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Regent Antiques - antique sterling silver specialists At Regent Antiques we take silver very seriously and usually have a large inventory of inter…

Regent Antiques - antique sterling silver specialists

At Regent Antiques we take silver very seriously and usually have a large inventory of interesting and high quality items offered for sale and available to view in our North London showrooms where we have a highly knowledgeable team on hand to answer your questions and provide further information.

We offer sterling silver items from major celebrated silversmiths including Paul Storr and Hester Bateman, as well as many others such as W & G Sissons and William Hutton.

Visit us regularly to do your silver shopping

With so many of our our sterling silver and other silver items being collectors items and therefore in great demand, we really do recommend that you visit this category of our website regularly as these items have a tendency to come in to stock, quickly find a buyer, and then go straight out the door.

Often such items, once sold, can take considerable time for us to find replacements, if indeed we are able to find them at all. 

Let us do the antique sterling silver searching for you - register for our notification service

We have recently introduced a new free of charge service whereby we can notify you when a new item is listed in any of your categories of interest. This is the ideal way of making sure that you are fully aware of what we have available and not missing out on that item you have been searching for and wouldn’t want to miss when it finally becomes available. 

You can register for this service HERE.

A diverse range with silverware for every taste and requirement

From cutlery to cocktail shakers, champagne coolers to teapots, and sugar bowls to candlesticks. we really do have antique silverware in stock to meet almost every requirement. It is likely of course that most items we supply will actually not be used, except perhaps for very special occasions, but will instead be placed in a position of pride in a display cabinet for all to see and admire. 

Whatever your plans, we want you to be confident that your newly acquired antique silver pieces are in the condition that you require. We therefore provide a very comprehensive range of photographs with every item and we urge you to study these carefully before adding anything to your shortlist or indeed making a purchase.

You will also notice that detailed dimension data is supplied with every product listing so please satisfy yourself that your new item is of the size you envisage.

Seeing silver in person - a highly recommended thing to do

Acquiring a piece of antique sterling silver often requires a significant investment and it is always preferable to see the items for yourself before deciding to buy or reject a piece. For this reason we invite you to visit our north London showrooms any weekday between 10am and 5pm where you will be able to inspect our complete range for yourself. 

The showrooms are very easy to find being just a few yards from the Manor House tube station which is on the Piccadilly Line. Numerous bus routes also stop close by and we do have some car parking available for visitors coming by car. Please see the homepage for details of our occasional Saturday openings.

Alternatively, if you are not in the UK or cannot make the trip, we do have a full online service. If you need additional information about an item or have questions that need answering, please contact us by telephone or email and discuss it with one of our team of experts.

Delivery service available for sterling silver - worldwide

Whether you live in the UK or outside of the UK, we are able to carefully pack and ship your purchases to you. We request that you please ask for a shipping quote for your selected silver items to your destination.

If you are resident in the mainland UK then shipping will be free of charge.

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Antique Silver George III Tureen William Bennett 1808 Birchall and Hayne 19th C

Antique Silver George III Tureen William Bennett 1808 Birchall and Hayne 19th C

This is a beautiful antique English George III sterling silver tureen and lid, with hallmarks for London 1808 and the makers mark WB for William Bennett. The tureen is beautiful in its simplicity. There is an engraved crest and a fabulous coat of arms which I have had researched: The Marital Arms of Families of Birchall and Hayne   The arms as engraved upon this George III English Sterling Silver Tureen by William Bennett hallmarked London 1808 are those of Birchall impaling Hayne.  These armorial bearings denote the marshalling of a marital coat showing on the dexter (the heraldic right on the left as you view the piece) the arms of the husband and on the sinister (the heraldic left on the right as you view it) the arms of the wife.  These armorial bearings may be blazoned as follows: Arms: (on the dexter)                        Argent on a chevron between three cross crosslets fitchy sable as many fleurs de lis of the first (for Birchall) (on the sinister)                       Or on a fess gules three bezants in chief a greyhound courant proper (for Hayne) Crest:                                       A lion rampant azure supporting a tree vert (for Birchall) Upon the balance of probability and without any evidence to the contrary these armorial bearings commemorate the marriage of an unnamed gentleman of the Birchall family who hailed from the Counties of Chester and Stafford to an unnamed daughter of a family of the Hayne family around the date of the manufacture and hallmarking of this particular piece.  It is supposed that the Birchalls took their name from Birchill in the County of Cheshire this being the original spelling of the name. The style of the engraving of both arms and crest are contemporary with the date cited.  It is a lovely piece which would be appreciated by both collectors and those who would like to use it at their next dinner party. Condition: In excellent condition with clear hallmarks and no dings, dents or signs of repair. Please see photos for confirmation.  

Dimensions in cm:

Height 28 x Width 40 x Depth 24 & Weight 67 troy oz

Dimensions in inches:

Height 11 inches x Width 1 foot, 4 inches x Depth 9 inches & Weight 2.08 kg

Ref: 08801
Antique Boxed Set 12 Pairs Pistol Grip Fruit Forks & Knives 1905

Antique Boxed Set 12 Pairs Pistol Grip Fruit Forks & Knives 1905

We are delighted to offer for sale this beautiful rare antique English walnut boxed set of twelve pairs of sterling silver cutlery. These fruit forks and knives are hallmarked for Sheffield 1905 and have the makers mark of the renowned silversmith Harrison Brothers & George Howson. This antique sterling silver cutlery all have pistol grip handles and feature a fascinating crest of a hand holding a sword. They come in the original walnut plush burgundy velvet lined box with a blank shield shaped brass cartouche. The box has the ivorine label of the retailer: T Smith & Sons, 47 George Street, Edinburgh. This antique sterling silver silverware is a complete set and is in excellent condition. Please check this for yourself by taking a moment to view the images in our photo gallery. To View this Antique Sterling Silver Cutlery It's a smart idea to view pieces such as this in person. With this in mind please try to come to our North London display room to see and check out this boxed set of antique sterling silver cutlery, alongside with our extended variety of other sterling silver articles and other decorative silver items that we have in stock. If you want to make a special trip to see this merchandise, please call first to make sure that this boxed set of antique sterling silver silverware is still available and has not been sold. Remember to be sure to give us the item reference number shown above when getting in contact so we can identify which of our numerous collectibles you are speaking about. Regent Antiques - Showroom Opening Hours: Our London display room is open Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm for you to look at this set of antique sterling silver cutlery. We also open sometimes on Saturdays – but please call in advance before making the visit on a Saturday as we do not want you to be let down. Get More Details To discover more about this walnut boxed set of antique sterling silver silverware and so as to get responses to any requests you might have, please don't hesitate to ring our in-house antiques experts on the telephone number given above. When contacting us please state the item number, displayed above, so we know which silver piece you want to talk about. Transportation, Delivery and Returns You are looking at a first-class set of silverware. It will need skillful packing and shipping so that it actually gets to your place securely and safely. We can transport this boxed set of antique sterling silver cutlery to almost any destination around the world and we will be delighted to handle the wrapping for you, but please do call or email for a transportation quotation first, before buying this walnut box of antique sterling silver silverware so that we can fully meet your delivery wishes. We ship totally free of charge to any mainland UK address. If you are not comfortable with the product, we offer a 14-day money back pledge in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. You will be responsible for the return transportation fees for this boxed set of antique sterling silver cutlery, unless we have wrongly explained the item in some crucial way and you do not obtain the piece as described. You must return the item in its original package and condition. Buyers are fully responsible for any customs duties or local taxes that may be incurred on items sent outside of the United Kingdom. Some Suggestions on Investing In Antique, Vintage and Second-Hand Silver Acquiring antique and second-hand silver is a big field which features work by some of the best master goldsmiths who were globally renowned artists in their own right down to the most practical and common of machine made common domestic items. In considering investing in this antique sterling silver cutlery we are glad to supply a some suggestions that may help you come to a decision on understanding ideal for you. Highly revered for hundreds and hundreds of years, silver has exclusive characteristics that have made it both gorgeous and valuable and this is why people have collected and used it in a multitude of different varieties. There is a wide range of antique, vintage and second-hand silver out there available today today. So how do you know what to pick? The first rule of thumb is that you should acquire what you like. Give some thought to how come you like this antique sterling silver cutlery and if it appeals to your aesthetic feeling then why hold off? Authorities always say that you should go after the very best you can afford, and this does not always mean the oldest or indeed the biggest. Do take a little time to learn about the makers and the designs that attract you and this will assist you decide the path you need to take to build up a splendid silver collection. If you appreciate a particular piece of silver such as this antique sterling silver cutlery you will want to show it to friends and family and your pleasure will pass to them too. A key issue is the condition of a silver item and how much renovation work has occurred. When purchasing silver antiques that are over 200 years old they will probably have what is called a 'patina' which is a combination of the colour and the wear. You cannot expect an old silver article to appear as if it just came from the workshop - if it does then it has quite possibly been significantly restored which is not a positive thing for a piece of antique silver. Take into account that in the silver antiques world a touch of restoration is tolerable where a small ding or dent may be carefully removed. But be wary of over plating, lead or silver solder, repaired seams, holes, erased inscriptions, patches and later additions or decorations. All of these are unacceptable for a piece of fine antique silver. The good thing is here at Regent Antiques we are vigilant and provide only the finest unblemished silver pieces and if things like re-plating has taken place we will tell you. We always make available ample images of our silver pieces so you can see precisely what condition they are in. Do take a couple of seconds to look at the pics for this antique sterling silver cutlery to satisfy yourself of its condition. If you have any points about it you are always very welcome to call or email us. We will be delighted to put your mind at rest about the condition of this antique sterling silver cutlery. Be aware that silver tarnishes and you will have to look after it by polishing it fairly frequently. It's a good idea to clean it with a long term polish and then then try to exhibit it in a relatively airtight showcase if you're able to. This will keep it sparkling for the longest possible time. If you look after it well this antique sterling silver cutlery will basically last forever.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 7 x Width 37 x Depth 27

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 inches x Width 1 foot, 3 inches x Depth 11 inches


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