Good-Looking, Hard-Working and Ever So Functional – Why Not Team Up With An Antique Partners Desk?

Antique Partners Desks are an example of something that can become the focal point of a room, a conversation piece that also earns its keep in terms of being totally practical and very versatile.

Born out of a practical need – partners desks first emerged in UK banking institutions where there was a need for people to work in close proximity whilst still having a fully functional desk of their own, with cupboards and/or drawers close to hand.

Whereas a conventional desk can be pushed against the wall or a partition, this is not really the case with an antique partners desk. The reason is simple – there are usually drawers or cupboards on both sides of a partners desk – it is designed from the beginning to be used by two people, one at each side.

If you need a desk that can be relegated to a corner of the room or pushed against a wall, then you don’t need a partners desk, antique or otherwise.

Perhaps the most famous partners desk is the one that was presented to US President Rutherford B Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880. Known as the Resolute desk, it was constructed in the UK from timbers taken from the British Artic Exploration ship “Resolute.”

Since that time, the desk has been in almost constant use in the Whitehouse although it did spend a while on display to the public in the Smithsonian Institution which is located in Washington DC until President Jimmy Carter asked for it to be returned to the Whitehouse.

Good-Looking, Hard-Working and Ever So Functional – Why Not Team Up With An Antique Partners Desk?

The Resolute Partners Desk In Use By President Obama

In fact, the timbers from the Resolute were used to construct several more desks, one of which was kept by Queen Victoria for her own use although rumours that there was a second “Resolute” desk made, just like the one presented to the US President, have always been officially denied.

Nowadays, if you want a partners desk you have a choice between one of the many modern reproductions or an original, antique piece. If it’s the real thing that interests you, you should really consider taking a look at the range of quality antique partners dsks offered by leading London antiques dealers, Regent Antiques.

As an example of the kind of quality antique partners desk that is offered by Regent Antiques, take a look at the following photograph of a Victorian style kidney shaped burr walnut partner’s desk which has a beautiful gold tooled leather inset top.

Good-Looking, Hard-Working and Ever So Functional – Why Not Team Up With An Antique Partners Desk?

A Late Victorian Burr Walnut Kidney Partners Desk

This very attractive desk is finished all the way around so it can be free standing. It has nine drawers on one side and a pair of cupboards on the other. As such, it can be used on both sides simultaneously and is therefore a true antique partners desk.

Buying an antique partners desk isn’t something you do every day so make sure that you take the time to speak with an expert and take a look at what is on offer. If you can’t make the trip to London then the items are well described online with plenty of photographs and you can, of course, always call to ask any questions that you may have.

Regent Antiques can carefully ship these beautiful items to any location so don’t let distance be an obstacle to finding the ideal antique partners desk for your home or office – see our range of antique partners desks here..

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