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Antique Dining Tables & Antique Dining Chairs

Our extensive range of antique dining tables and antique dining chairs is impressive by any standard and encompasses tables and chairs in a wide ran…

Our extensive range of antique dining tables and antique dining chairs is impressive by any standard and encompasses tables and chairs in a wide range of sizes, styles and periods to meet many different  requirements and types of use, from the family dining room, restaurants, through to a large antique conference tables destined for use in the company boardroom or conference room.

Antique Dining Tables That Can Be Extended as Required

One of the features that many of our antique tables have to offer is the ability to extend them with one or more extension leaves in order to accommodate the number of dinner guests or meeting attendees that are expected. These extension leaves are stored separately when not required and are usually added when needed with minimal effort with the aid of a special winding mechanism that is built into many antique as well as our contemporary dining tables. When no longer required, these extension leaves can be removed and stored away leaving a much more compact version of the table in order to reduce the amount of space taken up.

Antique Tables Made From The Finest Timbers and Veneers

We supply oak dining tables, mahogany dining tables and others made with exotic and very desirable timbers such as burr walnut and birdseye maple. Many of these fine antique dining tables have exquisite marquetry and other inlaid decorations to make the table not only functional but also a thing of great beauty to be admired by those who are lucky enough to see them. We tend to only offer antique dining tables from well known makers or those which, despite not necessarily carrying a maker’s mark, are clearly the work of master craftsmen with the right skill levels required to be working with such expensive timbers.

Marquetry Dining Tables - A Bespoke Service

Regent Antiques also offers a bespoke service with our range of contemporary marquetry tables. This means that you can specify your own personalised decorative requirements for your large dining table, conference table, or boardroom table. Unique marquetry decoration for your bespoke dining table, expertly inlaid by our own craftsmen, some of them 3rd generation in the craft, can be commissioned to include such things as company logos, family crests and coats of arms, as well as other decorations to suit your own design ideas or those taken from a reference book or photograph.

If, instead of an antique marquetry dining table, you would like to find out more about our bespoke marquetry tables, just enquire for a no obligation quotation.

Antique Dining Tables from Different Periods in History

Each period of history tends to have its own style of furniture associated with it. Our showroom usually has examples of Victorian dining tables, Regency dining tables, Art Deco dining tables and many more. Many styles are timeless and persist across the decades and even the centuries. You can always be sure of finding the widest range of antique, vintage and period dining tables at Regent Antiques.

Antique Dining Tables and Chair Sets - a Match Made in Heaven

You want your guests to be comfortable when sitting at your antique dining table or antique boardroom table. When it comes to sitting comfortably then we are able to help with that as well. It is quite unusual these days to find antique tables offered together with their original matching chairs. These do occur from time to time and we often have original matching antique dining table and chair sets in our inventory but in most other cases we can supply matching, or complementary dining chairs either as a set with the table or separately, if required.

In addition to our extensive range of antique dining tables and dining chairs we also hold stock of a very carefully-curated range of contemporary dining tables and chairs, including many which are still made by traditional craftsmen using traditional methods and traditional materials and in a variety of styles taken from well known periods. These tables often feature inlaid marquetry decoration which can be personalised to your individual requirements for an additional cost - contact us for a no obligation quote.

If You Want To “Go Large” With Your Marquetry Dining Table or Conference Table

Sometimes our customers need an antique dining table that can accommodate a much larger group than the average family requires. Often these are needed for commercial purposes such as a conference room table or company boardroom table. Sometimes we are able to accommodate these requirements with a large antique dining table but we also have the capacity to produce these tables in large, even very large, sizes to suit those who need capacity for a large number of guests, or meeting attendees, as part of our range of bespoke tables made in many vintage and traditional styles. Contact us to discuss your requirements for large dining tables, conference tables and boardroom tables.

We always provide a number of photographs with every product listing to enable you to really see the quality and condition of the item on offer and we encourage you to look at these images in detail before buying in order to ensure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for when you make a purchase.

A visit to our north London warehouse and showroom really is a must if you wish to see for yourself just how impressive our range of antique dining tables, conference tables, boardroom tables and dining chairs really is. However, if you really can’t make the trip, please bear in mind that our packing and shipping teams can send your newly acquired table to you anywhere in the world. Just contact us for a shipping quotation before ordering.

Whatever you need from a dining table, conference table or antique boardroom table, we are very confident that you can find what you need here at Regent Antiques. Our showrooms are open every weekday and on occasional Saturdays so why not pay us a visit soon?

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