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Marble Bust & Pedestal Roman Emperor Lusias Versus

Marble Bust & Pedestal Roman Emperor Lusias Versus | Ref. no. 02945a | Regent Antiques Sold
Ref: 02945a
Price: £ 0.00
A beautifully sculpted marble bust of the famous Roman Emperor Lusias Versus dating from the last quarter of...

Dimensions in cm:

Height 83 x Width 54 x Depth 30 - Bust

Height 86 x Width 31 x Depth 31 - Column

Dimensions in inches:

Height 2 foot, 9 inches x Width 1 foot, 9 inches x Depth 1 foot - Bust

Height 2 foot, 10 inches x Width 1 foot x Depth 1 foot - Column

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