Antique Furniture Repair: A Primer on Who and Where to Find Help


Sooner or later, most of us who hang out with antiques get the urge to do a little repair—nothing major—just a little fix here or a touch up there. It seems so terribly easy; why pay someone to have it done? But one thing usually leads to another and, before we know it we are in over our heads, if not on this project, then on the next one. Finally, it’s time to admit that we need the help of a professional restorer who knowledgeable in the field we have elected to muddy up. 

That admission, as hard as it may be, is nothing compared to the difficulty of the next step—actually finding someone who can do the job the right way for the right price in your timing.

Click HERE to read an insightful article by restorer Fred Taylor to help you find a high quality, experienced expert to restore or repair your antique furniture.

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