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We offer a wide range of finest antique dining tables, vintage tables and period style tables. Our aim here at Regent Antiques is to be able to supp…

We offer a wide range of finest antique dining tables, vintage tables and period style tables. Our aim here at Regent Antiques is to be able to supply any size or style of antique table, vintage table or contemporary period style table that our customers may need and we believe that we have achieved that aim with our extensive and varied inventory.

Visit our showrooms or browse online through the finest range of antique tables, vintage tables and period style tables made by our own team of specialist craftsmen who use traditional methods and materials to produce unique pieces that can be customised to suit your own particular requirements.

An antique table for all requirements

Many of our tables are available with extending panels that can transform them from quite small to very large as required, and matching chair sets can be supplied for most designs.

Victorian dining tables are a particular favourite with their solid structure and extensive use of solid timbers, notably mahogany. We usually have a good choice of Victorian dining tables in stock in sizes to suit all rooms and requirements. Other periods represented include Regency and the ever popular and much sought after Art Deco period.

Matching dining table and chair sets also available

We supply tables and chairs and often have matching sets available - sometimes the original chairs supplied with the table over a hundred years ago. We have our own team of restorers and upholsterers to carry out any necessary restoration work.

To see some examples of matching antique table and chair sets please click HERE.

Antique Tables - Seeing is Believing!

Although we list many of our tables on this site, there are always some which do not get listed and in order to see those we recommend that you visit our North London showroom which is open every weekday from 10am to 5pm and on occasional Saturdays.

We have a team of in-house furniture experts who will provide the information you might require and answer any questions that you might have.

Check the images before making a purchase

If you can’t make the trip, please be sure to study the gallery of photographs provided with every item listed to satisfy yourself as to the colour and style of your chosen table. It’s also an absolute must to check the dimensions of the table to make sure that it is suitable for the room you have in mind.

It’s well worth a visit to our North London showroom to appreciate just how extensive our antique dining table range really is, and we look forward to seeing you soon. The showroom is located close to the Manor House tube station which is on the Piccadilly Line and is easy to find from almost anywhere in London. There is car parking on site for those who prefer to travel by car.

Worldwide delivery service available for antique dining tables

In fact our specialist teams of packers and shippers can arrange for any of our antique tables to be safely shipped to your destination - please contact us for a shipping quotation. UK mainland shipping is free of charge.

So if you don’t live in the UK, don’t despair, you can still find the antique dining table that you are searching for. Please visit this site regularly as we are always adding newly acquired items to our inventory.

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Ref: 09993
Antique 7ft diameter Flame Mahogany Jupe Dining Table Early 20th Century

Antique 7ft diameter Flame Mahogany Jupe Dining Table Early 20th Century

This is a beautiful flame mahogany circular expanding dining table in the manner of Johnson, Jupe & Co dating from the early 20th century. The hexadecagon circular top features a brass capstan action rotating eight triangular segments to accommodate eight additional leaves over a stunning substantial central pillar with four outset turned columns, raised on an incurved decorative platform with brass capped block feet that gives this table it's superb stability. The flame mahogany veneers on the top have been arranged so as to give a striking sunburst effect and it is finished off by the elegant ebony, satinwood  and kingwood crossbanding on the outside edge. The table can seat ten comfortably when extended and six to eight when the top is retracted. It comes complete with a freestanding, lockable, lancet topped baize lined leaf cabinet fitted with twin brass carrying handles  to store the leaves when they are not required.     This fascinating table illustrates all the very best elements of English cabinet-making combined with the remarkable burst of inventiveness of the Industrial Revolution. It was not until John Johnstone and Robert Jupe patented their ingenious design in March 1835 for an expanding round table,that round dining tables, which had suffered from the problem of not offering flexibility of seating, could compete with the established rectangular extending dining tables.   There is no mistaking the fine craftsmanship of this handsome table, which is certain to become a treasured addition to your furniture collection, and a talking point with guests at meal times.   The matching sets of ten chairs shown in the photographs are available for sale if required.   Condition: In excellent condition having been beautifully cleaned, polished and waxed in our workshops, please see photos for confirmation.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 77 x Width 156 x Depth 156 - With leaves removed

Height 77 x Width 214 x Depth 214 - Fully extended

Height 116 x Width 40 x Depth 33 - Leaf holder cabinet

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 feet, 6 inches x Width 5 feet, 1 inch x Depth 5 feet, 1 inch - With leaves removed

Height 2 feet, 6 inches x Width 7 feet, 0 inches x Depth 7 feet, 0 inches - Fully extended

Height 3 feet, 10 inches x Width 1 foot, 4 inches x Depth 1 foot, 1 inch - Leaf holder cabinet

Ref: 06906a
Antique Art Deco Dining Table Burr Walnut

Antique Art Deco Dining Table Burr Walnut c.1930

This lovely antique Art Deco dining table dates from 1930, crafted in burr walnut, it can comfortably seat six people. Standing on twin pedestal supports this table is crafted from lovely burr walnut. With canted corners the antique dining table has been French polished to bring out the full beauty of the burr walnut grain. Condition As the photographs demonstrate, this Art Deco dining table is in excellent condition having been beautifully restored in our own workshops. More About Burr Walnut True burr walnut comes from taking the wood from a rare growth that occurs on walnut trees where literally hundreds of tiny new branches start growing from the main trunk. However, most walnut display the swirling burr figure when cut and polished particularly in the wood taken from where the tree trunk joins the roots. This antique Art Deco dining table shows the swirling figure off to perfection in the tabletop. The figure is particularly brought out by the French polishing. More About Art Deco Art Deco started in France between 1910 and 1914, and the early incarnation of the style featured very bright colours and largely floral motifs. It was an eclectic style drawing from a range of sources including the orient, and with the growth of industrialisation and technology it embraced and incorporated features and elements denoting all that was modern. It influenced every area of design throughout the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Buildings, cars, trains, ocean liners, furniture, fashion, jewellery and all the other decorative arts incorporated its design principles, including everyday objects such as fridges and telephones. Influenced by Cubism it used geometric forms and angles as well as very bright colours and exotic materials such as ebony.  In the 1920s it was associated with elegance, luxury, exuberance and faith in technological and social progress, employing the finest craftsmanship. As the era progressed, and in response to the great depression, the style became more muted with curved surfaces and designers started to use newly invented materials such as stainless steel, chrome plating and bakelite, an early form of plastic. Objects started to be mass produced and often featured highly polished surfaces. The 1930s saw the style take on the curves of aerodynamic ‘bullet’ shapes invented to reduce wind resistance and the bullet shape was used not just in moving objects such as cars and trains but also in buildings, furniture and other decorative objects.  The style faded after the second world war. More Information We are always delighted to answer any queries or questions you might have about our Art Deco antique dining tables. Please email or call us quoting reference number 06906a. We can also arrange for you to view this item and our other antique dining tables at our North London warehouse. Just email or call to arrange an appointment. Shipping, Delivery and Return We can pack and ship antique dining tables to any destination worldwide. However, you will need to call for a shipping quotation before ordering the piece so we can make sure of your full requirements, and you will need to make sure someone is available to take delivery, otherwise you will be liable for re-delivery charges. We ship to all mainland UK destinations free of charge. We operate at 14-day money back guarantee in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please note that you will need to return the item in its original packaging and condition for the refund. You are also liable for the return shipping costs unless you have received something that is materially different than what your ordered. You are also responsible for any customs duties or internal taxes that become due outside the European Union.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 78 x Width 93 x Depth 183

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 feet, 7 inches x Width 3 feet, 1 inch x Depth 6 feet, 0 inches

Ref: 00952Carv
Superb 10 ft Burr Walnut Regency Style Twin Pillar Dining Table

Superb 10 ft Burr Walnut Regency Style Twin Pillar Dining Table

This contemporary Regency dining table is crafted from the finest burr walnut and can comfortably seat twelve people. The gorgeous burr walnut top has a crossbanded satinwood border. The table also features twin Regency triple leg splay bases which terminate in very elegant brass lion’s paw castors. With two additional leaves, it can be extended as required to suit the occasion. Please check the dimensions below to establish the size the table can be extended to. The fine craftsmanship that has gone into this elegant table is immediately apparent, with the table surface showing off the fabulous colour and grain of the burr walnut. This Regency dining table is sure to become a talking point wherever you place it in your house or office. The dining chairs shown in the photos are NOT included in the table price. However, we can provide a full set of chairs that will perfectly complement this Regency dining table if required. Condition: As you can see from the photographs we have supplied, this Regency dining table is in excellent condition. Will it Fit? Please make sure that this elegant Regency dining table will fit into the room you have in mind. It would be a shame to not be able to extend it to its full glory in your room. For your reference the measurements when fully extended are a height of 76 cm (equivalent to 2 feet, 6 inches), a length of 303 cm (9 feet, 11 inches) and a depth of 117 cm (3 feet, 10 inches). When both leaves are removed the height and depth remain the same, but the length is reduced to 192 cm which is equivalent to 6 feet, 4 inches. What is Burr Walnut? When it is cut and polished a swirling figure is present in nearly all walnut, and is particularly pronounced in the wood taken from the base of the tree where is joins the roots. However, true burr is taken from a rare growth on the tree where hundreds of tiny branches have started to sprout. This type of burr produces some of the most beautifully complex figuring in wood that you can find. More Information We are always delighted to discuss our stock of Regency dining tables. Simply email or call us on the above number and our experts will be on hand to discuss any questions or queries you may have. Please quote our reference 00952, so we know which Regency dining table you are talking about. You are also very welcome to view this and other Regency dining tables we have in stock in our North London warehouse. Just call or email to arrange an appointment. The showroom is open to the public every weekday between 10am to 5pm and on occasional Saturdays - please call before travelling on a Saturday. Shipping, Delivery and Returns We are experts in packing and shipping fine furniture items, especially Regency dining tables, and can pack and ship to any destination worldwide. Please call for a shipping quotation first before ordering the item. We deliver free of charge to any mainland UK destination. We offer a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the item in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. If you do want to return this Regency dining table, it must be returned in its original condition with the original packing. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs, unless we have not described the item properly in any material way. You are also completely responsible for any local taxes or custom duties that fall due because the item has been shipped outside the European Union.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 76 x Width 303 x Depth 117 - When fully extended

Height 76 x Width 192 x Depth 117 - With both leaves removed

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 feet, 6 inches x Width 9 feet, 11 inches x Depth 3 feet, 10 inches - When fully extended

Height 2 feet, 6 inches x Width 6 feet, 4 inches x Depth 3 feet, 10 inches - With both leaves removed


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