in touch be sure to mention the item reference number that you will also find on this page to be sure that we understand the specific silver plated Monteith caviar set you are interested in as it is possible that we may have several similar items available. Shipping, Delivery and Returns We are experts in the packing and delivery of high-quality articles of silver such as this silver plated Monteith caviar set. Exceptional pieces of silver of this nature need expert handling to ensure they reach you in the same perfect state that they left us in. We are very careful with our packing and transportation suppliers to make sure that items you purchase from us will reach you as expected. We are pleased to send to basically any location across the globe and will take care of all the required packing and transport specifics. However, we require that you get in touch first before choosing this silver plated Monteith caviar set as we will need to be certain of all the details and that you have a full shipping quotation before you buy. Please be aware that we deliver totally free of cost to any mainland UK destination. If you are not happy for any reason with this silver plated Monteith caviar set, in line with the Distance Selling Regulations you can return it to us within 14 days and we will reimburse you. To take advantage of this you need to return the item to us in its initial packaging and condition. You will also be answerable for the return shipping bills unless we sent you an article that is materially different to the one you assumed you would be receiving. Buyers are fully responsible for any customs duties or local taxes that may be incurred on items sent outside of the United Kingdom.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 26 x Width 37 x Depth 32

Dimensions in inches:

Height 10 inches x Width 1 foot, 3 inches x Depth 1 foot, 1 inch

Ref: 09974
Antique Russian Malachite Book Form Box With Mineral Specimens Circa 1900

Antique Russian Malachite Book Form Box With Mineral Specimens Circa 1900

This is a superb quality Russian antique malachite book form jewel box, Circa 1900 in date, later converted to display a quantity of mineral specimens. The rectangular hinged lid features malachite parquetry with decorative brass stringing. It lifts up to reveal a later fitted glass and brass mounted collection of 28 mineral specimens from mines in the Congo with the name table verso in French, listed as name, specimen and where it was mined from: 1. Uraninite, oxyde d'uranium "Shinkolobwe Mine"  2. Heterogenite, hydroxyde de cobalt et serum "Kabolela Mine" 3. Cuprite, carbonate de cuivre "Kalabi Mine" 4. Talc Calcedoine, silicate de manganese "Musonioe Mine" 5. Katangite, silicate de cuivre "Changulowe Mine" 6. Liebethbnite, photsphate de a wivre, "Musonioe Mine" 7. Bornite, sult de cuivre et de fer "Kipushi Mine" 8. Pseudomalachite, phosphate de cwivre, "Misesa Mine" 9. Olygiste, oxyde de fer, "Katonfo Mine" 10. Pyrite, silt de fer "Shinkolobwe Mine" 11. Cuprosklodowskite, Silicate d'uranio m et de cuivez, "Musonoie Mine" 12. Silice, oxyde oilicieux "Ramoto Mine" 13. Enrerite, Oxyde de fer, "Dikulwe Mine" 14. Shattucrite, silicate de cuivre "Tantara Mine" 15. Calcite, carb de caicium, "Kipushi Mine" 16. Fibromalachite, carb hystarate' de chivre "Kabolela Mine" 17. Chalcosine, suit de cuivre "Kipushi Mine" 18. Sel Jaune, oxyaena' uranium "Musonoie Mine" 19. Goethite, nxproxyae de fer, "Pamaove Mine" 20. Jel Rose, oxyae de cobalt, "Mupini Mirone" 21. Quartrite, oarb de calciu, Bamoto Mine" 22. Spherocobaltite, card de cobalt, "Ratrolea Mine" 23. Chalcopyrite, sult se cuivreet de fer, "Kipushi Mine" 24. Kolweeite, silrate de cuivre, "Kolwezi Mine" 25. Pyrolusite, hydroxyie de ma nganese, "Rasekelesa Mine" 26. Malachite Zonaire, carb hydrate de cuivre, "Kolwezi Mine" 27. Carrollite, sult de cobalt et de cuivre "Ramoto" 28. Dolmite Blanche, Carb de magnesium, "Kamoto" Add this wonderul Russian malachite book box and fascinating display of mineral specimens to your collection. Condition: In really excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 4 x Width 30 x Depth 18

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 inches x Width 1 foot x Depth 7 inches

Ref: A1179
Vintage Model of a Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane 1954 37& 34 Long 20th C

Vintage Model of a Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane 1954 37" Long 20th C

This is a superb Vintage model of a Ferrari Hydroplane 1954, late 20th Century in date. Ferrari's cars are adored on all corners of the globe and are seen as the ultimate status symbol for the rich and powerful. But as these incredible pictures show, Ferrari is not just a talented car manufacturer. This astonishing-looking Ferrari speedboat set an unrivalled world record in 1953 and is valued in the millions. The legendary ARNO XI Hydroplane craft was the brainchild of wealthy boat privateer Achille Castoldi who had a desire to break a world water speed record. He persuaded the great Enzo Ferrari to lend knowledge and technical assistance in building the ultimate powerboat. The result was a 12-cylinder, 4,500cc, V12 Ferrari engine - the same as can be found in the Type 375 Grand Prix car.   In October 1953, ARNO XI travelled at 150.2mph on Lake Iseo in northern Italy, setting a world speed record for an 800kg boat that has still never been broken. When Mr Castoldi was finished with ARNO XI, it was sold to Nando dell'Orto, a rich engineer, who went on to race it with great success for more than 10 years, securing numerous wins. The boat went through various aerodynamic improvements during that time, including a modified nose and the addition of a fin. It finished its competitive racing career in 1960 with a European championship victory and numerous fastest laps, many of which still exist.   Condition: In really excellent condition, please see photos for confirmation.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 25 x Width 95 x Depth 37

Dimensions in inches:

Height 10 inches x Width 3 feet, 1 inch x Depth 1 foot, 3 inches


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