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Antique English Silver at Regent Antiques

Antique English silver – beautiful designs – superb craftsmanship and a solid investment.  From cutlery to candelabra our wonderful range of desirable antique English silver offers something really special for collectors. With stock markets still volatile and the prospects for sustained economic growth still...

Antique Furniture Focus – James Shoolbred

James Shoolbred could be considered as a pioneer in the field of furniture retailing and antique furniture bearing the “James Shoolbred & Co” makers mark, (sometimes depicted as “Jas Shoolbred & Co”), is now very desirable and much sought after. The firm began as a drapers shop situated on London’s famous Tottenham...

Antique Longcase Clock – Hello Old-Timer

From my childhood days there has always been one thing which, for me, represents the world of Antiques better than anything else and that is the “Grandfather” or Longcase clock. I had an uncle who had one in his house and I loved to hear it strike and watch the various dials rotate as it […]

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