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For a formal dining occasion there is no substitute for a nice antique candelabra or candlestick carefully placed on your dining table or perhaps on…

For a formal dining occasion there is no substitute for a nice antique candelabra or candlestick carefully placed on your dining table or perhaps on the sideboard in your dining room.

Depending on the size of the room or the size of your dining table, iit may be necessary to have several candelabra in order to produce enough light. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact our team of in-house experts who are always happy to help and answer any questions that you might have about any of our items.

Our lighting range of antique candelabra and candlesticks to suit all tastes and budgets

We usually have a wide range of antique candelabra in stock (usually sold in pairs), including examples made from marble, ormolu, bronze, silver and silver plated items which will add a touch of class to any dining experience when placed on your dining table.

Occasionally we may offer candelabra from more recent times, usually in silver, silver plate, or bronze, which we have selected for their design qualities.

Our lighting range also includes chandeliers, table lamps, desk lamps and many others, including a range of outdoor lighting.

All the items listed in this category of our website are fine quality and offered for sale in good or excellent condition. They are guaranteed to attract attention and be a talking point wherever you choose to place them. Give your dining table an extra touch of class and relive the opulence of bygone eras with these wonderful antique candelabra, silver candelabra, bronze candelabra and antique candlesticks in silver and silver plate.

Take a close look at the photographs or better still come and see these antique candelabra for yourself at our London showrooms

Remember to take a close look at the gallery of photographs supplied with each item listing in order to make sure that the items are as you expect in terms of finish, design, and condition. If you still have questions, please give us a call and we will do our best to answer them.

We have a large showroom located just a few steps away from Manor House tube station on the Piccadilly Line. It is open from 10am to 5pm every weekday and on occasional Saturdays. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

There is usually a good range of antique candelabra on display in the showrooms, but if you are interested in a particular piece please call first to confirm that it is still available.

Antique candelabra carefully packed and delivered to your door - worldwide

If you find the candelabra that you are looking for but cannot collect that’s fine - our team will pack and ship to any worldwide destination. Please request a shipping quotation before making your purchase.

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We know that sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for and, if necessary, will wait for the right piece to show up. Often this can take a while so you really don’t want to miss out when the perfect antique candelabra finally shows up.

Antique candelabra are popular items and often turn around quite quickly, so we do urge you to check this category regularly and register for our new arrivals alerts which will send you regular updates. This can often make the difference between finding what you have been looking for and missing out by just a few days.

However you choose to shop, we are confident that you will find a suitable antique or vintage candelabra or candlestick here very soon.

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