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Contemporary Silver

Silver has a quality that makes it appeal to a very wide range of people, irrespective of its age of origin. Whilst such factors do play a part in i…

Silver has a quality that makes it appeal to a very wide range of people, irrespective of its age of origin. Whilst such factors do play a part in its value, it is true that more modern, contemporary silver pieces can stand alongside older antique silver pieces in terms of their appeal.

Not just for collecting or investment - why not consider contemporary silver as a gift?

Contemporary silver items are always popular as gifts and we offer a broad range of sterling silver and silver plated items that will make a special present for that special someone.

Our collection of contemporary silver and silver plate pieces has everything from letter openers and money clips to picture frames, key rings, mirrors, cufflinks and letter openers. We have lots of unusual sterling silver pieces in our inventory that will add something a bit different to your display cabinet or provide that extra special gift for that extra special person in your life.

Check this category regularly if you would like to find an interesting and possibly unique gift idea. Many of our pieces are one-offs and may not be available for sale again. We also have an alerts service which is free of charge and will notify you when new items are listed in this or any other categories of your choice. The link to use for registering with this free service is HERE

Interesting and bespoke contemporary silver pieces for your collection

Often a gift idea comes to you when you see something that is perfect for the person you have in mind. Almost every item we list in this category is unique or very limited in numbers so when that “perfect gift” moment happens you should try to be ready for it. This also means that items of contemporary silver can be available one minute and gone the next, so when you find one that fits the bill, don’t hesitate and miss it.

Silver is still the material of choice for many master craftsmen who produce unique items using top quality materials and age old techniques. 

Although we don’t give investment advice it is pretty well established that silver, and of course gold, is a material that makes a very enjoyable investment as long as you stick to the golden rule of only buying things that you enjoy looking at and owning.

Always look for the marks on contemporary silver

Most contemporary and antique items of silverware will bear hallmarks confirming their authenticity and date of manufacture. Often they will also bear the make of the manufacturer and you should always look for these on any piece that you are considering, old or not so old. 

In many cases, these hallmarks and makers marks will be the only clue as to the year of manufacture and, hopefully, the origin of the piece. Whilst this may not be important if the item is intended to be just a gift, if there is any investment element involved in the purchase this information is well worth having.

Buy online or visit our showroom

We recommend a visit to our conveniently located North London showrooms. Here you will be able to inspect all the items you are interested in and ask our experts any questions that you may have. 

We are very easy to find, being located adjacent to the Manor House tube station on the Piccadilly Line as well as several London bus routes. There is car parking for customers available on site for those of you who would prefer to travel by car.

The showrooms are open every weekday from 10am until 5pm. We also open on occasional Saturdays and you can find details of these on our homepage.

Worldwide packing and shipping for contemporary silver items

If this is not possible however you can find the items you are interested in and make a purchase online. We will carefully pack and ship any items to you, anywhere in the world. Please request a shipping quotation when you have decided which items you require. If buying online, please be sure to check the photographs very carefully and also check the dimensions of the piece so that you are sure of what you are buying and are not dissapointed when it arrives.

Shipping to mainland UK is free of charge.

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