Magnificent Antique Paintings

Here at Regent Antiques we have assembled a fine collection of antique paintings including antique oil paintings and antique watercolours by notable and highly collectible artists.

Many people choose antique paintings as decorative pieces for their special place. Others acquire antique paintings and other works of art with a view to investment, whereas some people do so as collectors, determined to find as many examples of their favourite artist or genre as they can.

Whichever of the above categories you consider yourself to be part of, you are sure to find much of interest in our gallery of antique paintings.

Our Collection of Antique Paintings

We are delighted to offer for sale this charming antique French School Impressionist landscape oil on canvas painting with a stunning gilt gesso frame, dating from the late 19th Century.

This beautiful painting is rectangular in shape and features a view of the French countryside with a town in the distant background. It is painted in brightly illuminated pastel-tinted vivid colours.

Housed in its magnificent original giltwood frame, this splendid antique French painting is ready to grace a special wall in your home.

Next, we would like to present to you this magnificent antique oil on canvas painting of the view of the Ducal Palace and the entrance to the Piazza San Marco Canal in Venice by the renowned British artist Alfred Pollentine.

The painting is housed in its original and fabulous gilt gallery frame. The wonderful landscape captures a striking view of the Ducal Palace from across the Grand Canal. It features a busy canal scene with sailing boats and gondoliers in the foreground, in the distance the facades of Saint Mark’s, the Doge’s Palace, Santa Maria della Salute and the spiralling tower of the San Marco Campanile complete the painting.

Add an elegant touch to any wall in your home with this marvellous antique painting.

Although landscapes are the mainstay of our antique oil painting collection that we offer for sale, there are other styles represented including portraits and still life works.

One such example is this fantastic antique oil on canvas painting of a basket of flowers and an ornate pietra dura box on a draped table. 

Signed and dated ‘E. Andreotti / Firenze 1883’, this amazing antique painting is housed within a stunning and highly elaborate Italian carved and pierced Florentine gilded scrolling foliate frame which adds extra splendour to this remarkable work of art. 

Finally, we would like to show you this delightful antique Spanish oil on canvas painting after Bartolome’ Esteban Murillo, depicting two peasant boys eating grapes and melon, dating from circa 1780. 

It features a dog staring at two seated boys while they eat fruit with a basket of fruit in the foreground. This lively realist portrait of street urchins constitutes an appealing record of everyday life at that time.

This superbly accomplished painting is executed in the style of Murillo’s later works where he continued to evolve to the very end. In the last decade of his life, Murillo took Rubens’s lesson even closer to heart, during this period his brushwork became looser and more visible than ever before, sometimes even to the point that the canvases appear unfinished.

Murillo also reduced his palette to the more sober hues of mauve, grey, brown, and carmine, making his late style more refined than in any previous period.

His style of painting the street children of his native Seville was unprecedented. He employed great naturalism, employing a sombre palette and strong chiaroscuro, contrasting lights and darks, and very little background detail. They are caught, like a photographic snapshot, playing or eating, but are very rarely aware of an onlooker.

This exceptional painting is housed in its original gilded frame surmounted by a pierced cresting rail of scrolling foliage.

It is beautifully executed and as such would make a lovely addition to your collection. 

As well as a fine range of antique paintings we also enjoy offering more recent works of art to our clients. Paintings and prints dating from the early to mid twentieth century are classed as vintage and can often be just as collectable as their antique counterparts.

We invite you to enjoy our collection and if you find something you like then please do not hesitate to contact us – by telephone or email and we will do our best to help.

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