Decorate Your Special Space With Splendid Antique Paintings

Antique paintings are the choice of many for adding a decorative and unique atmosphere to their special space.

Our North London showrooms are usually well-stocked with oil paintings from well-known artists who operated in the 18th and 19th century, as well as a few more recent works. 

Although landscapes are the mainstay of our antique painting collection that we offer for sale, there are other styles represented including portraits and still life works. We regularly offer works by artists such as Carelli, Pollentine, Muller and Ficklin, whose work is appreciating in value but still affordable. 

Whether you are looking for antique paintings purely as an investment or for their decorative value, you will find that a few minutes of your time spent browsing our collection of antique paintings will be time very well spent.

A Great Choice of Beautiful Antique Paintings

At Regent Antiques, we always aim to have an excellent and varied range of magnificent antique paintings for you to choose from. 

Today we would like to take you through some great works of art that we offer for sale.

To start off, we are pleased to present to you this fabulous antique oil on canvas painting by Jane Vivian, signed on the lower left.

Jane Vivian was a landscape painter who lived in London. She came from a dynasty of topographical artists who worked and lived in England. She is known particularly for her views of Venice and exhibited a number of works at the Society of British Artists, including views of Venice, Bruges, and Rouen. She also exhibited at several provincial galleries including the Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham, The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, Manchester City Gallery, and the Royal Hibernian Academy.

This painting delightfully presents the view of a Venetian canal and a beautiful perspective of San Simeone Piccolo in the distance. The artist used very delicate pastel colours and has succeeded in adding some mystery to the scenery.

Housed in its original and beautiful gilt gallery frame, this lovely painting is ready to grace any wall in your home.

Our second featured item is this magnificent antique Dutch School floral still life oil on canvas painting with a stunning gilt gesso frame, dating from the late 18th century.

This wonderful painting is rectangular in shape and features brightly illuminated pastel-tinted roses and bi-coloured Carnations and Honeysuckle arranged against a ruined wall with trees in the background. 

Great attention has been paid to individual elements in the bouquet. Indeed each petal has been painted with diligent conscientious precision. 

Another remarkable piece is this truly splendid antique oil on canvas painting featuring a continental mountainous lakeside scene with a palace, by a follower of the celebrated British artist Alfred Pollentine.

This astonishing landscape painting depicts a magnificent palace overlooking a lake with picturesque boats against mountains in the background. 

The way the artist has portrayed the sky and the sea is overwhelming, the soft warm light of the sunrise candidly radiates over the gentle ripples of the water.

The warm colours together with the composition, the palace on the left hand foreground and the mountains in the distance on both sides, create a symmetrical and balanced scene which conveys a sense of serenity and peace. 

It is housed in its magnificent original giltwood frame which adds extra splendour to this remarkable work of art. 

Finally, we would like to show you this superb antique oil on canvas painting featuring a period interior scene by Francesco Bergamini, signed and dated 1894.

Francesco Bergamini was an Italian artist who specialized in interior genre and religious scenes, as well as the occasional commission for a portrait or fresco.  

This beautiful oil painting titled ‘The Purloiners’ depicts a seated monk being charmed by a thief while his accomplices steal his belongings. All are dressed in period costumes while a donkey surveys the scene.

Today we have given you just a little glimpse into what you can expect to find here at Regent Antiques.

We invite you to enjoy our collection of antique paintings and if you find something you like, please do not hesitate to contact us – by telephone or email and we will do our best to help.

Works of art are of course best viewed in person as even the finest photographs cannot do justice to a perfectly executed painting or other work of art. To this end, our collection is displayed in our North London showrooms for you to see for yourself at close quarters.

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