Uncover the World of Superb Bespoke Leather Furniture

Bespoke leather furniture never fails to add style and comfort to any room – whether it be at home or the office.

It’s a fact that fine quality leather upholstery has a unique character and quality feel about it that simply cannot be found in any other material and, if well-cared for, it can last for many years, getting more and more attractive the older it gets, as the leather develops that lovely “worn in” look.

We offer bespoke leather furniture that could be a perfect addition to your home. Here at Regent Antiques you will find a range of English leather chairs, English leather sofas, and other bespoke furniture, made in period styles using traditional methods and materials that will satisfy even the most difficult to please furniture lover. 

Explore Our Range of Fabulous Bespoke Leather Furniture

If you can’t find the antique leather armchair that you are searching for, or if you need a larger quantity of chairs, then our range of bespoke leather armchairs may well be of interest to you.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, with leather of the finest quality and hand-dyed in any colour to suit your requirements – you will be truly spoilt for choice when browsing through our vast range of bespoke leather chairs.

A great choice is this stunning pair of new bespoke ‘Amsterdam armchairs’ in a beautiful tan colour, handmade in England with materials of the best quality.

These lovely chairs feature Old English leather that is tanned to ensure a pleasing distressed or ‘aged’ finish from new. Extra fat liquors are applied during tanning to give the leather a slightly waxy feel. These leathers are designed to allow the natural marking variations of the leather to show through to the finish coat.

Each hide is unique, as is the furniture on which it is used. The studding is achieved with close individual nails or studs – not by using strips – and each nail is individually hammered in by hand.

A perfect example of great comfort combined with good looks, these wonderful bespoke leather armchairs are certain to add a touch of classic charm to your home.

Please note these gorgeous chairs are available in other colours upon request and bespoke orders and wholesale enquiries are welcome.

If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, finding a comfortable chair that provides proper support and is positioned at the right height is essential.

Here is a very special example of one such item – this bespoke leather ‘Captains chair’ in a beautiful antique olive green colour looks impressive and is extremely practical and, above all, comfortable to sit in even for extended periods.

For added comfort, the seat has been made with individual double cone hand springing, each spring having been hand sewn to the beech wood frame. The filling used is a mixture of canvas, fibre and felt.

This fantastic chair also has a swivel/ tilt mechanism which allows you to easily adjust the height according to your convenience.

Handmade in the UK by English craftsmen using only the very best materials, this striking chair is made to last and offers the ultimate in both style and comfort.

If you, however, need something soft to relax in while at work or sink into after a hard day’s work, then our bespoke leather sofas could be just what you are looking for.

Take for example this stylish and comfortable bespoke leather ‘Chesterfield sofa bed’ in a beautiful colour that we call browny burnt amber.

It features sumptuous button back leather that is upholstered in top quality Scottish cow hide which has been hand dyed and antiqued. Because it is hand dyed we can finish the leather to any colour requested, and the beautiful antique patina is achieved by the special walnut based stains that we use in the process. The hand-dyed russet hide bears all the hallmarks of natural leather including scars, stretch marks, grain and texture variation.

What’s even more appealing about this lovely sofa is that it can be easily turned into a double bed as it is fitted with a pull out mattress. If you have the need for an occasional bed to put up a guest then this could be the solution.

If you would like a leather stool to compliment one of our fine bespoke leather sofas or armchairs, please note that we also offer leather stools which can be upholstered in the colour you prefer.

If you would like to enhance your home or work space with one of these wonderful pieces, we are always on hand to advise you. Just give us a call at +44 20 8809 9605 or send an email to info@regentantiques.com.

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