Large Antique Tables – From Regent Antiques

Welcome to Large Antique Tables at Regent Antiques, the north London based antiques dealership with a beautifully stocked showroom and a website where you can be sure to see a wide range of large tables that are suitable for many different requirements.

Do you seek a large dining table at which to entertain your guests and feed your family or maybe a banqueting table for use in a restaurant or events venue, a conference table to seat a lot of meeting or conference attendees in comfort or an attractive and large table to place in your boardroom. You’ll find all of these tables, and a lot more, at Regent Antiques.

Large Antique Tables - From Regent Antiques

A Large Dining Table From Our Collection. 35ft Long With Matching Chairs If Required.

Antique Dining Tables – or Contemporary?

In many cases, the age of the large dining table you need is not so important. People often buy antiques for their intrinsic value and many factors play a part in that, including age, maker, materials used, quality of workmanship, condition and so on. If a beautifully made old table is what you seek then we can certainly help you with that and we stock a wide variety of large antique tables, plus plenty of smaller ones too, to meet your needs.

If, however, you need a large table for use as a conference table, a dining table to accommodate a large number of guests or a large meeting table or large conference table then it does not necessarily have to be an antique. It may also be that you are unable to find a suitable antique dining table in the timescale that you envisage. That being said, however, you still want a thing of beauty, something that makes a statement about your office, your boardroom, conference room, restaurant or special events venue. No problem – here at Regent Antique we always have on offer a wide range of contemporary, craftsman made tables and chairs that are made in the style of older or period pieces, often using designs from a particular period or country, for example Victorian, Regency, French, and so on.

These tables are available in very large sizes if required, and also in smaller versions if you don’t need anything too big. They are available in many different finishes including Mahogany, Burr Walnut, Oak and many others. Surfaces can be plain, French Polished and, if required, beautifully decorated with inlays and fine marquetry.

What about the antique dining chairs?

It is probably true to say that, in most cases, a table isn’t much use without chairs. We appreciate that and, as a result, we offer a wide range of antique dining chairs plus our contemporary ranges of chairs made in popular historical styles.

Large Antique Tables - From Regent Antiques

Set of 8 English Hepplewhite Dining Chairs

Antique chairs are sometimes difficult to find in large sets. Often you cannot find enough of a particular style to meet your needs. In many cases we might suggest contemporary craftsman built chairs in the style of the table you have selected. If you do decide on antique chairs then we offer a full restoration and re-upholstery service in our own workshops in north London.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that your table will be complemented by chairs that not only look good but feel good to sit in as well.

Worldwide Shipping of Large Antique Dining Tables & Chairs

Yes, it doesn’t matter where you are; in most cases we will be able to ship to your destination – please contact us for a shipping quote first though as this can add considerably to the overall cost of your purchase.

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