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Antique Bronzes - Bronze Statues, Bronze Lamps, Bronze Sculptures & Bronze Animals

Buy antique bronzes from one of the UK's premier furniture dealers. We specialise in antique bronze statues, bronze lamps, bronze sculptures and…

Buy antique bronzes from one of the UK's premier furniture dealers. We specialise in antique bronze statues, bronze lamps, bronze sculptures and bronze animals. Here at our North London showroom and warehouse we have an astounding range of bronzes in all shapes and sizes, right up to and including a selection of life-size bronze statues to impress and amaze those who set eyes upon them. We also have a range of bronze fountains and bronze water features for your garden or hotel grounds, parks, or other outdoor landscaped areas.

If it’s a traditional decorative bronze sculpture you are looking for, we can help you there too with our large choice of Art Deco Bronze Sculptures and many other works in bronze coming in and out on a regular basis. Something for your desk perhaps or an impressive bronze centerpiece for your dining table - all can be found on this site or at our premises which are open to the public every week day and on selected Saturdays - see the home page for details.

Here at Regent Antiques we offer a comprehensive range of bronze statues and busts, including some which are life-size or even larger and which may be displayed either indoors or outdoors.

Bronze Sculpture, Bronze Statues & Bronze Busts

The use of bronze for casting sculpture is an old one and one which has changed little over the years. There are still plenty of bronze foundries across the UK, but most often found in and around London.

Bronze is an alloy of Copper (around 80%) and Tin although other elements are often added to give the alloy different qualities.

Bronze is particularly useful for making larger statues as it is not brittle, although its relatively high cost, due mainly to the Copper content, has to be taken into consideration. It is not unheard of for large bronze statues to be stolen and melted down due to the high value of the alloy.

The bronze bust is of course a firm favourite and all of the “usual suspects” are represented from time to time. The Emperor Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar and a host of other Roman luminaries are all amongst those regularly featured in bronze busts.

Bronze Fountains & Outdoor Bronze Statues

Many of our bronze statues are suitable for use outdoors. Bronze is an alloy that doesn’t rust, as it contains no iron, but it can corrode over time - however this tends to give it an even more attractive patinated appearance which is often sought after by enthusiasts. Bronze then is ideal for use outdoors and is the medium of choice for outdoor and public sculpture in towns and cities all over the world.

With that in mind, we are always pleased to be able to offer statues that would fit in nicely with your garden at home or of course with larger gardens, parks, hotels and larger estates. Many of our pieces have been made - or adapted - for use as fountains and water features so please be sure to ask about those if that is what you are looking for.

A visit to our London showroom would enable you to see several examples of bronze statues that are of a size that could only really be displayed in a large building with high ceilings or outdoors. Everything from horses, horses and riders, large animals such as bears and elephants, Roman gladiators and warriors, and even a life-sized statue of physicist Albert Einstein sitting on a bench have all featured in our inventory from time to time.

Bronzes of animals are particularly popular for outdoor use with the horse or horse and rider being amongst the most popular subjects along with bears and deer. Let's not forget bronze statues of birds though, we always have examples of large bronze statues of birds for our showroom and website visitors to look at including ever popular subjects like eagles, owls and others.

Art Deco Bronze Statues and other Art Deco Bronzes

The Art Deco movement which came to prominence in the 1920s and 1930s was very fond of bronze as a medium for expressing the lovely lines and curves which were so much a part of its ethos.

As a result, there were a number of prominent artists and sculptors who specialised in producing bronze sculptures including Demétre Chiparus, Ferdinand Preiss, Paul Phillipe and many more. We have examples, usually recasts of the original pieces, by all of these well-known Art Deco sculptors in our showroom for you to see.

Bronze Animal Sculptures

Animal sculptures are always popular, for two main reasons: firstly they are popular with those who have a love of animals and birds and who collect a variety of decorative pieces which feature animals in many different styles and materials, secondly, there are those who focus on bronze animal sculpture and we are able to display a large collection ranging from small pieces suitable for the display cabinet, the table top, desk top or sideboard, right up to larger than life-sized bronze horses, bears and other impressive animals which are predominantly used for display outdoors.

Bronze Lamps and Lighting

Although most bronze sculpture is designed to be placed on display and looked at and admired, we do also stock bronze pieces that have been adapted, or were originally designed, to be lamps or light sources of one sort or another. Bronze table lamps, wall lights and other examples are well represented in our showroom but we also usually have larger items of bronze lighting available which may be suitable for use outdoors.

Bronzes are available for a variety of purposes and to suit many different tastes. Please be sure to browse our website regularly as the stock changes almost on a daily basis and the bronze statue you have been looking for is sure to arrive sooner or later, so be sure to request our regular email notifications of new arrivals.

You may be interested to know that we can usually ship bronze statues of virtually any size to almost any destination worldwide, so if you are not in the UK and see something you like, rest assured we can get it to you safely if you decide to purchase it.

We have specialist packing and shipping teams who can pack and ship your new acquisition to your destination anywhere in the world. You are urged however to request a shipping quotation before making a purchase. Our UK Mainland customers will benefit from free shipping.

Visit this page regularly to see one of the UK’s finest ranges of bronzes. Better still, pay us a regular visit but, if you can’t do that, use the link below to request a regular updates of new arrivals in your chosen categories.

For weekly notifications of new arrivals in your categories of interest please click HERE.

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Ref: 05591a
Vintage Glass & Bronze Centrepiece Bowl

Vintage Glass & Bronze Centrepiece Bowl

We are delighted to offer for sale this elegant vintage glass and bronze bowl. It features an opaque glass bowl which sits on a verdigris bronze stand on three legs which has simple foliate decoration. The overall design is elegant and simple, reminiscent of Art Nouveau with the legs being simple ball ended curves. This vintage glass and bronze bowl is suitable as a display item or could be used as a fruit dish. It is in excellent condition, which can be seen from the ample catalogue of photographs we have provided. Please do take a few moments to review these so you can get the full effect of the simplicity of the design. We believe that it dates from the last quarter of the 20th century. This vintage glass and bronze bowl will fit comfortably in most display locations. To View this Vintage Glass and Bronze Bowl It's always a good idea to see bronze items face-to-face. Considering this please attempt to visit our North London showroom to look at and examine this vintage glass and bronze bowl, alongside our large assortment of other bronze objects and other appealing objects that we have in stock. If you want to make a special journey to see this item, please contact us first to confirm that this vintage glass and bronze bowl is still available and has not already been sold. Remember to make a note of and provide us with the item reference number shown above when getting in contact so we can identify which of our various bronze statues you are talking about. Regent Antiques - Showroom Opening Hours: Our London showroom is open Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm for you to view this vintage glass and bronze bowl. We also open from time to time on Saturdays – but remember to call in advance before making the trip on a Saturday as we do not want you to be disappointed. If You Would Like More Facts To discover more about this vintage glass and bronze bowl and in order to get answers to any queries you might have, please feel free to call our in-house antiques experts on the phone number shown above. When calling please mention the item number, shown above, so we know which bronze product you would like to talk about. Shipping, Delivery and Returns You're looking at a fine quality vintage glass and bronze bowl. It requires professional packing and shipping so that it actually gets to its destination securely and safely. We can transport this vintage glass and bronze bowl to almost any place across the globe and we will be happy to deal with the packing for you. Please do call or email for a shipping quote first, before purchasing this vintage glass and bronze bowl so that we can fully meet your shipping requirements. We ship totally free to any mainland UK address. If you are not content with the item we offer a 14-day money back guarantee in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. You will be liable for the return shipping fees for this vintage glass and bronze bowl, unless we have erroneously detailed the product in some material way and you do not get the item as explained. You must return the piece in its original packaging and condition. Buyers are fully responsible for any customs duties or local taxes that may be incurred on items sent outside of the United Kingdom.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 16 x Width 27 x Depth 27

Dimensions in inches:

Height 6 inches x Width 11 inches x Depth 11 inches

Ref: 05164
Venus by Botticelli Lage Bronze Sculpture

Venus by Botticelli Lage Bronze Sculpture

This wonderful bronze statue depicts the goddess Venus emerging from the sea as a fully grown woman modelled on the famous painting by Botticelli. He painted it in 1486 and it has gone on to become one of the most iconic paintings of all time, representing the flourishing of the new artistic aesthetic of the Renaissance. The detailing is superb and it was made using the traditional ‘lost wax’ method. Condition As can be seen from the photographs, this bronze statue of Venus is in excellent condition. More About The ‘Lost Wax’ Technique of Bronze Statue Casting Used by most societies all over the globe, bronze sculptures have been manufactured by this means since at least the 3rd millennium BCE. The procedure makes use of a wax model of the piece to be cast, which is coated in plaster or clay to create a mold. The wax is heated and drained off once the mold is set. If a hollow bronze statue is required then the wax model is manufactured around a heat proof core. Molten bronze is poured into the mold and left to set. Once the metal has cooled enough, the mold is broken open to show the bronze statue inside. Additional Information and Viewing the Item When dealing with bronze statues of this quality it is always preferable to view them in person. Nonetheless we understand that this is not always possible. You are invited to email us or call us using the contact information indicated above with any questions you might have about this wonderful bronze statue of Venus. We would also be pleased to arrange a viewing of this and our various other bronzes at our North London warehouse and showroom. Please email us or call for an appointment, quoting our reference as found above so we know which of our numerous bronze statues you are alluding to. Our showroom is open from 10am to 5pm every weekday and also on occasional Saturdays - please contact us first before making a journey on a Saturday to make sure that we are available on your preferred day. Shipping, Delivery and Return You are considering a first-class bronze statue which will need to have careful packing and shipping to its final location - your house or other venue. We can pack and ship bronze statues to virtually any location internationally, but we request that you be sure to call or email for a shipping quotation before making a purchase of this bronze statue of Venus so that we can fully discuss your requirements. We ship to any mainland UK location for free. If you are not happy with this item, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee in conformity with the Distance Selling Regulations. You will be responsible for the return shipping fees for this bronze statue of Venus, unless we have inaccurately described it in some substantial way and you do not get what you were anticipating. You must return the item in its original packaging and condition. Buyers are fully responsible for any customs duties or local taxes that may be incurred on items sent outside of the United Kingdom.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 120 x Width 50 x Depth 38 & Weight 29.3 kg

Dimensions in inches:

Height 3 foot, 11 inches x Width 1 foot, 8 inches x Depth 1 foot, 3 inches & Weight 64.6 lbs


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