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English Leather Sofas & Chairs

Here you will find a range of English leather chairs, English leather sofas, and other contemporary furniture, made in traditional and period styles…

Here you will find a range of English leather chairs, English leather sofas, and other contemporary furniture, made in traditional and period styles using traditional methods and materials that will satisfy even the most difficult to please furniture lover. This category also includes antique leather chairs and sofas that have been tastefully and sympathetically restored to their former glory by our skilled craftsmen in our own workshops where the quality is completely under our control.

Take a look around this category and, in particular, take a close look at the eye-catching traditional and period designs which have been perfectly executed by craftsmen in fine leather and with sturdy timber frames - all lovingly finished.

Some of our pieces are beautifully restored antique leather sofas and armchairs whilst others are contemporary pieces expertly made in period styles.

Our showroom is the best place to appreciate this fine furniture range but we welcome orders and enquiries from anywhere in the world.

Antique Chesterfield Sofas & Chesterfield Chairs

Probably the most memorable and iconic design for an antique leather sofa is the Chesterfield. A mainstay must-have design in the world of gentleman’s clubs - I’ve been to a few in my time (as a guest), and every single one had several, if not many, Chesterfield sofas and chairs scattered around the place, interspersed perhaps with examples of other styles and periods in furniture making history. They look just great and it is completely understandable why so many people would like to own one.

Which is where we come in. Nice examples of antique Chesterfield chairs and sofas do certainly appear from time to time and when the do we carry out whatever restoration work is necessary and then offer them for sale. However, demand almost always outstrips supply - if you do see an antique Chesterfield sofa on our site that you like the look of then do not delay in contacting us because they are much sought after and won’t be available for very long.

The Chesterfield sofa design is often attributed to the Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773), who is alleged to have commissioned the first leather chesterfield settee with its characteristic, iconic, and very distinctive deep buttoned leather upholstery combined with a low seat. It was also popular for these Chesterfield sofas to be upholstered in velvet but of course that was nowhere near as hard wearing as the leather alternative. As to whether this story about the Chesterfield’s origins are true, and many believe that it is not, the interesting fact is that the name stuck and sofas and chairs made to this design are undyingly popular and still being made to this day - see below.

Bespoke English Leather Chesterfield Sofas, Chesterfield Chairs and Sofa Beds

As the demand for antique Chesterfield settees usually outstrips supply by a considerable margin, the demand has to be met via other channels. That’s where our bespoke Chesterfield range comes into its own. Made in London, UK, by craftsmen who still use traditional materials and techniques, these items of contemporary bespoke furniture will turn just as many heads and capture the attention of just as many of your visitors and guests as their antique counterparts.

One very popular variation on the theme of the Chesterfield sofa is the Chesterfield bed settee. If you have the need for an occasional bed to put up a guest on short notice then this could well be the solution - a lovely piece of iconic furniture by day and a very comfortable and elegant place to sleep when the lights are out and appearances no longer matter. We usually have examples of this design in stock for you to view in our London showrooms and you can have your own choice of colour made to order in just a few weeks.

Leather Stools & Antique Leather Stools

Our range of leather chairs, armchairs and settees is complemented by a range of leather footstools. Our range includes a very popular Chippendale style design and these are hand-dyed in a range of colours on request. The upholstery is attached to solid hardwood frames, usually beech with the show woods normally being mahogany.

The Chippendale style is also popular in sofa and armchair design and our bespoke range includes these styles as well, with leather hand-dyed to your colour requirements.

Leather Desk Chairs and the Much Loved Leather Captains Chair

Many of us are guilty of neglect - neglect for our own comfort and well being when we are sitting at our desks. This is especially important if your desk happens to be your place of work. Sitting properly with good support for the important parts of the spine is essential if you want to avoid some of the ailments which so often occur in the workplace of today.

A good desk chair is something that you should definitely invest in. That’s not just a sales pitch from us, it’s a well established and proven fact. You probably spend a lot of time at your desk so make sure you are comfortable and well supported.

Which brings me to our range of bespoke handmade English leather desk chairs. The most popular of these chairs is the leather captains chair, still handmade here in the UK by English craftsmen using only the very best materials. These chairs are made to last and they look better as they get older - just like me. These sumptuous desk chairs are available with the upholstery hand-dyed in a variety of colours to suit your colour scheme.

If you can, take a trip to our North London showroom and settle down into one of these captains chairs where you can fully appreciate just how comfortable they can be. We also offer handmade leather armchairs and a range of other period styles for you to choose from, including a directors chair range and a Gainsborough chair.

Try Before You Buy - Sit In Our Seats - Consult with our Experts

If you can make the trip to London and see these extraordinary chairs for yourself then we would urge you to do so. We know, however, that this is not always possible so we always include a good selection of detailed photographs with all of our listings, together with relevant dimensions. Please study the photographs and don’t be shy - pick up the phone and ask as many questions as you like.

If you are in the mainland UK we will deliver these antique armchairs, desk chairs and contemporary chairs free of charge. We will carefully pack and deliver to any other destination, worldwide, but we would ask you to request a shipping quotation first.

Our experts are usually on hand to guide you and to provide any additional information that you might require.

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For weekly notifications of new arrivals in your categories of interest please click HERE.

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