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Antique Leather Chairs

We have an excellent range of leather captains chairs, bespoke chairs & directors chairs. Choosing the right leather desk chair to use with your…

We have an excellent range of leather captains chairs, bespoke chairs & directors chairs. Choosing the right leather desk chair to use with your desk or writing table is not a decision to take lightly. It’s surprising just how long many of us spend sitting at our desks, often pouring over a computer screen, typing into a keyword or manipulating a mouse - so the correct posture, back support, and comfort are essential elements of a successful seating experience.

From the elegance and comfort of an adjustable leather captain’s chair to the sheer luxury of a leather directors chair, we have a leather chair to meet almost everyone’s needs. Some are antique leather desk chairs and antique leather armchairs, whereas others are contemporary pieces made in a variety of period styes by skilled craftsmen using leather of a superior quality that can be dyed in a colour to suit your requirements and taste.

Let’s Look At Leather Chairs

Let's take a look at antique leather desk chairs first. The problem with chairs is that, well, people tend to want to sit in them and, as a result, they get worn and scruffy over the years. This is of course a sign that the chair has been well-loved and well-used but it does need attention from time to time. The upholstery may well need replacing. That’s where our team of expert upholsterers and furniture restorers comes into its own. We will usually reupholster worn leather desk chairs and armchairs using fine quality hide which can be dyed in a colour of your choice or in a colour to match as close as possible to the original. This same team of leather experts will also be tasked with replacing the leather working surface on an antique desk or writing table and there’s no reason why this cannot be done, by request, in matching colours. Just ask and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Next, we should look at more recent and contemporary leather desk chairs. Bearing in mind that this is a piece of furniture that is not primarily purchased as a display item - it is a functional item that someone is probably going to sit in for prolonged periods of time.

For this reason, comfort and functionality are more important than good looks - but if you can get both then that’s a bonus - and you certainly can. We are very pleased to be able to offer a range of contemporary leather desk chairs and armchairs to our clients in a combination of styles and finishes to go with almost any desk, old or new. In this section you will see several examples but please bear in mind that we can usually upholster the chair in a colour that will complement your other furnishings - just let us know what colour and finish you have in mind and we will do our best to provide it for you.

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Leather Desk Chairs on Display and Available for You to Try

You can see a range of these fabulous chairs, including the ever-popular leather Captains Chair and Directors Chair, by visiting our London showroom or by browsing the examples in this website category. There are plenty of photographs of every style of chair we offer, included in the product descriptions, so that you can satisfy yourself that you have chosen correctly. If you do have any doubts or queries about any of our items then our team of furniture experts is just a telephone call away or, if you prefer, contact us by email.

Worldwide Packing and Delivery Services for your Leather Desk Chair

If you are not UK-based and cannot make the trip to our London showrooms then there is always the matter of our worldwide packing and shipping service. When you have identified which leather desk chair or armchair you are interested in, simply contact us and we will provide you with a shipping quotation to send your leather chair to you, wherever you may be. Our UK mainland based customers can benefit from free of charge delivery - just contact us for details.

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