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From book slides to ink stands, desk lamps to stationery storage boxes, there isn't an antique or contemporary desk in the land that wouldn&rsqu…

From book slides to ink stands, desk lamps to stationery storage boxes, there isn't an antique or contemporary desk in the land that wouldn’t benefit from a little accessorising - Regent Antiques style!

Make your stylish workspace even more appealing with something from our carefully chosen range of desk accessories which includes a good choice of antique ink stands, period telephones and period style lamps to provide both decoration and illumination.

Perhaps a small antique carriage clock or a silver picture frame is more to your taste or maybe something that has a particular function other than just looking good on your antique desk, such as a sleek Art Deco statue or a bronze bust of Churchill.

Many of us spend a lot of time at our desks so we owe it to ourselves to make it a comfortable and attractive place to work - or play. Take a look around this category and see the range of desk accessories that we offer, from the quaint to the quirky, functional to flippant - we have it all.

Bookslides, Antique Victorian Bookslides - Other Styles and Periods also Available

The trouble with books, especially paperback books, is that they can soon take over your desk. So, wouldn’t it be good if they could be stood up, as if they were on a shelf, ready to grab on the desk. Handy, but not taking up space. There’s a flaw in that plan - books tend to fall over if not adequately supported, so back to the messy desk scenario. This is not a new problem - it was solved long ago with the introduction of the book slide and bookends. Clever little gadgets that keep your books tidy. Simple but effective.

We stock a range of antique bookslides, antique bookends and other variations on the theme. Reclaim your writing surface and get back your desk space with an antique bookslide or a pair of antique bookends that will really make your books stand to attention.

This is Where to Find an Antique Inkwell or an Antique Inkstand

Now, first of all, we know. Very few people actually use ink anymore. Of course you don’t, you have ballpoint pens, fibre tip pens and rollerball tip pens and those who do like to use a fountain pen can do so with convenient, non-messy pre-filled cartridges.

So why then would anyone need an antique inkwell or antique inkstand? Simple, as even if you don’t use them for their original purpose they look really great on your desk. Get one for that reason alone and, you never know, you might start using a “proper” fountain pen again. You know, the ones where you get ink all over yourself and all over everywhere else - that’s probably why they were called fountain pens.

Inkwells can be simple and functional or, alternatively, they can be very ornate. At the time of writing we have a lovely Antique French Ormolu & Sevres Porcelain Standish Inkstand that would look great on your desk but, equally, it would look great on the most elegant dining table, maybe used as a cruet or mustard pot? No - I would not fancy eating mustard from a pot that had been used for storing ink but it’s all about appearances, isn’t it?

We have a good stock of antique inkwells and antique inkstands, plus some from more recent times for you to choose from. Take a good look around this category and maybe pay us a visit if you are in or around London - you will not regret it as our stocks of antique desks, chairs, writing tables and so on are worth the trip, even of you don’t need an inkwell or an inkstand right now.

How About an Antique Typewriter or a Vintage Typewriter

It beggars belief that some of the most brilliant works of literature were written on a pretty basic typewriter. The resultant manuscript was a thing of great beauty, however very vulnerable to damage.

Nonetheless, the typewriter moved the world of the writer and author forward by an order of magnitude and now, when they have been made all but obsolete by the word processor, (even that is an old fashioned term these days when everything is an “app”), a really nice vintage typewriter makes a very good desk accessory. We usually have a few in stock, not really intended for daily use but often still in good working order and serving as a reminder of how things used to be. Have a browse and see if you can see one that you like.

Antique Picture Frames, Antique Photo Frames & Silver Photo Frames

Most of us like to have a photograph of our loved ones on our desks (it can be a dog or cat if your prefer), and a nice desk standing photo frame is a great way to preset those photographs to their best effect. Our range changes constantly as photo frames come and go so please be sure to check frequently. Also check our silver categories as we often list photo frames there.

Stationery Caskets, Stationery Boxes and Other Places of Safety for your Office Requisites

Most desks have at least one lockable drawer so, for most of us, if there is something that we need to keep private then that’s the place to do it. However, unlike me, some people actually like their desk to be - tidy! Yes, they don’t like to see paper, pens, bottles of ink (?), paper clips, rubber bands and the like just laying around as though they own the place. Enter the stationery box, sometimes with a lock so your paperclips can feel safe and secure when not in use.

On a serious note, a nice stationery casket or stationery box can not only keep your desk tidy - it will look good as well. Once again we achieve the perfect combination of good looks and usefulness, no not me, the antique stationery box.

Napoleon, Wellington, Churchill and Julius Caesar - all Popular Busts for your Desk

One of the most popular desk accessories ever - the bust of someone famous - is a permanent feature of most antique dealers’ range. We are no exception, we usually have a nice choice of busts to choose from, historical figures, literary figures, (Charles Dickens anyone, or are you a Bronte person?), and a few people that no one has ever heard of.

An antique bust will add class to any desk. It just does. Even better if it is a bust of you, but the cost involved in having one made is enough to put most people off.

Take a look at our stock from time to time, as you never know we might have a bust of someone that you admire although I have to admit, a bust of Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t turned up yet and Iggy Pop is also noticeable by his absence.

The above justs scratches the surface. In fact, you can avoid that happening to your desk by using a blotter pad holder or similar desk protection accessory. We have several pages of listings for desk accessories of all types so be sure to check it out regularly.

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