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Art Deco Mirrored Furniture, Mirrored Bedroom Furniture, Mirrored Cabinets & other Mirrored Furniture

Art Deco furniture dating from the second and third decades of the twentieth century is popular and always sought-after by collectors and interior d…

Art Deco furniture dating from the second and third decades of the twentieth century is popular and always sought-after by collectors and interior designers alike. The particular niche within the Art Deco style that brought us mirrored furniture derives from France in the 1920s, although the urge to apply a mirrored surface to items of furniture which are not Art Deco in style also occurred to makers of furniture in other periods and continues to this day.

In fact, such is its popularity that large numbers of mirrored furniture items, much of it in a retro Art Deco style, is still being made by manufacturers to this day and is frequently available from a number of prominent retailers. We ourselves often stock contemporary pieces to extend the number of options where we can offer an item of mirrored furniture.

Mirrored Furniture - Mix and Match and then Mix Some More

Mirrored furniture has the advantage of being usable alongside virtually any other kind of furniture finish. No more trying to match the shade and grain of existing pieces - mirrored furniture goes with almost everything else you may have or acquire in the future.

Not many of us have the funds, or the inclination, to throw out or otherwise dispose of our old furniture and replace it with new, including of course, antique items. Furniture is something which, for most people, you tend to add to as time permits and funds allow. Mirrored furniture is excellent in this respect because, if you need more drawer space, you can simply buy a mirrored chest of drawers and place it anywhere where it is needed, irrespective of the other existing furniture that is already there - you can be sure that it will complement it well.

Double Up on Your Dusters and Order More Polish - Mirrored Furniture Alert!

There is a downside to this type of furniture of course. Mirrored furniture does show the marks and the dust a little more than its non-mirrored counterparts, so you may need to touch it up a bit more often - but that is a small price to pay for all the splendid good looks and glamour that these mirrored furniture items can add to a room.

This is the type of furniture that you will actually want to dust and polish regularly because it is so satisfying when you have finished. The reflective surfaces look simply wonderful and make the room look happy and bright.

Mirrored furniture, including mirrored cabinets, mirrored bedside tables and bedside cabinets, mirrored chests of drawers, mirrored dressers and mirrored dressing tables, mirrored console tables, and a wide range of other  mirrored furniture, can be found on display in our showrooms, located in London, England, and, of course, on this very website.

It is, however, for many people, the Art Deco style that will normally be associated with this furniture making technique and we usually have some attractive and interesting examples of Art Deco mirrored furniture in stock for you to browse.

Although the mirroring practice all but disappeared in the run up to the Second World War, many examples survived and furniture is still being made to this day that reflects (pun intended) the style and appearance of the original pieces. Art Deco is the prevalent style of these newer pieces - often they are very ornate and suitable for placing in even the most opulent dressing room or bedroom.

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

In terms of numbers, the room most often targeted by the mirrored furniture makers, old and new, was the bedroom. There are many examples of mirrored bedside tables, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, and other items of bedroom furniture to be found on this site and in our north London showroom.

The humble bedside table or bedside cabinet is often simply a functional item of furniture with little or no aesthetic value. It just sits beside the bed and gives you somewhere to put your alarm clock, your overnight glass of water, your glasses, contact lenses and the book you are trying to read before you go to sleep each evening. Functional and difficult to imagine how you would manage without it.

There’s no reason however why it cannot look good as well. Mirrored bedside tables and cabinets can add a touch of style and class to your bedroom and they are so popular that we sometimes just cannot keep up with demand. Add in the demand from Art Deco furniture lovers and we really have a much sought after piece of furniture in the Art Deco mirrored cabinet or table.

Other Types of Mirrored Furniture

The use of mirrored furniture however is not restricted to the bedroom. Mirrored bookcases have been around for a long time and many are now being repurposed for the storage of DVDs, CDs and other items as our love of books undergoes its inevitable change over the years.

Then there is the magnificent mirrored display cabinet and storage cabinet. There’s even a mirrored cocktail cabinet, and a host of others to view in the showroom. Keep checking this category and be aware as soon as that piece you’ve been waiting for finally materialises. Register for the regular alerts and be sure not to miss whatever it is you’ve set your heart on.

Whatever You Want, Wherever You Are - Mirrored Furniture on the Move

If you see an item of antique mirrored furniture or Art Deco mirrored furniture that you would like to purchase, please rest assured that we will pack it carefully and ship to almost any destination worldwide. Please request a shipping quotation first though, unless you are in mainland UK where we are able to ship to free of charge.

Our North London showrooms are open every weekday from 10am to 5pm and we open occasionally on Saturdays as well - see the homepage of this site for our latest opening hours including our latest Saturday opening arrangements. Our showrooms are easy to find and close to rail and public transport links. You will always find many examples of mirrored furniture, but if you are travelling to see a particular item please call first to make sure that it is still available to view.

If you cannot visit the showroom and you have questions about any items then you are welcome to contact us by telephone or email using the contact details found at the top of every product description page. Please quote the item reference when contacting us.

If you are located outside of the UK you will be pleased to hear that we can carefully pack and ship items of mirrored furniture to almost any location worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quotation and be sure to quote the reference number for the item you are interested in. Customers situated in the mainland UK can benefit from our free of charge delivery offer - contact us for details.

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