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Antique Dining Table & Chair Sets

We offer a wide range of antique dining table and chairs sets. It is unfortunately the case that, whilst antique dining tables often survive in exce…

We offer a wide range of antique dining table and chairs sets. It is unfortunately the case that, whilst antique dining tables often survive in excellent condition across the decades, often requiring nothing much more than a French Polish to restore them to their former glory, antique dining chairs, on the other hand, often do not fare so well.

They are, after all, subjected to much more rigorous use and often, not surprisingly, they require reupholstering and sometimes even more serious work of a structural nature before we can offer them for sale to our customers.

First find the table, then think about the chairs

When you have found the perfect antique dining table, the one that really fits the bill completely, we come to the question of chairs. If you have purchased an antique table it is often the case that the original chairs are not available or that the set is incomplete. We do, however, still manage to acquire antique dining table and chair sets and offer them for sale, so do keep an eye out and visit this category regularly.

It’s also well worth registering for our free weekly alert service which will give you the heads up when there is a new arrival in your categories of choice.

From a single antique dining chair right up to a dozen or even more - complete with the antique dining table

We can supply everything from a single chair up to a complete set with both armchairs and dining chairs in many of the most popular designs throughout the history of furniture making. Very often these will be supplied as table and chair sets, with the chairs carefully selected to complement the table.

You and your guests will often be seated at the table for quite a long period so it is important to be comfortable. So take a look at our stock of antique dining table and chair sets or give us a call – we’ll help you to find the right dining chair for your table. If you buy antique chairs that need reupholstering then we are able to do that in our own workshops and in a variety of different materials and finishes to suit your decor and other items of furniture.

Boardroom or Conference Room - We Have the Perfect Table and Chair Set for You

Yes, those of you looking for a large dining table for use as a conference or boardroom table - we have just the right combination for you. We supply large antique tables and a superb range of bespoke tables, made by our own craftsmen using traditional methods and materials. There’s even an option to customise the table with our bespoke marquetry service - see here for more details.

When you just can’t find exactly what you need in the way of antique dining chairs

We have a solution for you - our own craftsmen still produce period style dining chairs, using age old methods and materials, in a choice of attractive period styles. This is particularly useful if you want to seat a larger number of people at a large antique dining table. If you need a larger quantity of chairs and there are no antique sets that fit the bill, then this could well be the solution.

Pay us a visit if you can - our London showroom staff are ready to welcome you and answer your questions

Not only will you be made most welcome, but you will be able to see our range of antique dining table and chair sets together with our bespoke and contemporary table and chair ranges. If you want to try a particular combination or see these magnificent tables with your own eyes then a visit is just the thing for you.

The north London showroom is open for viewings every weekday from 10am to 5pm and on occasional Saturdays - please see our homepage for the next Saturday opening date.

We appreciate however that such a visit may not always be possible, so our staff are always on hand to answer your email and telephone enquiries. We always provide a comprehensive set of photographs with every product listing and we encourage you to take a close look at these. Also pay close attention to the size data provided and make sure that your newly-acquired antique dining table and chair set will fit into the room you have in mind.

We ship antique dining table and chair sets worldwide

That’s right - if you can’t pay us a visit or collect your items for yourself we have a specialist team to pack and ship to virtually any destination worldwide - so please request a shipping quotation. UK mainland customers will benefit from free shipping.

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