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Antique Cocktail Cabinets, Bars & Dry Bars

These antique cocktail cabinets and bars are practical yet attractive pieces of furniture and are designed to show off your drinks collection and fo…

These antique cocktail cabinets and bars are practical yet attractive pieces of furniture and are designed to show off your drinks collection and form the centrepiece of a pleasant evening spent with family or friends.

Most of these antique cocktail cabinets are functional items of furniture which will hold their ground at even the most boisterous social events whilst at the same time serving as a useful and attractive item of storage for everything you need to keep the party going.

Give your home a welcoming feel with an antique bar or wine storage cabinet available in a variety of different styles, including some lovely Art Deco pieces.

What Is The Difference Between a Dry Bar and a Wet Bar?

This is a question that will get you a host of different answers, depending on who you ask and where you ask it. The word “bar” is one of the most widely used words in the English language and can mean anything from a place where alcohol is served to a length of metal, and lots of other meanings in between. A bar is slang for a British pound, with half a bar being ten shillings or 50p as I think the young people call it these days.

I consulted my dictionary - here I refer to the Chambers dictionary, regarded as the dictionary of choice for writers and cruciverbalists (those who solve crossword puzzles) because of the strength and quality of its definitions. To my dismay, however, Chambers do not have a definition for “Dry Bar.” What a shocker! So next I turned to the Oxford English dictionary only to find that they don’t have a definition either. Nonetheless, the term is in daily use and could be taken to mean one of two things: a bar that does not serve alcohol or a bar that does not have a connection to the water supply and which therefore cannot wash glasses and so on.

As we think it to be unlikely that our customers would go to all the trouble and expense of buying a bar just to show of their bottles of cherryade, we prefer to regard a dry bar as being one which does serve alchohol but which does not have a water supply which means that the nominated bartender would have to disappear periodically to wash a few glasses.

Starting in California and now making an appearance in a town or city near you, we have the latest incarnation of the word: a “Dry Bar” is a “Blow Dry Bar” - somewhere you can nip into and get a quick hair refurbishment, without a booking - actually chaps we Brits invented that centuries ago, it’s called a barbers, no appointment necessary, just roll up and read a few magazines until it’s your turn.

Whichever definition you prefer, or which suits your requirements, we usually have a stock of antique bars and antique dry bars for you to peruse at our North London showroom or on this very website.

Antique Cocktail Bars, Modern Cocktail Bars and the Rest

Here’s another new-ish word (I think) for you to conjure with - “Mixologist.” A mixologist is defined, this time pretty unanimously, as someone skilled in the mixing of drinks, especially cocktails. I imagine this is because beer requires very little mixing. When researching this piece I found one amusing twist - those in the drinks service industry are at odds with one another as to whether a mixologist is a more highly skilled person than a bartender or barman (woman). I’m not going to get involved with that except to say that, to paraphrase Maureen Lipman, “you’re an ologist, that’s fantastic.” Sounds better than a plain old barman/woman every time.

Amongst our collection of cocktail bars, or mixology stations - including antique cocktail bars and vintage cocktail bars - you will find something for every size and style of room. They turn around quite quickly so we would advise you to check in regularly and sign up for our regular alerts - we will give you the heads up when a new item in your chosen categories comes into stock.

Art Deco Cocktail Bars

The Art Deco period had something of an air of decadence about it and was associated with glamour and good times. It is fitting therefore that there are many Art Deco cocktail bars out there just waiting to be discovered. We usually have a choice of Art Deco cocktail bars in stock for you to look at here at the showroom or on the website. Usually made with attractive and expensive timbers like birdseye maple, these curvy, gorgeous Art Deco furniture masterpieces are highly sought after, so if you see one that you like, get your skates on and contact us without delay.

Just a quick word about viewing items that you like the look of: we know that not everybody is able to get into lovely London (where our showrooms are located) and see these things for themselves. It’s a shame but that’s the way it is. If you cannot make it to London, then we do try really hard to give you as much visual information as we can. There is a gallery of photographs on every item listing. If that’s not enough, you have an open invitation to call us or email us and ask any questions that you might have. We have a team of furniture experts on hand to answer your questions and help you to decide.

Everything is in Tip Top Condition

Unless we state otherwise, you can expect everything you see to be in excellent condition. Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure that your expectations will be met and call us, or preferably visit us, if you have any doubts. We want you to be happy with your new antique cocktail bar!

Your Antique Cocktail Bar Packed and Shipped to You, Wherever You Are

No matter where you might call home, we can pack and ship your new antique cocktail bar to you safe and sound - just contact us for a shipping quotation. If you live in mainland UK then lucky you, wear a smile on your face as we tell you that, for you and only you, shipping will be free, gratis, and for nothing.

Don’t miss out on the next antique cocktail bar that comes into stock.

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Antique George III Wine Cooler by Matthew Boulton with Robinson Crest 18th C

Antique George III Wine Cooler by Matthew Boulton with Robinson Crest 18th C

This is an elegant antique English Old Sheffield plate silver on copper ice bucket or wine cooler, circa 1790 in date, and bearing the sunburst makers marks of the world renowned silversmith Matthew Boulton. The cooler is of campana baluster form and has a pair of foliate cast scroll handles, gadrooned borders and flared rim. It features an engraved Hamilton family crest with the motto   'Qualis ab Incepto'   (The same from the beginning) The Marital Arms of Robinson and Maltby The armorial bearings as engraved upon this George III Old Sheffield Plate Wine Cooler by Matthew Boulton dating to circa 1790 are those of Robinson impaling Maltby. These armorial bearings denote the marshalling of a marital coat showing on the dexter (the heraldic right on the left as you view the piece) the arms of the husband and on the sinister (the heraldic left on the right as you view it) the arms of the wife.   These arms undoubtedly commemorate the marriage of William R2. Robinson (born circa 17933 died 11th December 18664), of 17 Hyde Park Terrace, Paddington in the County of Middlesex and of Austin Friars in the City of London and his first wife, Jane Maltby (baptised 29th May 17966 died 1833). They were married at the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Walthamstow in the County of Essex on the 8th June 1819. William was the eldest son of William Tooke Robinson, of Water House, Walthamstow in the County of Essex and his wife, Isabella Straker, whilst Jane was the fourth daughter of Thomas Maltby, of Upper Harley Street in the County of Middlesex and of Walthamstow in the County of Essex and his wife, Henrietta Crichton. See attached photos of the document and the house. The attention to detail is absolutely fantastic and it is certain to attract attention wherever they are placed. Condition: In excellent condition with clear makers marks and no dings, dents or signs of repair. Please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 28 x Width 27 x Depth 27

Dimensions in inches:

Height 11 inches x Width 11 inches x Depth 11 inches


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