Extraordinary Bespoke Marquetry Dining Tables

Aside from a wide range of superb antique dining tables, we also offer our clients bespoke marquetry dining tables of the finest quality.

Making a marquetry dining table involves many phases and a great deal of skill and craftsmanship. Our bespoke marquetry dining tables are all handmade with the greatest care and attention to detail by our third-generation master craftsmen at our workshop in Italy.

The intricate designs applied to our bespoke marquetry dining tables feature a variety of shapes and symbols that have been meticulously cut out and inlaid into the table’s surface. Once that is complete, the entire surface is French polished to accentuate the fine marquetry work and lovely grain of the wood.

In today’s blog post, we would like to show you some great examples of marquetry dining tables that we offer for sale.

Spotlight on Wonderful Bespoke Marquetry Dining Tables

Available for sale at Regent Antiques is this fabulous large handmade bespoke dining table in the Victorian manner.

It is crafted from burr walnut and features superb marquetry decoration. Burr walnut has been used for centuries by fine cabinet makers due to its beautiful grain. This large dining table has been further embellished with superb inlaid marquetry decoration featuring urns, ribbons, flowers, vases and birds.

The gorgeous hand cut inlaid marquetry decoration is cut from different wood veneers of various colours. To highlight the superb artistry of the marquetry, as well as the natural grain of the wood, this large dining table has been expertly French polished by hand.

This exquisite large dining table has four leaves. The leaves can be added or removed to vary the length of the table using a special double winding mechanism. This gives the table great flexibility enabling it to be adjusted to suit the occasion.

As a large dining table it needs extra stability so it stands on six finely carved legs which terminate with brass cap castors.

Seating eighteen people in regal comfort, it is an extraordinary piece of furniture which will add splendour to any room.

Next, we would like to present this breathtaking bespoke handmade Victorian style dining table.

Crafted in burr walnut, this wonderful table features exceptional quality marquetry with pewter, lapis lazuli and agate.

Seating sixteen people in royal comfort, this large table is also appropriate for a conference room or any commercial space such as a feature piece in a hotel dining room or lobby.

This beautiful dining table has been further embellished with superb inlaid floral marquetry with burr walnut inlaid in pewter and various coloured veneers comprising cherry, pear, amboyna, burr walnut, magnolia, and tulipwood with inserts of lapis lazuli.

To highlight the natural grain of the wood and the excellent artistry of the marquetry, we have French polished this large dining table by hand. The skirt of the table is decorated with ormolu mounts inset with agate.

This magnificent dining table is raised on two burr walnut ebonised and inlaid pedestals that are raised on hand carved solid mahogany lion’s paw feet.

It is a very impressive table which is certain to amaze all those who set eyes upon it.

Last but not least, we would like to show you this fantastic bespoke handmade burr walnut marquetry dining table that can seat twelve people in great comfort.

It is made from burr walnut which has a beautiful grain and the hand cut floral marquetry decoration compliments it beautifully. 

The exquisite hand cut inlaid floral marquetry decorations of bouquets of flowers, birds, vases and garlands are cut from different veneers which are of various colours. This table has been expertly French polished by hand bringing out the fine grains of the burr walnut and inlaid marquetry pieces.

It has two leaves of 60 cm each, which can be added or removed as required to suit the occasion by a special winding mechanism and it stands on elegantly carved and inlaid legs which terminate in brass cap castors.

This stunning table will make a profound impression on your dinner guests and will receive the maximum amount of attention wherever it is placed.

If you would like to have a truly unique table, please note that the marquetry designs can be personalised to suit your requirements. This would enable you to incorporate a company logo or brand motifs or perhaps a family crest or coat of arms into your marquetry dining table.

You may also want to take a look at our superb and vast collection of antique dining tables as usually there is something available for everyone.

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