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The availability of the finest quality mahogany, burr walnut and birdseye maple to the furniture makers of old makes the choice of an antique wardro…

The availability of the finest quality mahogany, burr walnut and birdseye maple to the furniture makers of old makes the choice of an antique wardrobe an easy one. You can’t easily get contemporary furniture in these materials due to their scarcity and high price.

There are some things that a bedroom just has to have. A bed of course is a good start and pretty much essential, but beyond the obvious there are a number of other items that regularly find their way on to our customer’s wish lists. After the bed itself, along with a chest of drawers, a bedside table, and a dressing table, probably the next most desirable item is a wardrobe of some sort.

Our stock of antique wardrobes frequently includes examples from top class major manufacturers and retailers such as Gillows and Harrods.

Antique Wardrobes - Attractive and Functional

An antique dealer’s inventory can often be regarded as falling into two main categories - attractive and decorative or attractive and functional. Sometimes a piece can simply be functional whilst being attractive. Although few people would describe a wardrobe as a decorative item they do add much needed storage and hanging space to your bedroom and, as such, are a regular feature in our inventory.

For a functional & beautiful antique wardrobe please browse our selection regularly as it changes all the time.

As with any other item of antique furniture, please be sure to check the dimensions which are published alongside the description of every item we sell so that you can be certain that your chosen wardrobe will fit comfortably in your bedroom.

Wardrobe Warning - A Word of Caution Concerning Antique Wardrobes

Items listed in this category, probably more than any other, should be carefully chosen to ensure that they fit into the space that you have in mind.

All of our antique wardrobe listings include accurate data regarding size and you are urged to check this carefully before making a purchase.

Come and See For Yourself at our North London Showroom

When it comes to larger items like an antique wardrobe, sometimes even if you know the dimensions it does not really give you a feel for the size and space requirements of the item. There really is no substitute for seeing the wardrobe for yourself, in person, and it is for that reason that we really do urge you, if at all possible, to call in and see it for yourself in our North London showrooms.

There you will be able to view the wardrobe in a suitable setting and also take a look at other items of antique bedroom furniture while you are there. The showroom is located close to Manor House tube station on the Piccadilly Line or, if you are travelling by car, we do have limited car parking available on site.

The showroom is open for viewing every weekday from 10am to 5pm and on occasional Saturdays for those who cannot make it during the week, however you are advised to contact us first before making a journey on a Saturday as we do not do this every week.                                                     

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