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We use the terms antique painting and vintage painting to help us to organise our inventory for the convenience of our customers. Whilst the age of …

We use the terms antique painting and vintage painting to help us to organise our inventory for the convenience of our customers. Whilst the age of an item can be used to categorise it as an “antique,” this does not have such a bearing on the value or importance of an oil painting, or any other work of art for that matter.

This is because the value and desirability of a painting has much more to do with its artist than it does its age. Collectors and investors in art base their decisions to a large extent on who the painter was or is rather than when it was painted, although this does have some relevance, especially when a painter has a number of “periods” in their professional lives, e.g. Picasso’s “blue” period.

Of course, the quality of the work is important - even great artists occasionally produced less than ideal paintings which do find their way onto the market from time to time, even if the artist might have preferred them not to.

Nonetheless, we have to classify paintings in one way or another so we still put them into the general categories of “antique paintings” and “vintage paintings,” the latter being a category for those works which are not yet antique but are not modern either.

Antique paintings yes - but vintage can be just as sought after and collectible

As well as a fine range of antique paintings we also enjoy offering more recent - but not quite contemporary - works of art to our clients. Paintings and prints dating from the early to mid twentieth century are classed as vintage and, as is the case with artworks generally, can often be just as collectable, if not more so, than their antique counterparts.

Imagine you could only take one painting to a desert island with you - would age be a consideration or just its unique beauty?

When collecting paintings, as with antiques generally, you are always advised to buy only those pieces that you would enjoy looking at every day, regardless of value and investment potential.

A beautiful painting lifts the spirits and cheers you up like nothing else can. We invite you to enjoy our collections and if you find something you like then please don’t delay as they tend to sell quite quickly and are usually unique and therefore unlikely to be available again.

Our vintage paintings category contains many pieces that would be high on many people’s list of desirable items to take with them to that mythical desert island, so remember to check it out regularly together with the antique paintings category.

See for yourself - photos rarely do justice to works of art

If you are looking for artwork to hang in your home, your office, a restaurant, hotel, or indeed any space, we feel that it is always better to come and see for yourself rather than just rely on photographs. For this reason we invite you to visit our North London warehouse and showroom if you possibly can.

Here we have a large inventory of vintage paintings and antique paintings for you to view. The showroom is open for viewing every weekday between the hours of 10am and 5pm. We also open on some Saturdays, so please check the homepage of this website for our Saturday opening hours.

Our staff are on hand to answer your questions and provide any additional information that you might require. If you wish to view a particular painting please call before travelling to ensure that it has not already been sold.

You can also receive free of charge notifications when a new item is listed in your category of interest.

Shipping your vintage painting to your destination

Since many of our customers are not UK-based, we do offer a full packing and shipping service. Please request a shipping quotation for the items you are interested in. UK mainland shipping is free of charge.

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