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Ranging from relatively small to large and opulent, and with pricing that corresponds to size, materials, and age, our antique and vintage chandelie…

Ranging from relatively small to large and opulent, and with pricing that corresponds to size, materials, and age, our antique and vintage chandeliers will be of interest to both homeowners and commercial users alike.

The word chandelier first appeared in the English language in the late 14th Century, borrowed from Old Spanish which had in turn borrowed the word ‘chandelabre’ from 10th Century French, which itself originated from the Latin ‘candelabrum.’

Chandeliers have, therefore, played an important part in the lighting and decoration of homes throughout the centuries and they have certainly lost none of their popularity over that long period of time.

Add style and functionality with an antique chandelier

Nowadays, anyone wanting to add a decorative yet functional feature to a room - be it domestic or commercial - should consider the installation of a chandelier. They are available in a range of sizes and types to suit most rooms. Most of our range comprises antique chandeliers but we also have some vintage and more recent examples.

We have wonderful examples of Empire, Victorian and Venetian style antique chandeliers together with vintage chandeliers and wall lights dating from more recent times.

As well as very grand chandeliers that feature numerous tiers, each with lots of delightful crystal drops to reflect the light around the room, we also have antique Art Nouveau items fashioned in brass and featuring classic Art Nouveau design elements such as grapes, vines and leaves amongst the decorative areas of the chandelier.

Seeing is believing - visit our showrooms and see our range of antique chandeliers for yourself

We would always urge you to visit our North London showrooms and see our range of chandeliers for yourself. In order to fully appreciate just how much style and ambience a chandelier can add to a room it is always better to see it in the flesh, so to speak.

Our showrooms are located close to transport links and are in North London. The closest tube station is just a short stroll away - Manor House on the Piccadilly Line. There is also car parking on site for customer use.

We however know that such a visit is not always possible, so our team are standing by to take your calls or answer your emails in order to provide you with all the information your require and to answer your questions about any of our antique chandeliers.

Please be sure to take a very close look at the photographs we supply with every item we list and also make a note of the dimensions of the chandelier in question in order to make sure that it is suitable for the room that you have in mind for it.

You can improve your chances of finding the antique chandelier you have in mind by registering for our free alerts which will notify you when a newly listed item appears in your category of choice.

Careful packing and worldwide shipping for your ‘new’ antique chandelier

Antique chandeliers are, naturally, quite delicate items and require great skill to pack and ship to a remote location. Happily, our packing and shipping specialists are up to the task and you can rest assured that your antique chandelier will arrive in the same excellent condition that it leaves us in.

Please always check the item description and the photographs carefully to satisfy yourself as to the condition of the item you would like to purchase.

Please request a shipping quotation if you are outside of the UK. If you are in mainland UK then shipping will be free of charge.

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