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Antique Occasional Tables & Side Tables

Even though an antique occasional table is, by definition, not intended for intensive use, they are often sturdily made and can fill a number of pur…

Even though an antique occasional table is, by definition, not intended for intensive use, they are often sturdily made and can fill a number of purposes. These versatile items of furniture are available in many decorative and attractive finishes and in a variety of period styles.

We always like to keep a wide range of occasional tables and side tables in stock so that our customers stand a better chance of finding exactly what they are looking for, whether they are shopping online or in person at our North London showrooms.

Expect to see Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco style examples of occasional tables and side tables made from woods such as mahogany, walnut and birdseye maple, all available to ship worldwide.

Occasional tables, despite the fact that they are less frequently used then some other types of tables, are not necessarily any less attractive than those which fall into the more general “every day” use categories such as dining tables, coffee tables and others. In fact, these antique occasional tables often feature very intricate and expertly applied inlaid decoration and marquetry which makes them anything but mundane.

Occasional tables are nothing new and antique occasional tables obviously aren’t. They’ve been around for many years, an item of furniture that you might not have even thought about as “occasional” and actually planned to use all of the time, attractive for its small size and overall convenience.

Games tables, card tables and the like could also be considered to be occasional since very few people spend a lot of their time playing cards and those that do probably don’t do it at home. An antique library table is another very popular and sought after item, also very often circular in shape and which could well be regarded as an occasional table.

Plenty To See Here - Antique Occasional Tables

This is one of our most densely populated categories, containing as it does, a very wide range of small to medium sized tables that can sit unobtrusively in a room, not taking up very much space, until they are needed. Many antique tables that fall into the “occasional” category are circular and, despite their occasional nature, are very attractive pieces of antique furniture in their own right and can still greatly enhance the appearance of the room into which they are placed.

A Space of Their Own - Occasional Tables Need Very Little of It

Another common characteristic of these occasional tables is their small footprint. In the case of both circular and other shapes of antique occasional tables, a diameter or width of 60-70cm (just over 2ft - 2ft 6in) is common and, as such these really do have a very small footprint they can be placed in a little-used part of the room until they are needed. Their small size means that they are very easy to move around as required.

Art Deco Tables and Other Period Styles

As indicated earlier, this category is one which almost always has a wide choice of products to browse and consider for your own space, either at home or in a commercial environment. If, like me, your home office is a little cramped with the desk, bookcase, chairs etc that are necessary for the daily grind, there may only be space for a small occasional table and this is definitely the place to look for a suitable candidate.

At any given point in time you will probably be able to find numerous examples of Victorian tables, Edwardian Tables, Art Deco tables, French Empire & Louis XV tables, and many more.

These tables, although numerous, are not necessarily plentiful, so if you find one that you really like you are advised to take action quickly because the chances of finding another just like it are not high - although we would do our best if you ask us to find a particular piece for you.

With such a good range to choose from, you would we well-advised to visit our showroom and see the ones you like the look of up close and in detail, but we know that not everyone can do that. This is why we always provide such a detailed range of photographs with every occasional table that we list on our website. Please study these images to satisfy yourself that the table in question is what you want and make careful note of the dimensions especially if you are planning to place the table in a small or restricted space.

Pay a Visit to Our Showroom Yourself and Take a Look at our Antique Occasional Tables for Yourself

If you see an antique occasional table, perhaps a Victorian table, or an antique Art Deco table or other item of  furniture that you would like to consider purchasing, please rest assured that our specialist team will pack it carefully and ship it to almost any destination worldwide. We would ask you to please request a shipping quotation first though, unless you are in mainland UK where we are able to ship to your destination free of charge.

Our North London showrooms are open to the public for viewing every weekday between the hours of 10am to 5pm and we also open occasionally on Saturdays. Please see the homepage of this site for our latest opening hours including our latest Saturday opening arrangements. You don’t need an appointment but if you want to speak to one of our experts then it is worth calling in advance to make sure that there is someone on hand as the team are often out of town on buying trips.

The showroom is easy to find and is close to rail and public transport links. You will always find many examples of beautiful antique occasional tables, but if you are travelling to see a particular item please call first to make sure that it is still available to view.

If you cannot visit the showroom and you have questions about any of our antique occasional tables, vintage occasional tables, or other item or items then you are welcome to contact us by telephone or email, using the contact details found at the top of every product description page. Please also quote the item reference when contacting us in order to avoid confusion.

Please be sure to check our notes as to the condition and dimensions of the table you wish to buy before purchasing and use the photographs to satisfy yourself regarding the item’s condition.

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