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Antique Pair of Continental 800 Silver Pheasants 19th Century

Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
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  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
  • Antique Silver Birds | Antique Silver Pheasants | Ref. no. 08674
Price: £3,750.00
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We are delighted to offer for sale this fine pair of antique silver birds. Cast from solid silver these large pheasants have exceptional detailing and date from around 1880.

This wonderful pair are substantial heavyweight items and are sculpted to perfection showing a cock and hen as if in motion with the level of detail to the feathers, feet and face being particularly fine.

Used as a centrepiece or feature on a beautifully laid dinner table, these superb antique silver birds will be a talking point for your guests and enhance the overall ambience of any occasion on which you choose to use them.

The silver pheasants each have a height of around 19 cm, (or 7 in) and are around 40 cm (1 ft 4 in) wide and will therefore prove to be a prominent feature on a dining table or sideboard in your dining room or perhaps in a display cabinet. As these silver bird statues are crafted from solid silver they are of significant weight - around 1.3Kg or 43.1 troy ounce in fact.

These striking antique silver pheasant statues are offered for sale in excellent condition with no dings, dents or other signs of repair. Please take a few moments to check this carefully for yourself in the array of photographs we have provided with this listing.

To View These Antique Silver Birds

It's a good idea to see items that you are interested in purchasing face to face. Being mindful of this please try to venture to our North London display room to view and check out these antique silver birds, alongside with our wide range of other silver products that we have available. If you want to make a special trip to see this item, please phone first to make sure that these silver animal statues are still available. Remember to be sure to give us the item reference number shown above when getting in contact so we can identify which of our many products you are speaking about.

Regent Antiques - Showroom Opening Hours

Our London salesroom is open Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm for you to view these antique silver birds. We also open from time to time on Saturdays – but please call beforehand prior to making the visit on a Saturday as we do not want you to be let down if we are not open.

If You'd Like More Particulars

To find out more about these silver animal statues and so that you can get answers to any points you might have, kindly to call our in-house antiques advisers on the phone number given above. When calling please state the item number, shown above, so we know which silver items you would like to consider.

Shipping, Delivery and Returns

You are looking at high-quality pieces of antique silver. They will need specialised packing and shipping so that they get to your destination securely and safely. We can transport these antique silver birds to almost any destination around the world and we will be delighted to take care of the packing for you, but please do call or email for a transportation quotation first, before selecting these silver animal statues for purchase, so that we can fully meet your shipping requests. We ship entirely free of charge to any mainland UK location.

If you are not satisfied with the pieces, we offer a 14-day money back assurance in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. You will be responsible for the return shipping fees for these antique silver birds, unless we have incorrectly described the product in some material way and you do not get the products as described. You must return the items in the original packing and condition.

You are also responsible for any customs duties or local taxes that fall due outside the European Union for the shipping of these silver animal statues.

Some Guidelines on Buying Antique, Vintage and Second-Hand Silver

Picking out antique and second-hand silver is a vast subject which involves craftsmanship by some of the finest master goldsmiths who were globally renowned artists in their own right down to the most functional and ordinary of machine made plain domestic items. In pondering obtaining this silver animal statues we are happy to provide a few guidelines that might help you decide on the thing that is best for you.

Highly valued for hundreds and hundreds of years, silver has distinctive attributes that have made it both striking and valuable and consequently many people have collected and used it in a variety of different forms. There is a large quantity of antique, vintage and second-hand silver out there currently available today. So how do you know what to go for?

The major suggestion is that you ought to pick what you actually like. Give some consideration to exactly why you like this pair of silver animal statues and if they really appeal to your artistic feeling then why delay? Industry experts always say that you should decide on the very best you can afford, but this does not actually mean the oldest or indeed the largest silver objects. Do take a moment to understand the makers and the designs that charm you and this will aid you identify the direction you need to go to build up a great silver collection. If you enjoy a particular pieces of silver such as this pair of silver animal statues you will want to show it to friends and family and your joy will be shared with them as well.

A key issue is the condition of a silver item and how much renovation work has happened. When picking out silver antiques that are over 200 years old they will need to have what is called a 'patina' which is a combination of the colour and the wear. You cannot expect an old silver item to appear as if it just emerged from the workshop - if it really does then it has likely been greatly restored which is not the best thing for an item of antique silver.

Give some thought to the fact that in the silver antiques world a small bit of restoration is tolerable where a small ding or dent may be very carefully eliminated. But be warned of over plating, lead or silver solder, repaired seams, holes, erased inscriptions, patches and later additions or decorations. All of these are unsatisfactory for a piece of great antique silver.

Happily here at Regent Antiques we are vigilant and offer only the finest unblemished silver pieces and where things like re-plating has been done we will inform you. We always supply ample photos of our silver items so you can see accurately what condition they are in. Do take a few seconds to look at the images for this pair of silver animal statues to assure yourself of their condition. If you have any enquiries about them you are always very welcome to call or email us. We will be delighted to put your mind at rest about the condition of these silver animal statues.

Please keep in mind that silver, especially antique silver, tarnishes and you will have to take care it by polishing it relatively frequently. It's a good notion to clean it with a long term polish and then then try to show them in a fairly airtight cupboard if this is appropriate. This will keep it bright and shining for the greatest possible time. If you look after it well these silver animal statues will essentially last forever.

Dimensions in cm:

Height 19 x Width 40 x Depth 9

Height 19 x Width 38.5 x Depth 9

Weight 43.1 troy oz

Dimensions in inches:

Height 7 inches x Width 1 foot, 4 inches x Depth 3 inches

Height 7 inches x Width 1 foot, 3 inches x Depth 3 inches

Weight 1.34 kg

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Our reference: 08674

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